Monday Update for Preschool & Children

Hello Parents,

Let me just start by saying, last week was so fun! I loved getting to know each of you better and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the majority of us share a common love for all foods! You are my kind of people! On a serious note, I hope you were able to find connections with other families and realize the true gift God has given us in our church family.

This week we are going to focus on using ordinary, everyday moments to teach our children about God and the Bible. I think so many times we over-complicate teaching our children about God. We feel they have to be sitting at a table, Bible open on their lap, staring into our eyes in silence. If you have attempted the scene above, you probably know that for the majority of us, that just isn’t realistic and attempting it leaves us frustrated and feeling like we failed. But you know what is so cool about our God? He has given us a Bible full of amazing stories and a world full of beauty to remind us of Him. This week we are going to celebrate those gifts by using outdoor activities in the beautiful, warm weather to create authentic and engaging conversations about God and events in the Bible.

During this week, “Fun in the Son”, I will post an activity each day that can easily be done outside and a topic that can be discussed while doing so. Doing these activities and having these conversations not only teaches your child more about God and the Bible, but it allows you to become more comfortable with integrating spiritual topics into everyday conversations. I encourage you to follow along on our Facebook groups. If you are not on Facebook, you can email me at Tiffany@broadview.churchfor a complete list of the week’s activities and conversations! I hope you have a great week enjoying the beautiful weather!

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