Pathways: A Fail-Proof Plan For How To Grow Spiritually

When it comes to growth in the Christian life, everybody has their opinion as to what works best.

Some say it’s all about Bible study and prayer.

Others say growth happens through serving in ministry or being in community.

Still more might argue that growth requires some kind of special knowledge or set of human behaviors.


What does the Bible say about the pathway to spiritual growth?


Join us starting September 17th for an answer to this question.


Pathways: A Fail-Proof Plan For How To Grow Spiritually is a seven week series on the discipleship pathway at Broadview Baptist Church. We believe every Christian is called to three fundamental practices if they want to mature as a disciple of Jesus. The Christian life is a life of worship, in community and on mission. These three practices pave the way for the Christian life to happen.

Worship. Connect. Bless.

When believers worship God, connect to the church and bless others they are positioned to grow into fully devoted followers of Jesus.

Often Christians will focus on only one practice or the other. Like an out of proportion triangle, their lives become out of balance. All three pathways are needed to arrive at maturity in the Christian life.

During the seven weeks of this series we will explore each of these core practices and how they work themselves out practically in the life of a believer. Join us and discover for yourself the fail-proof plan for how to grow spiritually.

take responsibility for your own spiritual development.

GROWTH in the Christian life can be experienced. Are you ready to take the next step?

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