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We took a mission trip to New Caney, TX at the end of February 2017. We are joining North East Houston Baptist Church to help plant Emmanuel Baptist Church In New Caney. Nathan Lino is the pastor of NEHBC and their church will be sending out John Powell (previously the pastor of FBC Hamlin) as the lead pastor Emmanuel Baptit Church.

Part of our 2020 Vision is to plant or revitalize five churches in North America. We feel like the Houston area is one of the most strategic places to plant a church. Houston is one of the 11 fastest growing cities in the US. People from all over the world are coming into Houston. It’s on track to be the third largest city in the US surpassing Chicago by 2025. It’s also the most diverse city in the country, even more than New York or Los Angeles.

Since the city has reached its growing capacity southward, the only place left for it to go is north. As it extends northward it will overtake rural communities such as New Caney which is why this church plant is so strategic. Some expect around 1 million new people moving to Houston within the next few years. The vast majority of these will unreached. We want to play a part in reaching them.

This past spring, Travis Boyd moved from Abilene to New Caney in order to help plant the church. His family will be joining him at the end of this summer. Our church will be sending to Boyd family as they seek to be used by the Lord to plant Emmanuel Baptist Church. You can support them as well as the church plant in New Caney by giving to the project through this page. We will also be taking subsequent short-term mission trips to New Caney to assit Emmanuel as they seek to reach the unreached peoples around them.

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