Weekly Update | December 7th

Hey Church Family

How’s your week going? It’s been a fun week up here at the office. On Sunday we had our staff Christmas party. It was a blast. I’ve got lots of incriminating video for future use if I need to use it.

We’ve got our new youth pastor on film singing like Goofy (the Disney character). Tonya, the ministry assistant at our West Campus is on camera singing while hnewing her nose. Jeff is on camera doing disco moves to “Jingle Bell Rock.”

My lovely bride Audra was caught doing the chicken dance to the same song. Me? I got asked to do “The Robot.” Can you imagine doing “The Robot” to Jingle Bell Rock? It was epic.

Keitron got caught singing with the microphone between his elbows. We tried to get Ora to sing in a whisper but she was literally UNABLE to do so. It was hilarious. Sherry meowed out “Blue Christmas” like a dying cat. Pastor David sang the same song while quacking like a duck.

Bonnie tried singing the song “Do You Hear What I Hear?” while hnewing her tongue. That’s not easy but it sure was fun to watch! Even Cyndy and Judy got in on the action (I’m keeping theirs a secret!) The best part of the night was a two-table game of Happy Salmon. We had a really great time.

I’m sure you’ve got some Christmas parties lined up for this year as well. Let me bring a few more things to your attention as well.

First, I hope you’ll put our Christmas Eve Candlelight Service on your calendar for this year. We will have services at 4:30 & 6:00. There are several invite cards up at the church if you’d like to hand some out to your friends or leave them at your office/business. (RSVP on Facebook)

Second, we’re having an outreach event called “Date Night on Broadview.” December 16th from 6-10pm. The kids will be well cared for (dinner, movie, games, etc.) This is an outreach to unchurched families in our city. HOWEVER, if you’re able to register one of your unchurched friends then you can qualify for the free childcare as well. Have a date night on us as our way of saying “thanks for helping us reach the unchurched in our city!” (RSVP on Facebook)

Third, the World Missions Offering. Please consider giving your best gift to Jesus this year by giving to the World Missions Offering. God has richly blessed us and we want to use those blessings to reach the unreached in the uttermost places of the world. You can join in on that effort through your giving.

Fourthly, and related to number three, we will be presenting a proposed 2017 budget soon. Be keeping your eye out during the morning worship services and please provide any feedback you may have. We will vote on the budget Jan 1st, 2017.

Lastly, this Sunday we will vote on the purchase of 2556 Portland Ave. It sits west of the church in-between two of our parking lots and directly north of Annex A. It’s an extremely important property for our future growth as a church. The purchase is being recommended by our pastoral team, deacons and finance team.

There is also the possibility of our church selling some church-owned property outside of Merkel TX. The property was once used for church activities but in the past 10-15 years the land has fallen out of use and would need much development to bring it back into use.

The pastoral team and deacons are recommending the sale of the property. We’ve received an offer of $19,332 for the 10.5 acres. We believe this is a good sale price and that it’s a wise course of action for us to take. This property may also be included in the vote this coming Sunday.

If you have any questions on any of these things please just reply to this email. You can also reply back with any prayer requests you may have. And, since you’ve read this far, I’ll go ahead and reward your efforts with a link to the “incriminating video” from our staff Christmas party. I hope you enjoy it!


Pastor Wes

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