In-Person Worship Gatherings Next Weekend!

Hey Church Family,

Broadview has a simple and defined discipleship process. We encourage every member of our church to (1) Worship in the Gathering, (2) Connect in a Group, & (3) Bless People on a Team. As you might imagine, COVID-19 has made that process more difficult. We have a deep longing to reopen our facilities so that we can continue moving forward in our mission and vision as a church.

For that reason, and in light of the new orders by our state and local leadership, our church has decided to open the building back up for Sunday morning worship gatherings starting May 10th. This document is aimed at providing the details for those gatherings. Please read carefully and help us open back up safely and responsibly. You can find more information and/or register for services at http://broadview.life/gather. 

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For now, there are only going to be TWO service times. We will have a traditional service on Saturday evening at 5:00pm. We will have a contemporary service on Sunday morning at 9:45AM.

The reason we are having these services on two separate days is to better isolate the more vulnerable populations as it relates to COVID-19. Those who are aged 65 or up or those who have a pre-existing health condition are encouraged to take extra precaution.

We’ve been advised by our governing authorities to encourage vulnerable populations to stay home and watch online or to offer separate services for this demographic only. That’s why we are having a traditional service on Saturday. The aim is to decrease the risk of catching or spreading the virus for more vulnerable populations.

In the coming weeks, as the risk in Abilene decreases, we will move our traditional service back to Sunday morning before the contemporary service. We will also add another contemporary service later on as well. We expect these changes to happen in early June should things go well with our reopening plan. We also plan to add programming for preschool and children.

Our online options WILL CONTINUE even though we are reopening our building. Each “in person” gathering will be live streamed on our Facebook and YouTube channels. We will also “rebroadcast” our traditional service on Sunday morning at 8:15AM. You access our livestream channels and more resources by going to our website http://broadview.church/live.

Please only come to an in-person gathering if you are HEALTHY and COMFORTABLE with it.


The kids will continue having their own online service that streams at 9:15 on Sunday morning. These livestreams can likewise be found on our Facebook and YouTube channels. You can find the resources (lesson ideas and crafts) for each service every week by visiting our LinkTree at http://linktr.ee/broadviewpreschool

Kids are not allowed to attend the traditional service on Saturday!

It is difficult to get children to maintain social distancing guidelines. Moreover, we are attempting to remove as many potential threats as possible for our vulnerable populations. Often times, children and young adults are asymptotic carriers of the virus and can spread it unintentionally to more vulnerable populations.

Children are allowed and encouraged to attend the Sunday morning worship gathering. However, there will be no preschool nor children’s activities. That means you’ll be responsible for ensuring they maintain proper social distancing guidelines. If you think your child will become a distraction or be unable to sit for the entire service, you might consider securing in-home childcare or watching the service from home. (You could also switch with your spouse, allowing one to attend the traditional gathering and you attend the contemporary gathering and switching each week with who stays home with the kids)

We will eventually open up or preschool and children’s wing for weekend programming. We just don’t feel like now is the time to do so. We want to ensure we take baby steps in reopening and that we are comfortable with the new framework before expanding it to include additional services or programming.

Social Distancing & Safety Guidelines



As per the guidance of our governing authorities, we have set up our Sanctuary to adhere to standard social distancing guidelines. We encourage people to stay SIX feet apart when entering and exiting the building. We also require that there be a minimum of TWO seats between each household unit when sitting down in the Sanctuary. Every other row has been removed to ensure proper social distancing between rows.

This picture of our sanctuary will show you how the seating looks. Household units are able to sit together. You may be a household unit of 1 or you may be a household unit of 5 or 6. It doesn’t matter. Each row can contain up to TWO household units. One on one end and one on the other end so long as there is a minimum of TWO chairs between each unit. This picture explains what I mean.

With this set up, we are able to seat a little over 75 people per service. This leaves space for certain rows to not use up all their potential chairs. You will be able to enter the Sanctuary using any of the three main entrances. This includes the weekday entrance and the two sides of the Gathering Place. A volunteer will help escort you into the Sanctuary and find a seat. Families will exit the Sanctuary one unit at a time.



If you do not have a mask one will be provided for you. We have different styles available and they all meet the CDC requirements. While the issued guidance recommends the use of masks throughout the service, we are particularly emphasizing their use when entering or exiting the building. If wearing a mask makes it difficult for you to breathe or is otherwise cumbersome then you are free to remove it during the service.

Non-contact thermometers will be available to take temperatures of those attending the service. If you feel unwell or are running a temperature you will be asked to return home. If you are seriously unwell then we have a reserved space for you to wait while medical help arrives.

All greeters and escorts will be wearing masks and gloves. We will sanitize all used spaces between each service. Hand sanitizer will be available at all three entrances/exits and when you enter the sanctuary. We recommend washing your hands as that is the best way to prevent the spread of the virus. Also, try not to touch your face or hard services unless you must.

The following have been removed from our services due to COVID-19 concerns.

  1. There will be no choirs during the traditional service.
  2. There will be no coffee or tea made available in the Gathering Place.
  3. There will be no donuts, coffee or other snacks made available.
  4. There will be offering plates passed at the end of the service. Offering boxes on the walls will be encouraged for those giving during the service. (or online giving)
  5. The Lord’s Supper, when taken, will be done differently. We will have prepackaged bread/juice (when they become available) and they will be picked up when entering the Sanctuary before the service begins.
  6. Children and preschool programming will not be available. You are responsible for your children at all points in the service. An overflow/cry room is available with the live feed.
  7. Youth and Adult Small Groups will not meet on campus. On-campus groups will begin again at a later date. Likely whenever our preschool/children’s programming begins.

If you plan to attend an in-person gathering, we encourage you to RSVP for the service so we can ensure proper social distancing guidelines.

We are capping attendance at 75 attendees. So, once 75 people have signed up, the ticketing system for that service will close. You’ll give your name when entering the building and the door greeter will check your name off from the roster. Register at http://broadview.life/gather.

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Final Thoughts

I know that this is SO DIFFERENT from what we’re used to. I know that a Saturday service isn’t ideal for anybody (least of all the staff!). I’m so ready for us to get back to the way things used to be. Unfortunately, that day may not come for a long time. COVID-19 is just now starting to peak in Abilene. As our city decreases in cases and potential outbreaks, we will increase our gathering sizes, programming and service times.

If you have ANY questions you can email me back at this address and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. This weekend will have livestreams set at the new service times detailed above.

That means there will be livestreams on

Saturday at 5:00PM (Traditional Service)
Sunday at 8:15AM (Traditional Rebroadcast)
Sunday at 9:15AM (Children’s Service)
Sunday at 9:45AM (Contemporary Service)
Sunday at 11:00AM (Contemporary Rebroadcast)

As usual, you can watch the livestreams using our Website, Smartphone AppFacebook or YouTube channels. You can watch a simulated live re-broadcast of the traditional and contemporary services using the Church Online platform.

Also, don’t forget that you can continue giving online or by using Text2Give. Just text the word “give” and the amount (e.g give 50) to the number 325-455-2035.

Many people have continued giving by mailing in a check. Our address is 2500 South 27th Street, Abilene, TX 79605. You can also just bring it by as we are open throughout the week. We’d love to see you!

I hope you all continue to stay safe and experience the grace of the Lord Jesus during this challenging season. Can’t wait to see you again and, until next time, I’ll catch you on the interwebs.

With love and sincere gratitude,

Pastor Wes

Saturday Night Service
May 2nd – 5PM

Sunday Morning Service
May 3rd – 9:45AM

Kid’s Morning Worship Service
May 3rd – 9:15AM

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