Broadview Production Team

The Broadview Production Team provides and operates audio, video, and lighting technology for our events and services that enhances and advances the vision and mission of Broadview Baptist Church.

Broadview Production is a place for anyone!  Whether you’re young or newer, experienced or just passionate, introverted or extroverted, we have a place for you to serve.

Our team works together, serving often in different capacities simultaneously, to set the stage of opportunity so God’s Spirit can interact without distraction or hindrance, so that one more might cross the line of faith and grow in their dependence upon the Lord.

How it works:

We will place those who have no prior experiences into events with experienced team members that can help them operate consoles and learn, both by observation and by doing. Additionally, as key concepts are grasped and you gain traction through the course of hands on training, the training wheels will come off and we will begin providing opportunities for you to serve in events that we’re confident you can handle on your own.  Again, it’s all at your own pace and according to how confident you feel.

Ready to serve?  Email us HERE to let us know and we’ll get back with you quickly!

You can also talk to our Production Team
Lead, Mike Edwards for more info.