Hey CHurch Family,

It’s been a full month since I sent my last update. Feels like a few weeks! Time really does fly by these days. Tomorrow, Audra and I are leaving for Las Vegas, Nevada to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary. To say I’m excited is an understatement.

I want to say “thank you” for being a church that allows me some time away to celebrate these milestones. I really am so grateful to be your pastor. 

We are officially into a “New Year” and we have exciting things coming down the road.

Remember, our Wednesday night ministry programming was set to kick back off this Wednesday at 6:30. 

Unfortunately, due to an outbreak of illness among our ministry volunteers, all Wednesday night programming has been postponed until NEXT WEDNESDAY, January 26th. 


For today’s update, I want to put a few upcoming events on your radar as well as some discipleship resources to help you experience God in 2022. 

Grow Your Faith

Free Discipleship Resources

Each New Year brings with it new excitement around the idea of getting physically and spiritually healthy. Do you have any new goals or plans for moving the ball forward? 

A few weeks ago we talked about the “proofs” of discipleship in our Sunday morning gathering. They flow from the “my disciple” statements of Jesus in Luke and John (Luke 14:25-33; John 8:32; 13:35; 15:8)

Disciples of Jesus…

  1. Walk By Faith (Luke 14:25-33)
  2. Abide in the Word (John 8:31)
  3. Love One Another (John 13:35)
  4. Bear Much Fruit (John 15:8) 

To help you grow in these areas, Broadview has invested in technological tools like Right Now Media and the Dwell App.

Dwell is a Bible study app that helps you abide in the Word. Scripture is read aloud by professional vocalists alongside of instrumental music that really brings the Word to life.

Right Now Media is like the Netflix of Christian discipleship. There are over 17,000 video Bible studies on every topic you can imagine. Bible book studies, apologetics, systematic theology, leadership development and a whole catalog devoted to kids are all available for streaming on demand. There is a TV app as well if you want to put it on the “big screen” at home.

Both of these discipleship resources are made available to members of our church without any cost to them. The church pays for a monthly subscription so that every member can benefit.

If you haven’t yet done so, please consider signing up for an account and downloading the apps.


Sign up For Dwell

Download the App

Sign up For Right Now Media

Download The App


In-House Resources

Also, don’t forget that we created our own Discipleship Toolbox not too long ago that is always available to anybody who wants it. We’ve also created a Spiritual Health Assessment if you’d like to get a baseline for where you’re at right now and how you can grow spiritually in 2022.

Download the Toolbox

Take The Assessment

Develop A Plan

In addition to engaging God individually through his Word, it’s also important to start 2022 with a mindset towards spiritual growth “in community.” We have small groups that meet every Sunday and throughout the week. We also have some new “larger groups” that are starting very soon.

Here are some upcoming groups to put on your radar.


New Ladies Bible Study

Hosea | Jennifer Rothschild

Wednesdays | 10AM & 6:30PM

Starts January 19th

We have a new ladies Bible study kicking off next Wednesday. There are two meeting times to choose from: 10AM or 6:30PM. 

The book of Hosea is a love story between him and his wandering wife Gomer. Through their story, God reveals a greater story of His love for His wayward people Israel. Ultimately, though, it is the story of God’s unfailing love for you and me.

Like Israel and Gomer, we are prone to wander from God’s love. But, God loves us too much to let us go. He goes to extraordinary lengths to bring us back to Him. If you’d like to grow in your knowledge and experience of God’s love then you should sign up for this group.

If you are interested in signing up you can just show up on Wednesday or register here.

In addition to the ladies Bible study we also have a new Wednesday night Bible study in the book of James kicking off Wednesday February 23rd. This will be a coed class for adults of any age. There will be an expositional Bible teaching out of the book of James followed by group discussion and life application. 

The James Bible study will be led by Joshua Wisham

To sign up for this Bible study register here

Fit To Serve

Tuesdays/Thursdays at 9AM

Starts February 1

In addition to growing spiritually, many other people use the New Year to set some physical fitness goals. So this year we’re trying out something new. We’re going to offer a small group physical fitness environment for anybody looking for support and accountability to reach those fitness goals.

