City Church Boulder

Help Send The Hessler Family To Boulder!

At the beginning of January we began to feel a pull towards helping our friend’s church plant in Boulder Colorado but for the first 3 weeks we argued with God that such a move couldn’t be what He wanted. It made no logical sense because we had only been at Broadview for a year and had finally grown our roots down and settled here. Plus the idea of leaving to a less stable financial situation in a more expensive part of the country didn’t make much sense either. Not to mention that we love Broadview and saw ourselves here for a long long time.

We love being a part of a healthy church that has a great pastor, great leadership and authentic community. We love the ministry we get to do and we’ve made deep and encouraging relationships. But nevertheless there was an undeniable and relentless pull on our hearts and minds towards joining the church plant in Boulder. We fasted, prayed, and sought spiritual wisdom from Wes and others.

We feel like the Lord has spoken to us through wisdom from others, verses in our Bible reading, the Holy Spirit’s leading in prayer, worship, and sermons. Michelle and I also spent many nights talking together and creating a list comparing the ways we felt the Lord was asking us to go or asking us to stay and the asking us to go list continued to grow longer and longer. We still don’t have all the answers on how everything is going to work out and why God only had us here for such a short time, but despite not understanding all His ways we want to be obedient to Him.

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