Monday Update for Preschool & Children

Hello Parents,

I want to start by saying THANK YOU! We had so many families participate in Broadview’s Spirit Week last week and it was so fun to see all of your pictures. As much as we want to be together in person, it was so encouraging to be together in SPIRIT!

Although we are sad to see Spirit week come to an end, we are so excited about this week! We have prepared an exciting week for your families leading up to Easter Sunday! Each day, we are going to post a video on how to make two “Resurrection Eggs”. These are eggs that help kids understand the story of Christ’s death and resurrection using tangible items placed inside an Easter egg. Our hope is that your family will view these videos together each day and create the two eggs as we are. If you continue to do this each day (Monday-Saturday), you will end the week with a complete set. On Easter Sunday, I will be sharing the whole Easter story using the eggs. This will allow your children to be familiar with the topic and be able to fully engage with the lesson. Please make sure you are part of our Facebook groups, Broadview Preschool Ministry (0-Kindergarten) or Broadview Kids (1st-5th), so you don’t miss these videos or other Easter related content! 

We also want to encourage you and your families to watch the RightNow Media JellyTelly Easter Week Videos. They are daily 5 minute family devotionals. They share a quick, kid-friendly clip and then help you with topics to talk about and pray about! This is a great way to get your family devotional started in a quick and simple way!  

We are praying daily for your kiddos (and you!) and we can’t explain the excitement and anticipation we have had leading up to this week. Sharing the Gospel with children is our #1 goal as Preschool and Children’s Ministers, so it is so humbling to know that your families will be teaching, learning, and engaging with the Gospel this week in your homes. Please do not miss this opportunity to introduce or review the most life-changing message they will ever hear!

This week we combined our activity list so you can have one large list of Easter activities and crafts! We hope you check them out! We hope you have a great week and we cannot wait to hear about all of the conversations that take place and all the fun activities that are done! Don’t forget to share pictures and videos throughout the week on our social media pages!

Easter Activities


Ora, Sherry, and Tiffany





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