Our Staff

Main & West Campus

Wes Terry

Lead Pastor

Pastor Wes has been at Broadview since 2006. Upon Pastor David Cason’s retirement in March 2013, Wes became the lead pastor. He and his wife Audra were married in January 2012. They  have three children (Blaise, Attie-Jo & Briggs) and a chocolate lab (Ramsey). Wes received his Masters of Divinity Degree from Southwestern Seminary in 2011. 

TayLor Miller

Executive Pastor & Director of Biblical Counseling

Taylor serves as Broadview’s Executive Pastor and Director of Biblical Counseling. Taylor came on staff in the fall of 2016. He and his wife Emily were married in 2019. He graduated with his Mdiv from Southwestern Seminary in 2021. As our executive pastor Taylor oversees our next-gen staff and adult small groups. As director of Biblical Counseling he oversees the Biblical Counseling program at Broadview.

David Earles

Youth Minister

David serves as the student minister at our home campus on South 27th St. David came on staff in 2022. David grew up in Abilene and pursued an undergraduate degree at TCU in Fort Worth, TX. He is finishing his degree and pursuing vocational ministry at Broadview. 

Ora MOrrison

Children's Minister

Ora serves as Broadview’s Children’s Minister. She is married to Norman and they have a family with 5 kids and 4 grandchildren. She has been a member of Broadview since 2008. She has served in the Preschool and Children’s Dept. since 2009.

Tiffany Lohse

Preschool Minister

Tiffany serves as Broadview’s preschool minister. She is married to Blake Lohse and they have two children: Hunter and Berkley. They both have been long time members of Broadview. In addition to overseeing our preschool department Tiffany also oversees Broadview's women's ministry.

Bonnie Barlow

Evangelism & Outreach Minister

Bonnie Barlow serves as Broadview's evangelism & outreach minister. She helps to mobilize our adult small groups to engage in Bless The City Projects and helps facilitate church-wide projects as well. She is married to Jeremy Barlow and they have three daughters.

Russell Routon

Traditional Worship Minister

Russell serves as Worship Minister for the 8:15 Traditional Service and directs the 8:15 Worship Choir. Russell and his wife DeLane joined Broadview in 2021. In addition to leading worship on Sundays, Russell also serves as a licensed real estate agent. He and DeLane have three kids and three grandkids.

Jeff Hinton 

Buildings & Grounds Supervisor

Jeff serves as our Buildings and Grounds Supervisor at Broadview. He has been serving in that role since 2010. In 2015 he added to those responsibilities the duty of serving as a mission assistant to Pastor Vernon. Jeff has led the missionary efforts in Lesotho as well as a few other international trips. Jeff has two children: Tac and Anaka.

Cyndy Engel

Financial Secretary

Cyndy serves as Broadview's Financial Secretary and Administrative Assistant. She is married to her husband Galen Engel and they have two grown boys. Cyndy and Galen have both been long time members of Broadview.

David Cason

Pastor Emeritus

Pastor David served as the senior pastor of Broadview for 38 years and retired in February of 2013. He now serves as Pastor Emeritus of Broadview and ministers through all sorts of different mediums. David is married to Jeanne and they have three children and many grandchildren. Broadview has been blessed to benefit from close to 50 years of pastoral ministry by Pastor David.


Vernon Ferguson

Campus Pastor

Pastor Vernon has been on staff at Broadview since 2002. He currently serves in two capacities. He is the campus pastor for Broadview West and the Mission Pastor for the Main Campus. He and his wife Judy have two children, Kolt and Lacey.


West Campus Youth Minister

Tonya serves as the youth minister and administrative assistant for our West Campus. She’s been on staff since 2015 but has grown up in Broadview for most of her life.


West Campus Music Minister

Tim Hull leads our West Campus worship service each Sunday morning at 11:00. He and his wife Deborah have been members of Broadview since 2015. When Tim isn’t leading at Broadview West, he and his band lead worship in other venues throughout the Big Country.