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Wednesday, March 25th @ 5:00pm



Join Pastor Wes for a Zoom call tonight at 5:00pm. He will answer any questions you may have, offer some encouragement and everyone will spend some time praying for the future of our church during this season.

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Hey Church Family,

I wanted to let you know about something new we’re going to try this evening called a “Table Talk.” We plan to start at 5PM. I’m going to host a Zoom call to answer questions, share encouragement, receive prayer requests and together we will spend some time praying for our church family moving forward in this season of social distancing.

You won’t just interact with me on the call. You’ll be able to interact with all the people who join in on the call as well! It’ll be like our usual Wednesday night prayer meeting but online instead of on campus.

Join The Zoom Call


If you’ll click the link above at or soon after 5pm this evening you’ll be directed to the Zoom call. Zoom is a video web conferencing tool that allows large groups of people to talk with one another over video (or audio). You’ll be able to see and directly communicate with me and other people who join the call. 

You DO NOT NEED AN ACCOUNT to join the call. You will be prompted to install the Zoom software when you join the call (if you don’t already have it on your computer). Once that software is installed you’ll be able to join the call and interact with the participants. You can use any internet connected device (phone, tablet, computer, etc)

I’m hosting the Zoom call as opposed to a Livestream because I wanted to be able to communicate back and forth in real time and everybody be able to see each other in real time. I believe we can have up to 99 people so we will give it a test run and see how it goes. If you’re around and available please check it out! We can post a replay later on if you miss it.

We will continue to do livestreams as well. The problems we had Sunday have been resolved. Tomorrow myself and Taylor will have a livestream hangout time. On Friday, Joseph will post a livestream devotional to cap off the week. You can watch those on our Facebook page (no account required to watch), through our smartphone app (on live events tab on bottom menu bar) or on our website

We will do tomorrow’s livestream at 5:00pm. Jospeh will also do his livestream at 5:00pm as well. Again, you can watch those on our Facebook page, smartphone app or on our website. We are also thinking creatively about different ways we can keep you connected with the life of the church. Especially as it relates to Easter Sunday.

Please continue praying for our church staff as we adjust to a new way of doing things. We are praying for you as you do the same. If there’s anything we can do that will help you during this season please let us know. Many have volunteered to do grocery runs and deliveries.

I also wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you who are continuing to give financially during this time. Several people have signed up to give online. Others of you are mailing in your tithes and offerings. May God richly provide for you as you remain faithful to support His work through your local church.

Sunday’s livestream had a huge reach. We had over 2,000 views and are engaging with people through our online channels who’ve never previously set foot on our physical church grounds. People are looking for answers during this time and your financial support enables us to continue preaching the good news of the Gospel to the people we can reach through the tools we have available.

It’s important that you stay connected to what’s going on. There are also some tools you have available for family worship and family discipleship during this time. Our Right Now Media page has been updated with recommended content to watch during this time. 

Download our smart phone app, like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter or Instagram, or listen to our podcast on iTunes.

The staff is developing additional tools that are especially suitable for this season. We will forward them as they come available. If there’s anyway I can pray for you please let me know by replying to this email.

I hope you have a great rest of your week!


Pastor Wes

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