This summer we will continue our series in the book of Acts.

One of the distinguishing marks in the book of Acts is how God chooses to use “ordinary, everyday people” to accomplish his “extraordinary and eternal purposes.”

Ministry, evangelism and living a life on mission for the Lord is not just for the professionals. Many times in the book of Acts it was the “ministry professionals” who got it wrong.

What would it look like if we all believed God to use us in a great way?

What might our church accomplish if we all believed the statement
“You Can Too?”

The early church turned their world upside down because they believed God could do just that if they made themselves available. God hasn’t changed. His Holy Spirit still empowers us for mission.

He can use US

just like he used THEM.

He can work TODAY

just like he did THEN.

He can use YOU.

You Can Too!

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