Transitions and Change

If you weren’t present this past Sunday then you missed an important announcement about some upcoming transitions in our church family. On September 11th 2016, Pastor Brian was called by Arcade Church in Sacramento, California to serve as their new Worship Pastor. His last Sunday at Broadview will be October 2nd.

This transition, while not easy for anyone, seems to be of the Lord. His hand has been evident all throughout the process. I know that for many of you this news comes as a great surprise. I think it’s been a surprise for everyone.

When God calls you to a church, he doesn’t usually put a timeline on it. In my own life, when God united my heart to Broadview and called me to minister here, I pictured myself staying here for good. I still do!

I share that so you can understand how difficult it must’ve been for Brian and Taylor to work through the emotions of God releasing them from Broadview and calling them to another church. God’s call in the life of a minister is a mysterious thing. There’s no easy to way describe it.

However, when God calls, the wisest thing we can do is listen, take a step of faith, and walk in obedience to what he has said. I don’t have to tell you how difficult that can be. Think about Abraham and God’s call on his life. He had to leave what was safe and comfortable for a future full of unanswered questions and challenging circumstances. But his willingness to be obedient is what God used to ultimately bless the nations.

The same is true for each of us as it relates to God’s call. Brian and Taylor are stepping out in faith and stepping into a future with certain unanswered questions. Broadview is likewise entering into a season with unanswered questions. Yet, these are the seasons in which God often does his greatest work because these are the seasons in which we are most acutely aware of our need for Him.

That has certainly been the case in my life. In many ways I’m thankful for this season. It’s been a fresh reminder for me that God is always at work, He is always working things together for good, and He is always faithful to his promises. I hope you’ll allow this season in our church to produce the same kinds of things in your spirit.

Let me close by encouraging you to do a few things.

(1) Show your love and appreciation to Brian.

He’s been serving our church for eight years and has been used by the Lord in wonderful ways. This is a time in which you can affirm God’s call on Brian’s life and Brian’s faith in God’s leadership.

(2) Pray for the Cliftons.

This transition involves a lot of moving pieces (pun intended). There are many opportunities for the enemy to try and undermine the purposes of the Lord. Pray that God will provide for all of their needs in this time.

(3) Pray for Broadview.

God loves this church way more than you or I can even imagine. Instead of questioning His leadership let us together submit to His will. As your pastor, you can know that I’ll be doing all that I can to hear God’s voice. One of the way that God speaks is through the folks in the church. That means I’ll be listening to you as well. So if you sense that the Lord is leading you to say something then please do so as He leads.

The lay pastors will be nominating a search team for the youth pastor search and a separate team for the music pastor search. Pray that these teams will remain humble and open to what God is doing. Pray that God’s purposes for our church will prevail in this season put before us.

Pray for protection from our enemy, the devil. Our battle is never against flesh and blood. Our enemy wants only to kill, steal and destroy. He wants to kill our faith in God, steal our love for one another and destroy the unity in our church. Our mission is to make disciples. We cannot let this season side track us from that all important effort.

In many ways, this is a great opportunity for the Lord to launch us forward in an even greater way. Let us look to Him as one who knows what is needed and is willing to grant us wisdom if we will ask. I appreciate your prayers for me, as well. I certainly need them now more than ever.

As always, if there’s anything I can pray for you about or if there are ANY questions you have about ANYTHING please just reply to this email.


Pastor Wes

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