Weekly Update | March 29th

Happy Wednesday Church Family!

Last Sunday we had our official kickoff for the Multiply: Bless The West strategic resource initiative. I’m really excited to see what the Lord does through this campaign. This is one of two strategies we’re launching this spring towards our 2020 Vision. Last Sunday I talked a little bit about the history of Broadview West at the beginning of my message. You can watch that here. We have also filmed testimony videos that willl give you an idea of the kind of impact the ministry is having at Broadview West.

This coming Sunday I’ll share what some of the leaders in our church have committed to give: namely, the pastors, staff, deacons and small group leaders. With your help help, we’ll easily be able to reach our WOWlelujah goal of $100,000.

Many of you have already been giving to the Multiply Offering. Last year, the money from that offering went to pay down debt. Close to $100,000 was given! That generosity has positioned us to act on this new opportunity at Broadview West. From now on, anything given to the Multiply Offering will go towards “Bless The West.” If you want to continue giving towards the debt, you can give to debt retirement.

I want to encourage you to prayerfully consider what God would have you to do in this arena. There are a few ways you can participate.

(1) Pray. We’re wasting our time if God’s blessing is not on this initiative. We’ve sought the Lord and are confident this is what needs to happen. But we need you to join with us in praying to God for his provision and blessing on this resource initiative. Pray about what God would have you do financially or otherwise so that you can join Him in the multiplication of disciples and the blessing of our city at Broadview West.

(2) Give. If you’re currently giving to Multiply, just keep doing it. Indicate your current giving on your Multiply Commitment Card and drop it in the plate on Easter Sunday. This will count towards the overall goal. If you’re not giving to the Multiply Offering, consider doing so.

You may choose to just give a one-time cash offering on Easter (or before). That’s great! You might also forego the large gift and instead choose to make smaller monthly gifts for the next 12 months. That’s fine too. You could choose to do both! You can’t out-give the Lord!  What’s important is that you seek the Lord on what you need to do and walk in obedience to His leadership on this matter.

You can make the commitments with your physical commitment card and drop it in the plate on Easter. You can also do all of this on our website or through our app if that’s more convenient. Both have the option of scheduling a one-time cash gift or recurring gifts on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

We personally do our giving through the website and are able to keep track of our giving by logging in and looking at it anytime we want. Those features are available to everyone in our church (whether you give online or in person.) All you have to do is create an account through our InFellowship platform and you’ll be able to use those credentials to examine all of your giving. Just log into your account when you’re on the giving page of our website.

The 2nd big initiative towards our 2020 Vision is a spiritual growth campaign entitled “Greater: Overcoming the Lesser Life.” GREATER will help us apply the power and victory behind the resurrection of Jesus to our everyday lives. It’s all about how to overcome the lesser life and exchange it for something GREATER so that you can start winning at home, at work and in your most important relationships.

I hope you’ll consider being a part of what God is going to do through this season. We are still in need of people to sign up as small group H.O.S.Ts for the campaign. It’s only a six week commitment. I would also encourage you, if you’re not currently part of a small group, to join one at least for the duration of this campaign.

Everyone participating in the campaign will receive a book with daily devotionals, Bible reading plan, small group discussion guides & Sunday sermon aids. Here’s an example of what you could expect. These resources will also be available through our smart phone app along with the sermons and small group discussion videos. I’m confident that if you’ll participate and be open to what God wants to do, that your life could be significantly changed.

I’m going to go ahead and end it here. There’s much more to say but it can wait until next week. If you’ve read down this far, kudos to you! As always, if there’s anything I can pray for you about, please let me know.


Pastor Wes

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