The Christian faith is an “embodied faith” and worshipping the Lord with your body is a biblical concept. (1 Corinthians 6:20) Gathering together for the sake of improving your physical health is a God-honoring use of community. That’s why we’re starting a new group environment called “Fit to Serve.”

Jennifer Hogan has agreed to lead the group and plans to start the first one on February 1st. The groups will meet at 9AM every Tuesday and Thursday for a 6 week period. The gathering will consist of metabolic strength training and nutrition coaching from a Christian perspective.

Jennifer Hogan is a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She and David were previously members of Broadview and have remained part of our “extended family” ever since moving to Lawn. 

For now, it’s a “women’s only” gathering. It will be a coach-led fitness class using your body weight and dumbbells. It is beginner friendly and a great way to familiarize yourself with healthy nutrition and creating healthy habits that will follow you the rest of your life.


Register Now

Here are the details if you’d like to sign up and participate.

Information Details:

Date/Time: Tuesdays & Thursdays at 9AM
Start Date: February 1st
Location: Broadview Education Building
Equipment: 1 set of lightweight to medium weight dumbbells and yoga mat.
Cost: $30 for six weeks

Additional Information:

  • Bring Your Own Dumbbells, mat, sweat towel and water.
  • Coach-led fitness classes using dumbbells and body weight
  • Beginner friendly
  • Nutrition support/coaching with a sustainable, “just-say-no-to-diets,” real/whole food philosophy. 
  • Increase your strength and endurance
  • Stabilize your core
  • Learn the difference between weight loss and fat loss
  • Bit fit to serve and love others

Exercise always involves risks. Please ensure that you are cleared by a doctor for exercise, especially if you have any existing or previous health concerns, are on medication, have any previous or existing injuries or are pregnant or postpartum. **You must sign a waiver to participate in the class.

Register Now


Hands & Feet Ministry

April 7-9

In addition to these new groups that are coming up, we also have a few “time-sensitive” announcements I need to put on your radar. The biggest is our spring “hands and feet ministry.”

Last fall we started an experiment called the “Hands & Feet Ministry.” This was a ministry to help people in single-dwelling homes who had things that needed to be done but could not do them themselves or afford to have them done.

At first, we limited submissions to members of our church. This year, we’re doing the project again and expanding it’s reach. This year, submissions will not only be open to members of Broadview but also people outside of our church with whom you have a personal relationship.

If a ministry like this would make a positive impact on their life and communicate the love and compassion of Jesus please consider letting them know.

If you HAVE a project we need you to fill out a submission form as soon as you can. 

If you are willing to WORK on these projects we need you to register as well so we can be better organized on who is working when and how to create our teams.

Finally, if you are willing to GIVE to this ministry, any amount will help to make a big impact. Last year, some of the projects exceeded $1,000 but those were also the projects that made the biggest impact. Through your generosity we will be able to bless our city in a significant way.  

You can do all three of those things here.

If you have any question please contact Robert Williamson at ‭(325) 268-7553‬

D-Now Weekend

February 11-13

Registration Deadline: January 26th

This year our student ministry will be participating in the city-wide discipleship weekend February 11-13. The theme of this year’s D-Now is “Encounter: Meeting the True Jesus.” These days everybody has an “opinion” about who Jesus is. But what does Jesus actually say about himself?

This will be an important weekend in the life of our student ministry and a great opportunity for your 6th-12th grader to start/grow in their relationship with Christ. The D-DNow will start Friday at 6PM. We will have a meal at Broadview and then head to Southside.

Parents can fill out this registration form along with $30 registration fee if they want their student to participate.

For a schedule of the weekend along with more information go here.

We also need host homes!

If you’re willing to offer up your home Friday & Saturday night please reply to this email.

Register Now


Corn hole Tournament

February 5th

Men’s Ministry Event

Calling ALL MEN to bring out your A-game and compete in our corn hole tournament this coming February 5th. We will have at least four corn hole boards going at one time. Whoever wins the tournament will be eligible for a prize and bragging rights. 

