Hello church family,

I hope you had a great weekend! It was a wonderful day yesterday in worship and I wanted to write to remind you of several important things coming up this week. 


Congregational Prayer

Today, from 6:30AM-8:30PM the sanctuary at our South Campus will be unlocked and open for congregational prayer. There will be prayer sheets with prayer points available at the entrance to the Sanctuary. 

Several of you came last week (even though I failed to mention it in each of the morning worship services). It was so great seeing families pray together with other families from our church.

A Family Affair

My family and I prayed at about 4PM last Monday and it was a really special time. We read that day’s Bible passage (from the Bible reading plan) and prayed through the prayer points. Each person got a particular prayer request and it was a special time of family worship. 

If you have kids, this is a great way to teach them that worship isn’t just about what we do on Sunday mornings in the church. It’s about what we do throughout the week whether we’re at church, at home or on the go. Take advantage of this opportunity to disciple those in your circle of influence and help other believers grow in their faith.

You can pray alone as well should you choose to do that. I just want to encourage you to pray. Ask the Lord to move in our church in a special way during this season. 

November 1st Prayer Meeting

Also – don’t forget – we will have a special, church-wide, congregational prayer meeting at 6:00PM on November 1st (next Monday). This will be like the new fashioned prayer meetings we did earlier in the spring of this year. If you haven’t been able to make it during the day on Monday, please do what you can to make it to the November 1st prayer meeting. It will be an important time as it relates to this growth campaign . 


ACBA “Rally For His Mission”

On Tuesday Broadview is hosting the ACBA “Rally for His Mission” Annual Meeting. Broadview is a Southern Baptist Church and we are affiliated at a local level with the Abilene-Callahan Baptist Association. 

Each year, churches from around the Big Country gather together to hear about what God is doing through our cooperative effort. Broadview gives a set amount to the ACBA every year and that money is pooled with donations from other churches to make the work of our association possible.

If you’d like to see where that money is going and how it is being used then join us Tuesday for the Annual Meeting.

World’s Best BBQ

We will have a dinner (smoked brisket BBQ from the famous Les Campbell) at 5:00PM. A business meeting will follow at 6:00PM. Both the meal and subsequent business meeting will be located in our Educational Building. Finally, we will have a time of worship at 7:00PM. Taylor Miller will bring the music and David Sanchez will be preaching. 

It should be a great evening if you’d like to make plans to join us. 


“Hand & Feet Ministry”

Finally this coming Thursday, Friday and Saturday we’re having our first ever “Hands & Feet” ministry weekend. This is a three day effort to help people in our church who have a need that they cannot do themselves and cannot afford to have done. 

This is a ministry stemming from our J.O.Y. Ministry but it’s available to any and all members of our church. The needs have all been submitted, inventoried and assessed for feasibility. What is needed now is volunteers. 

You do not need to serve all three days if you cannot do all three days. You can choose to do one day, two days, or even just a few hours a day for each of the three. It’s totally up to you but we will gladly put you to work for whatever hours you can commit. 

We Need Your Help!

As it stands, we still need several volunteers if we’re going to knock out all of the jobs we have going. If you are willing to serve or plan to be there but haven’t tnew anybody yet then please reply to this email and let us know.

We will start each day at 8AM for breakfast. So if you plan on helping, just meet us at the church at 8AM Thursday morning and we’ll feed you and send you to the location for the day. There will be somebody on site who is skilled enough to engineer and direct the job responsibilities. All you’ll need to do is engage in the tasks you are assigned.

Some of you have offered equipment or even professional crews for some of the jobs we have lined up. It really is amazing how God puts things together. 

How You Can Help

If you’d like to serve but your not able it doesn’t mean you cannot participate. We are going to need some people who can help with the meals and even more who would be willing to help offset the cost of this ministry with a donation to cover the expenses and construction costs. 

If you’d like to give to this need just write “hands and feet” as a memo on your check or in your online gift. Thanks again for being willing to jump in on this project as we seek to be the hands and feet of Jesus to members of our church in their time of need. 

But What About Wednesday?!

You may be asking, “But what about Wednesday?” We do seem to have announcements for every other day of the week but that one. It’s not because we don’t have anything going on. We have our standard weekday programming for preschool, children students and adults. 

However, our ladies Bible study gathering will NOT BE MEETING THIS WEEK.

This group is taking a one week break then they will be kicking off a new Bible study on October 27th.

New Ladies Bible Study

The name of this new study is  “Knowing God by Name.” (Books are $10 each)
There will be options at 10AM and 6:30PM.

Here’s a description of the Bible study:

God is too big, too magnificent for a single name. Consider this: the God whose many names include Creator, Provider, Ruler, and Redeemer wants you to know Him better. 

