Broadview Worship Teams

Broadview Worship Teams are a group of skilled musicians who help facilitate corporate worship in all three of our services! These teams are audition only, and open to anyone 14 and newer. If you are interested in joining a Worship Team, please email Broadview Worship, or contact the church office at 325.692.2360.

Traditional Service Team @ 8:15am
Positions: Choir, Vocal Team, Piano, Keyboard
Rehearsal @ 7:45am Sunday Mornings

Modern Service Team @ 9:30am @11am
Positions: Choir, Vocal Team, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Keyboard
Rehearsal @ 6pm Thursday Evenings

Play an instrument not listed?  Email us and tell us!


1.) Do I have to sing/play in all three services?
No.  The Traditional Service Team leads in just the 8:15am service, and the Modern Service Team leads in the 9:30am & 11am services.  These two groups have separate rehearsals and song sets.  

2.) What does the audition process look like?
During your audition, you’ll be asked to sing/play in a room, (acoustic guitar accompaniment is provided for vocalists or you can bring your own track) and there will be a curtain in between you and an evaluation team.  The Worship Pastor will be in the room with you to help you and cheer you on!  After your audition, you should receive a personal evaluation letter in the mail within a few weeks.  Next step instructions will be given in that letter.  

3.) Do I have to sing/play every week?
Being involved in worship ministry takes a lot of time, and we understand that!  We also think it’s important to have a church service where you can just attend and receive instead of serving all the time.  That’s why we make rotations mandatory.  You’ll have the opportunity to set a rotation that is right for you and your schedule.  


Have more questions?  Email us!