Join us as we discover how to overcome the lesser life and experience something greater with our family, in our workplace and in our most important relationships.

The life you’ve been looking for may not be found in making more money or climbing the corporate ladder. Money, influence, power and prestige are great things to have so long as they don’t “have you.” The GREATER life, the life most of us want more than anything else, isn’t experienced because of something that you do. It’s experienced because of something that you receive.

That’s what “Greater: Overcoming The Lesser Life” is all about. In this personal growth campaign we will discover how to overcome the lesser life in our own lifestyle choices, marriage, family, friendships & workplace. These six weeks will show us how to put off the new and put on the new, overcoming the lesser life through the resurrecting power of Jesus. His power is greater than the problems that we face and his plans for us are greater than we could ever imagine.

The Schedule

4/16 – Overcoming the lesser life

4/23 – Out With The Old

4/30 – In With The New

5/07 – Greater Marriage

5/14 – Greater Parenting

5/21 – Greater Work

5/28 – Greater Witness

Small Group Video Resources

Sessions 3-4 will go live after 4/30

Sunday Morning Messages

join or Host a Group

If you want to benefit fully from the GREATER campaign then we would encourage you to join one of our Sunday morning or weekday GREATER groups. In these groups, you’ll further discuss the theme from Sunday’s message with special attention given to how it applies to your everyday life. The groups will have video teaching from our staff team and will be discussion based. All of the discussion guides, daily devotionals, and Bible reading plans will be provided to participants at no cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Exactly What Is This?

Greater is a 6-week spiritual growth emphasis to help move us towards our 2020 vision of multiplying disciples and blessing our city. Sunday morning services and small groups will laser in on Colossians 3-4. We will cover practical topics such as getting rid of destructive behaviors, establishing new/healthy patterns, strengthening our marriages, improving our parenting and winning at work. New groups will be formed and people will be helped.

Can I Bring An Unchurched Friend?

Absolutely! These studies will have a powerful impact on seekers and believers alike.

What About My Sunday Morning Small Group?

Most of our Sunday morning small groups will participate in the campaign. Some might choose otherwise. However, we are praying that God will call you to step out of your class and host a small group for six weeks.

If I Host A Group Do I Still Attend My Sunday Morning Group?

That is up to you. It could be repetitive. May you give your best effort to leading the new group.

What Can I Do To Help?
  1. Pray! Making disciples is spiritual work and requires we pray hard.
  2. HOST: Host a weekday small group for 6 weeks. It only takes:
  3. Attend: Attend a Sunday morning small group or a weekday small group.
  4. Invite: We have family and friends that have spiritual needs. This is a great opportunity to invite them.


What Happens When It's Over?

We pray God will have many of you say “Wow! God is here! This is his work, and we want to continue.” Contact Pastor David and he will help you continue your small group. We pray everyone else will return to their small group or join one that is continuing.