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So yesterday was Easter Sunday and it was such an incredible day of worship. Honestly this past week has been specially used by the Lord to bring about encouragement and a spirit of sincere worship in my heart. It started last Monday with our prayer service. Then, the Good Friday service happened last Friday. The elements of the service were basic and simple but the overall experience had a big impact.


If you were present at the service please let me know any feedback you may have as we are trying to take notes for future years.


When Sunday arrived, there was such an anticipation and expectation for what God was going to do. The Lord did not disappoint. All the prayers that went into making the weekend services special were heard and answered by the Lord. We celebrated baptism, we saw people make decisions for Christ and you could just sense the Spirit of God moving in each service.


My heart was so encouraged by all the people who came. Many came back after being out for several months. Others were first-time guests. We had prepared over 15 new guest bags at the hospitality table and every single bag was taken by the end of the last service. It truly was one of those “great Sundays.”


To top it off, I got to hang out at the house all afternoon with my family and then we were treated to Perini’s steakhouse by my grandmother-in-law. SO. SO. SO GOOD. The grace of God was all over yesterday in more ways than one.


Now it’s Monday and many of you may be feeling the “Monday blues.” Sometimes after a spiritual high like that it can over correct into a spiritual low. Personally, I’m still “riding high” in some ways but the physical exhaustion is certainly present.

Are We Still Having Church Tonight?

With that being said, you may think I’m crazy to say I’m really looking forward to tonight’s prayer meeting. Church?! Again!? Haven’t you had enough?!


My personal answer is NO. At least not yet. And the reason why is simple. These church gatherings have not just been gatherings of church people. They have been gatherings in which the Spirit of God manifests in a special way. They are not burdensome but encouraging. They do take up time in the evening but the value they add spiritually and emotionally outweighs whatever time sacrifice they require.


So I hope you’ll join us tonight at 6PM for “The Prayers.” We are going to give thanks to God for the good things He is doing right now in our church family. We will also pray for particular needs that come in online or through texts to our church phone number: 325-692-2360.


Again, if you’ve not attended one of these Monday prayer meetings, please join us. I don’t know how to describe it. It’s just something you have to experience for yourself. These meetings and the prayer teams who pray for our weekend worship services are a big part of why God is doing a fresh work in our church.

We Will Overcome!

If I don’t see you this evening for prayer meeting, I hope you’ll join us next weekend as we kick off a new series entitled “We Will Overcome!”


The book of Revelation is only going to get more and more exciting as we move our way forward in the book. Now is the time to jump in if you’ve been waiting on the sidelines.

For the next several weeks we will study Jesus’ letters to the seven churches in Revelation 2-3. Each letter has something unique to say to us. They are also words that come directly from the lips of Jesus Christ. We will have a fresh opportunity to encounter Jesus Christ in the Scripture every week.

If there’s any way I can pray for you please let me know. You can reply to this email, submit your requests here or text church phone number: 325-692-2360.


Have a GREAT rest of your week!


You are SENT.


Pastor Wes

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