Where Do We Go From Here?

I wanted to use my weekly update this week to fill everybody in on where we are going from here in light of Brian and Roger’s transition off of staff. Many of you have asked questions about how this process works and so it’ll be a learning opportunity for all of us concerning how our church governs itself when these type events happen. Much of it is laid out in our Constitution and By-Laws.

In Section 2 of Article 2 our by laws state the following.

The Pastoral Team will serve as a personnel team. The Senior Pastor is given responsibility to manage the office and staff. The Pastoral team will interview and confirm prospective ministry staff and with the Senior Pastor and confirmed by the deacons recommend them to the church for a vote…

In other words, when it comes to hiring new full-time positions to our staff, the responsibility falls on our Pastoral Team. Currently this team consists of the following men: myself, Vernon Ferguson (West Campus Pastor), Don Jacobsen and David Hamilton (both Lay Pastors) This team would usually search for and recruit the new candidate, pass their recommendation through the deacon body and then both bodies would together present the candidate to the church for a vote.

Currently, there are only 4 people on our pastoral team (previously there were six.) We envisioned adding 2-3 more pastors to that team after the conclusion of our deacon selection last month but in light of the recent staff transitions we’ve not yet acted to bring on new members to that team.

Because of that, the Pastoral Team is recommending that we create a special search team to serve alongside the Pastoral Team so that the search process can be given the due diligence that it deserves. The appointing of special Ministry Teams by our Pastoral Team is permitted in our By-Laws. (Under A.5. Section 2 Article 2)

Therefore, the Pastoral Team will be working alongside of a youth minister search team and a music minister search team before passing that recommendation through to the deacon body. Once that candidate has passed through the deacon body, it will be presented by both bodies to the church for a vote.

Also, we plan to hire these two candidates one at a time. There may be some degree of overlap between the search processes for each position but we will focus first on finding a new youth minister and then move on to electing a search team for the music minister position.

Both of these positions are very important to the health and growth of our church and therefore we do not want to rush through the decision. Also, we currently have gifted and capable people in places of leadership in both our youth and music ministries who can serve until the Lord brings the right replacement for each position.

I would encourage you all to continue praying and thinking through how you can be used by the Lord during this time of transition to promote unity and faith in our church family. This need not be a time in which we tear each other down or cause needless division. Let’s work towards the purposes of our Heavenly Father during these difficult days so that the purposes of our enemy fall flat.

The last thing I’d like to mention is on the issue of music. I know that music has, in the past, been a lightening rod issue. Disagreements over musical styles have split many a church. They are often referred to as “Church Worship Wars.” Thankfully, Broadview has avoided much of that because of our continued commitment to have two different styles of music on Sunday morning.

That commitment has not and will not change. It’s difficult to find music ministers who are skilled in both Southern Gospel and Contemporary musical genres. That’s why we currently have two different individuals leading the two different styles during this time of transition. That said, we have not and will not give up on our commitment to offer Southern Gospel style music for our 8:25 service. Whatever decision gets made on the future music minister, it will be made with that conviction in place.

In the coming days, I’ll be spending time with the Southern Gospel Choir, the 8:25 Praise Team, and the other Broadview Worship teams that lead at the 9:40 and 11:00 hour. I want to listen to them on what they sense is appropriate moving forward.

I also want to hear what you think as part of our church family. While the decision to search for the right candidate may rest in the hands of a select few, the success of that candidate moving forward and the success of our church moving forward is ultimately up to all of you.

Having your voice heard is important. Feel free to speak up to myself, any of the men on our deacon body or our pastoral team.  You can likewise speak to individuals on both search teams. The men and women who will serve on each search team will be made public at the appropriate time.

If you have any questions or prayer requests you can post them in the comments below. I hope you have a great rest of your week! Pray for me as Audra is in Brazil and I’m playing Mr. Mom. Tough stuff! hahaha


Pastor Wes

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