In Knowing God by Name: A Personal Encounter, author Mary Kassian focuses on 35 Hebrew names of God that describe His character, His relationships, and His purpose. As you learn the significance of each ancient word, you’ll be awestruck by the Lord’s magnificence and your heart compelled to worship and praise Him. 

The new Bible study starts in just over a week so please RSVP for childcare ASAP if you’re going to be attending the 10AM class. The 6:30 class will have childcare available through our mid-week programming. 

Closing Thoughts

With that I’m going to close it out for this week. For those of you who are committed to the “Off The Grid” Spiritual Growth Campaign remember that you can engage with the daily readings by downloading our app and using the messaging feature (upper right hand corner.) You can read last week’s update (and the one before that) for detailed instructions about how to use the feature

Our reading plan can be downloaded here

I’ve been so encouraged by the reports of people who are engaging in the fast and reading plan. It’s not too late to join in if you haven’t already. Please continue to pray for our church during these next five weeks. I’m praying for God to use this season to wake us up to the BEST things in life and that is intimacy with God and better relationships with people. 

Unfortunately, social media was ruining both of those things for many people. It doesn’t have to be that way. There’s something better available to each of us if we’ll simply carve out the time and prioritize it. 

Keep reading below for other important announcements and upcoming events. If there’s anyway I can pray for you please let me know. I hope you have a great rest of your week!

Until He Comes,’

Pastor Wes


Bless The City Project

Something I’ve not mentioned in my last two updates that I should have is a church-wide “Bless the City” project to write encouraging cards for our respiratory therapists in the city of Abilene. 

As you know, the uptick in COVID cases has put a strain on our hospital ICUs. Members of our medical community are working tirelessly on the front lines against this pandemic. 

We obviously want to bless EVERY member of our medical community but we just happen to have inroads to the staff serving as respiratory therapists. These members of the medical community are often working in close contact with those suffering from COVID-19 or morbidities stemming from that disease. 

All you have to do is write a short encouraging note and drop it off in the church office before October 18th. That’s only a little over one week away so please consider writing one today and drop it off this Sunday at church. If not this Sunday then for sure by next Sunday.

Hands and Feet Ministry

October 21-23

Before I close just a few more quick announcements. Don’t forget about our “Hands & Feet” ministry initiative. This is 3 day project to bless members of our church who have home projects that they cannot do themselves or cannot afford to have done.(It can be anything from yard work, to painting to minor plumbing or electrical work)

The home projects will first be evaluated for suitability. Upon acceptance, they will be added to a list of projects that will be completed by Broadview volunteers who will band together and knock them out.

The dates for this project are Thursday, Friday and Saturday, October 21-23.

To sign up for help or to help, please call the church office (325.692.2360) and talk to Cyndy. We need as much help as we can get so please let us know as soon as you can.

Veterans Day Tribute

November 7

We are also still trying to collect pictures of members of Broadview who have served in the military. Ideally, we would like a picture of them in uniform and another that is modern day (if there is a good time spread between the date of service and the present.) 

We will compile these pictures into a video and play it on Veterans Day as part of a larger tribute to our service men and women.

Do you have a picture? Can you please send it our way? You can send your digital photographs to Ken Trevathan or drop off physical copies of the picture at the church office. 

You can also just reply to this email and attach the photos that way.

Women’s Ministry Fall Retreat

October 15-16

Last Sunday was the deadline to sign up for our women’s retreat. If you are still wanting to attend and you didn’t sign up yet then please reply to this email ASAP. We have a few spots still available but need to know right away so we can make sure we make enough packets.

The registration fee is $20

Retreat Theme:
🥤 Refresh! Refreshment for the Women’s Soul.”
Special Guest Speaker: Cheri Strange, Ph.D.
Causin’ A Stir: Thirst-Quenching Essentials for Satisfying Your Soul.



Mens’ Dove Hunt.

November 5th | 4:00-Sunset

Don’t forget about our men’s dove hunt the last day of dove season, November 5th from 4:00 to sundown. If you’re interested in attending this hunt please join the men’s channel in the Broadview app (or messages on the website.) You can also just reply to this email or confirm with Brian Massingill.

If the birds aren’t flying then the clay pigeons will. You need to bring your own firearm and ammunition. 


Financial Update

Information on how to give to Broadview can be found at broadview.church/give.

Offering Report
Date: 10/07/21

Weekly Budget Requirement:  $17,567
Weekly Budget Receipts:  $14,153

YTD Required:  $720,247
YTD Received:   $7759,605

Designated Gifts
World Missions: $428.91
Family Crisis: $52 

Most Recent Sermon

A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
Revelation 8
October 17, 2021

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