We will start the games at 3:30PM and go until whenever the tournament is over. This will be a laid back time of fun and fellowship. Food will also be provided (hot dogs, chili, chips, condiments and drinks.) 

We will assign teams after everyone arrives. 

There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. 

Valentines Day Banquet

February 14th | 6-8PM

Joy Ministry Event

Get your sweetheart and join us for a Valentines Day Banquet this coming Valentines Day from 6-8PM. This years banquet is hosted by our Joy Ministry (Just. Older. Youth). There will be a fee to participate in this dinner. The amount and additional details about the event will be revealed in future updates.

For now, please RSVP the date on your calendar!

Member Meeting

February 20th | 5PM

Updates | Worship & Prayer

In addition to the events above we also have a “members meeting” coming up February 20th at 5PM. This will be our first “members meeting” since I’ve been pastor of Broadview Baptist Church.

We’ve had many “business meetings” at the end of a worship gathering or annual missions night. However, this is something different. These member meetings are an opportunity for you to get some important updates on what’s going on in the life of our church.

We will present new members who have recently joined the church as well as spend time praying for the needs in our congregation (spiritual and otherwise.) While the purpose of these meetings is not “business” in nature, they are an opportunity for you to participate in the life of the church at a much deeper level.

These meetings are also an effort to try and improve our communication so that you can stay as informed and engaged as you’d like to be. We will have financial updates as well as updates on our engagement metrics like worship attendance, group engagement and serve teams. Reports on mission trips and outreach initiatives will also be included.

Most importantly, we will worship the Lord and pray. This gathering is for the “core” of the church. Only members of Broadview are invited to attend. Together, we express our dependancy on God and cry out for a continued outpouring of his Holy Spirit in our church.

Please mark the following dates and plan to be there if you’re in town and available.

2022 Member Meetings | Sundays at 5:00PM

  • February 20
  • May 1
  • August 21
  • November 27

Reality Apologetics Conference

Chaos to Clarity


We see it every day. Gender confusion, racial turmoil, and human inequality. It’s a disorder of ideas. It’s chaos. That’s why this year we’re taking our student ministry to an apologetics conference that will help bring clarity to the chaos. 

If your student is interested in going please have them register. We also need adult sponsors. If you are interested in going then please reply to this email. 



Theme: Clarity to Chaos
Location: Cottonwood Creek Church
Address: 1015 Sam Rayburn Tollway
Dates: February 25-26th
Cost: $150 (includes hotel, meals and registration)

Learn More

Closing Thoughts

That’s it for this week’s update. There are actually many more dates to share but one email can only handle so much. Please put these dates and new groups on your radar so you don’t miss out. Also please consider inviting a friend to a Sunday gathering or small group. People are craving connection out there and the Church offers a community unlike any other. 

When I started this update our Wednesday programming was set to kick off tomorrow and I knew of two people with COVID-19. As of the end of this update I now know 8 people with COVID-19 and our Wednesday programming has been postponed until next week. 

Without question, there is a spike in cases right now in the Abilene area. 

Please be smart and take precautions when you’re out. I understand that everybody is “tired of the virus” and the preventative measures to slow the spread have become politicized. But that fact doesn’t need to cloud good judgment.

As Paul said to the church in Ephesus, “Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord’s will is.”

On that front, if you missed last week’s message you can find it below. It was on discovering the will of God for your life in 2022 (or anytime.) The Lord really encouraged my own heart in the writing of that message and I hope it blesses you too.

Our staff had an awesome time in Livingston last week and I want to say thanks to everybody who prayed for us. We have a clear strategy for 2022 and were refreshed in the Lord for the mountains we’re about to climb. 

If there’s anyway I can pray for you please let me know. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week. And, until I see you again…

You are Sent!

Pastor Wes


Financial Update

Information on how to give to Broadview can be found at broadview.church/give.

Offering Report
Date: 01/11/2022

Weekly Budget Requirement:  $18,519
Weekly Budget Receipts:  $11,266

YTD Required:  $18,519
YTD Received:   $11,266

Designated Gifts
World Missions: $5,483
Family Crisis: $782 

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Psalm 25:1-22
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