Monday Update for Preschool & Children

Hello Parents,

What a fun time we had last week! I absolutely loved seeing the beautiful art you all drew at the church! It is so encouraging to see the common love we all share for our church family and the shared desire to be back together in person when the time comes!

This week, we are changing gears once again as the majority of our members are finishing their last days of school. This week we are going to focus on celebrating the end of a school year and cherishing the memories that were created.

I know that the end of this school year is unlike any other we have experienced. Instead of throwing up textbooks and past assignments as the last bell rang, students were forced to pick up their belongings at set times while still making sure to social distance. While I think this is what had to happen to respect our community, the sadness is not lost on me. My heart breaks for the preschool children who missed the joys of growing their social skills, kindergarten students who will never get a normal first year, and the fifth graders who will leave elementary without being able to truly say bye to their primary school days. With all that said, this is where I see our God’s faithfulness! Kids are resilient and are thermometers. They adjust to the climate that is put around them. As a parent, we get to set that temperature! As this school year ends, I challenge you to set a “temperature” of thankfulness, joy, and hope. Let’s celebrate the memories that were created at school, at home, and anywhere in between. Let’s have deep conversations about the growth that took place in our ideas, in our hearts, and in our abilities. How many have spoke the words, “I could never homeschool my child”, yet here you are! You made it! Let’s choose to have hope for next year. Let’s make goals on how we are going to cherish school like never before, and how we are going to make the most of every moment we are given there.

To help you celebrate, this week I will be posting some of my favorite end of the year activities that I loved to do when I was a classroom teacher. Most of all, I will be praying the sweetest blessings over each of your children and over you as a parent. Whether you have been counting down the seconds until this school year ends or are a little sad to see this new role come to end, you did it, and that deserves to be celebrated!

Please make sure you are connected to our Facebook groups so you can have access to the activities! If you are not currently on social media, email me at to receive the activities through email.

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Kindergarten Parents, please don’t forget to send up to 3 pictures of your child to me by Wednesday, May 20th, so they can be a part of the Kindergarten Graduation slideshow in the church livestream this week.


Ora, Sherry, and Tiffany

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