Monday Update for Preschool & Children

Hello Parents,

What a beautiful week full of great weather! I hope you had fun outside and were able to start intentional conversations with your children about God and the events in the Bible. For those who missed last week, we focused on using everyday moments to talk to our kids about God, His amazing power and love, and the incredible events that played out in the Bible. I hope that you will continue to seek out opportunities to discuss these topics with your children!

This week we are going to do something very exciting! One thing I have loved seeing the last couple of months is the chalk art you and your children are doing. Those fun drawings inspired me to make this week, “Chalk at the Church”! This week I invite you and your family to come to the church and draw an encouraging picture or message on the parking lot for our church staff and family. After you have finished your art, take a picture of it with your family and post it to social media with the hashtag #ChalkattheChurch. To make sure we are respectful to our church family and community, I ask that you maintain social distancing while in the parking lot and make sure you are at least 6 feet from any other family unit that is participating. I am so excited to see the beautiful work you all do! I will be posting some ideas of chalk art on the Facebook groups throughout the week to give more ideas!

Please make sure you are connected to our Facebook groups:

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We are continuing to pray for all of you and cannot wait until we are together again!


Ora, Sherry, and Tiffany




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