Student/Creative Arts Pastor

We are looking to hire a new staff member to our team at Broadview Baptist Church. The position is two-fnew. We are a growing church in Abilene, Texas. Our need is for someone to oversee our student and creative ministries. Please email resumes or other inquiries to Pastor Wes.

The youth ministry at Broadview currently provides two weekly ministry environments. There is a mid-week youth service on Wednesday nights from 6:30-8:00. Each Sunday there are youth small groups that meet at 11:00. The youth ministry also typically has a spring or fall weekend event (D-Now, Fall Retreat, etc) as well as a summer camp.

Broadview is a multi-generational church. There are a good number of both young adults and senior adult families. We have a traditional style of music offered in our 8:25 service and a contemporary style of music offered at our 9:40 and 11:00 services. Most students go to the 9:40 worship service and attend small groups at 11:00. The youth pastor position is oversee the youth ministry at our main campus only. The youth ministry currently has an average weekly attendance of 70-80 kids.

Because of the size of our church, it’s necessary for full-time staff to wear multiple “ministry hats.” This position also entails the responsibility to oversee the creative and technical side of ministry at Broadview. This includes things like our website, church app, social media handles, newsletters, and basic graphic design/videography needs.

Below are some basic expectations of the job under each ministry category.

Student Ministry

•   Identify, invite, train, and empower leaders to be a part of the Student Ministry.

•   Serve as a primary student leader and communicator for the Student Ministry.

•   During the week invest in the lives of students building relationships with them in the most effective way possible.

•   Oversee Mid-Week Student Worship Service through volunteers.

•   Help plan and execute special events or retreats for the student ministry.

•   Act as the primary organizer of student Small Groups for Middle and High School students on Sunday Mornings.

•   Meet with key volunteers on a regular basis to evaluate/improve the Student Ministry.

•   Participate in staff meetings, creative meetings, and leadership retreats to provide evaluation and feedback to the Lead Staff Team.

•   Other duties as assigned by the Lead Pastor.

Creative Ministry

•   Identify, invite, train and empower leaders to be part of the Creative Ministry.

•   Serve as primary content creator for the creative needs of the church. (updating website/app, designing graphics, writing copy, and creating videos)

•   Keep regular attendees informed about upcoming events through our various church communication mediums. (website, church app, email, social media, projection software on Sunday Mornings)

•   Help reach new people by keeping our social media and website up to date and active with relevant information, evangelistic marketing, and sustaining a solid Broadview brand online.

•   Work with Music Pastor to oversee creative elements in morning worship services. (videos, sermon starters, graphic design elements for sermon series)

Skills Needed

•   Familiarity with Photoshop and other Adobe Products (if not familiar with these then there needs to be competencies in something similar)

•   Basic graphic design skills

•   Conversant with both Mac and PC platforms (mostly Mac)

•   Ability to shoot, edit and produce audio/visual projects

•   Creativity and attention to detail.

•   People skills

•   Communication skills

•   Leadership skills

•   Teambuilding skills