Hey Church Family,

I hope you’re doing well! I wanted to send out a quick reminder about services tomorrow. We will be wrapping up the second half of a two-part series entitled “At Work & Home: Laboratories of God’s Grace.” Tomorrow we will look at how God uses relationships in the workplace to conform us more and more into the image of Jesus. 

Remember we have THREE Sunday service times.

Our traditional service starts at 8:15. Our two contemporary services are at 9:30 & 11:00. Services are right at an hour long and allows for plenty of time between services to practice social distancing. Our chairs in the Sanctuary are also placed six feet apart to ensure proper distancing.

You can now participate in on campus small groups as well. We have a new ladies group that just started and several other groups are also back on campus. To check out the options and find your fit visit our website.

The kids and preschool wings are open both hours (9:30 & 11:00) and kids are allowed to go both hours so you can attend worship and groups should you so desire. Kids are no longer required to preregister. The same is true for adult worship gatherings.

It’s been so good to worship “in person” these past few months. While I’m thankful for the online option, there’s something special about being physically present. Everybody has a different situation so you should practice wisdom and discernment on what’s best for you and your family.

I hope I’ll see most of you tomorrow. If not, remember you can livestream all three services using our website, Facebook, YouTube or Church Online platforms. You can watch them on demand throughout the week using those same channels or our church app.

New Men’s Bible Study

We have a new men’s Bible study kicking off October 14th. They will meet at 6:30PM in the Music Suite. It’s a men’s Bible study entitled “Seven Challenges Men Encounter.” You can watch a trailer for the series on Right Now Media. You can sign up for the class here.

Our culture has increasingly grown hostile to the biblical definition of manhood. It’s getting more and more challenging to be a man. Even so, being a godly man is more important now than it has even been. Join us for this seven week series to inform your mind and change your life to better reflect God’s design for manhood.

In this series we’ll examine things like rejecting passivity, accepting responsibility, leading courageously, loving unconditionally, living with integrity, serving humbly, and investing eternally. Let others see masculinity and manhood through the lens of Christ in your life with these seven characteristics and become a better man, husband, father, and leader.

S.A.L.T. Ladies Retreat

We also have our annual S.A.L.T. Ladies Retreat kicking off this coming October 24th at Broadview’s South Campus. The retreat will run from 9:00AM to 3:00PM and all of it will be held at the South Campus.

There will be a lunch provided and attendees will play games, do crafts, and study God’s Word with special guest Alisha White (from Southside Baptist Church) leading the sessions. It’s a great time to meet new people, make new friends and grow in your walk with the Lord.

Register here

You can also stay up to date with what’s going on in the Women’s Ministry by joining their Facebook group

Celebrate Recovery

Before signing off I wanted to make a plug for our Broadview Freedom Ministries Celebrate Recovery on Tuesday nights. This is a weekly gathering to help attendees get over their “hurts, habits and hangups.”

If you haven’t done so, please “like” their page on Facebook and stay up to date with what’s going on. The work that’s taking place in that ministry deserves our prayers and support. It’s really been a gift to our church family. 

I’ll be speaking for the main session not this Tuesday but next (October 13th). The meal starts at 5:45, the main session starts at 6:30 and breakout groups follow after that.

Each week they walk through the 12 Steps of Celebrate Recovery. The content is essentially a crash course on how to live the Christian life with victory over sin and genuine freedom in the Lord. I personally believe EVERY person can benefit from this program.

Come check it out some Tuesday and see for yourself. It’s a wonderful time of encouraging fellowship and genuine Christian community. If you have any questions or if you’d like to learn more you can always reach out to Jeff Wilkins who oversees the ministry.

Winning The War

With that, I’m going to close it down for this week. If you ever have anything that needs to be announced “church-wide” please let me know. I don’t send these out “every week” but I try to keep them semi-regular. It’s one of the only communication mediums that is COVID-19 friendly. We will stick with it for the time being.

I know things still feel like they are crazy out there. Just this weekend we learned that many of our national leaders (including our own United States President) have been infected with COVID-19. Please keep all of those infected by this disease in your prayers. It seems like 2020 still has a few “twists and turns” left to give.

It’s easy to feel like the world is spinning out of control. 

Even so, our Lord STILL has the “whole world in HIS hands.” That means the wisest thing you and I can do is entrust ourselves into His love and care. His plan may not always make sense in the moment, but he has promised to work all things together for good (for those who love him and who are called according to his purpose.)

Let me encourage you, even in the madness, to look for the good. “All things” means even the hard things, the painful things, the ugly things, the shameful things… the Lord works ALL THINGS together for good.

Beauty from ashes. A garment of praise, from our heaviness. Let me know if there’s any way I can pray for you. If I don’t see you tomorrow, I’ll see you on the interwebs!

Have a great rest of your weekend!

With Love,

Pastor Wes

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