Weekly Update | May 17th

Hello Church Family,

I hope you’re having a great week! May is halfway over and summer is almost here. Tonight is the last night for preschool and children activities at the main campus. They’ll be having a swim party which should be fun.

The last two weeks we’ve discussed the home during the Sunday morning messages. Our church has three different services and our 8:25 service has a predominantly newer demographic. As a result, many of them are unmarried and their children are out of the home.

Even so, these past two weeks have still proven fruitful even for those folks in our church who are unmarried and empty nesters. It is said of the millennial generation that they crave the wisdom of an newer generation. Not just any newer generation, though. Most of them aren’t too keen on listening to their parents. The boomer generation, however, they have more openness towards.

I’ve long believed that our church had a unique opportunity in that area. We have a large baby boomer demographic in our church and a growing number of millennials. Those two generations couldn’t be more different (on so many fronts.) Those differences have the potential to create a lot of division in our church family. We certainly don’t want that.

Instead of division, we want to see discipleship. Right now I’m thinking about a few millennial folks in our church who attend a small group made up of mostly baby boomers. They love that group because the people in there are helping them grow spiritually. I think there are a lot more opportunities like that in our church if we will only be willing to act when they present themselves.

One of the best environments for that unity to take place is during church wide projects such as Vacation Bible School and Monday Night for the Master. Both of them are coming up in the next few months.

VBS will launch June 11th. You can get all the information on our website. You can also register your children or register to serve. Right now, we are trying to find help with the VBS meals. If you’d be willing to help cook or offset the cost of the meals through a financial donation we would really appreciate it.

Contact Ora Morrison about what you think you can do or just reply to this email and I’ll make sure she gets the word. You’ll hear more about it in the coming weeks. VBS is the largest outreach event of the year. Even playing a small part joins you to what the Lord is going to do that special week.

This year’s Monday Night For the Master will be a little bit different than usual. We will still have the evening meals, music and preaching. However, this year, we are theming the whole series of messages. I thought it would be wise to leverage this season in our church for our 2020 Vision.

You’ll get more details as time approaches. The first Monday Night for the Master will be July 10th. It’ll run until August 14. If you’d be willing to help prepare the meals for these evenings just reply to this email or contact the church office.

This Sunday we’re talking about the relationship between our faith and our work. Sometimes well meaning Christians will turn their faith off when they walk into the doors of their workplace. That causes them to miss out of one of the greatest opportunities they have the live the GREATER life.

I hope you’ll join us this Sunday and invite a friend. Remember, if you’ve missed any part of the campaign then you can catch up online. Also, if you’re not in a GREATER group, you can watch the small group videos online or in the app. They will take what is said in the message and apply it more specifically and practically.

There are many needs in our church family right now. Several have lost loved ones. Others are facing tough medical diagnoses. Still more are healing up after major surgeries and operations of various sorts. The church is a body. When part of the body hurts the whole body should feel it.

Consider spending some time praying for the folks in our church family. We cannot give out personal details in a public forum like this. However, we pray through a detailed prayer list every Wednesday night at 6:30. It’s in the main building fellowship hall. We’d love to have you join us.

I hope you all have a great rest of your week. If there’s anything I can pray for you about please let me know!


Pastor Wes

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