Music/Media Minister

We are looking to hire a new team member to our staff at Broadview Baptist Church. The open position is for a music/media minister. Please email resumes or other inquiries to Pastor Wes.

General Description:

Broadview is a multi-generational church. There are a good number of both young adult and senior adult families. We have a traditional style of music offered in our 8:15 service and a contemporary style of music offered at our 9:30 and 11:00 services. The music/media minister position is for leading the music/media ministry at our main campus only. Our main campus has an average weekly attendance of 550 people and three morning worship services.

Our 8:15 service provides a traditional genre of music (hymns, southern gospel songs, choir specials, etc). This service is mostly attended by newer adults in our church. The music minister is the main vocalist in this service but usually leads alongside of a front vocal team (quartet) and worship choir of 15-25 people.

Our 9:30 and 11:00 services are both themed with a contemporary genre of music. Most recently, the style of music in those services follow that of bands like Hillsong, Chris Tomlin or Shane & Shane. Generally speaking, it is produced by a full band (guitars, keys, bass, drums and loops), front vocal team and background choir of 6-8 people. The minister of music is generally the main vocalist but it’s not uncommon for different vocalists on the front team to lead different songs.

In all three services the worship team consists of vocalists, instrumentalists and a choir. In addition to those teams there are volunteers who run sound, lighting, video and projection cues (via ProPresenter). The music/media minister builds, trains and oversees these teams.

Because of the size of our church, it’s necessary for full-time staff to wear multiple “ministry hats.” In addition to overseeing the music ministry, this position also entails the responsibility to oversee the more technical side of the music/media ministry at Broadview. These responsibilities require that one be conversant with audio/visual production, lighting, digital sound (X32 sound board), corresponding computer hardware/software (for recording and production) along with basic capabilities in graphic design, audio/video editing, and other general technology skills.

The minister of music, from time to time, will be required to edit or create sermon bumper videos, announcement videos, or testimony videos. While the quality need not be that of a professional, the person will need some basic tech and A/V skills. The minister of music will also oversee volunteer teams related to the Sunday morning services (such as hospitality, sound, lighting, etc.)

Below are some of the basic ministry expectations.

Music Ministry

•    Identify, invite, train, and empower leaders to be a part of the Music Ministry.

•    Serve as a primary worship leader and communicator for the Music Ministry.

•    Oversee all worship and musical elements for the church.

•    Manage Ensure that materials for worship teams and choirs are online at the appropriate time.

•    Manage the scheduling of musicians and worship leaders for weekend services or special events.

•    Manage band and choir rehearsals throughout the week and ensure they are able to lead and play with excellence.

•    Pastor, coach and care for all volunteers in the music ministry and production of Sunday morning services (hospitality, stage set up and take down, sound, lighting, ProPresenter, etc)

•    Work with creative team to develop and deploy graphics, sermon bumpers, videos, and other creative elements for the weekend worship services.

•    Stay up to date with the best practices in music/media ministries across the country.

•    Participate in staff meetings, creative meetings, and leadership retreats to provide evaluation and feedback to the Lead Staff Team.

•    Help create content for the creative needs of the church.

•    Other duties as assigned by the Lead Pastor.


Skills Needed

•    People skills

•    Competencies in both traditional and contemporary music genres

•    Competencies in leading music teams, bands and choirs (multi-generational)

•    Ability to read/play sheet music (preferably play piano/guitar)

•    Communication skills

•    Leadership skills

•    Teambuilding skills

•    Familiarity with music production software

•    Basic computer skills

•    Conversant with both Mac and PC platforms (mostly Mac)

•    Creativity and attention to detail