Monday Update for Preschool & Children

Hello Parents,

I hope you have had a great weekend! I hope last week was an encouragement to you that we can still find unity and strength during this time that we are physically apart. This week I wanted to take things in a different direction.

I want to focus on connection between us as parents. In all forms of ministry, parenting included, it is easy to become empty and dry after pouring all you have out to those you are ministering to. I have always loved the mental picture of ministry being the overflow of God in us. The idea that we have filled ourselves to the brim with God’s word, knowledge, and love, that it can’t help but spill over onto others. As parents, our most important ministry during this stage of life will always be to our children. But life with toddlers, sport’s practices, and negotiating bedtimes can be very draining. It is important that we are intentional about filling ourselves back up and allowing God to work within us. One major part of this is having the personal discipline to study God’s word. If you are struggling with this, I encourage you to map out a time, no matter how short, and find a quick study on RightNow Media. This is a great first step in carving out intentional time to meet with God and know Him more.

Another major part of filling back up is through community. God has called us to live within community because He knows this life is draining. He also knows that parenting is tough. He calls us to share our lives with others because He knows in doing so, you will find encouragement, support, accountability, and that people will see Him in new ways through each other’s lives. This idea of community sometimes seems daunting to us. Like it is just one more item to try and squeeze into our already packed schedule, but a good friend of mine helped me remove this idea. The idea of community isn’t to add a bunch of extra activities, it’s inviting others to do the daily things of life along with you. It’s adding guidance and company in a stage of life that can seem isolating. Everyone eats dinner, so why not invite someone to eat with y’all? You were going to have a family game night? Why not invite another family to join. You want to take the kids to the park for some fresh air? Invite another family to do the same. 

Now this is where you ask why I am encouraging community while we currently aren’t allowed to do these things. How do we find community while we are staying home? How do we invite others into our daily life when daily life seems different, scary, and isolating right now?

I am confident that God is not surprised by this virus. I am confident that God will use this time. What if He used this time to remove the excuses we so often hide behind? What if He is providing time for us to connect virtually in a non-threatening way. A time for us to build connections through online or phone conversations so that inviting people to “in-person life” seems less intimidating when the time comes. 

This week I am going to focus on us getting to know each other. Each day I am going to start a conversation on the Facebook groups. I encourage you to read these, comment on them, and engage in conversation with each other so that we can get to know the other parents involved. Let’s use this time to get to know the church community God has blessed us with. Let’s be brave, let’s be creative. I am praying specifically that God uses this week to form connections between parents. Connections that turn into a close-knit community. Connections that turn into doing life together and seeing God in new ways through each other. 

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If you are not currently on social media, you can email me at Tiffany@broadview.church for alternative ways to stay connected!


Ora and Tiffany 

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