Join us April 21st

Services at 8:25, 9:40 & 11:00am.

8:25 Service – Traditional

9:40 & 11:00 Service – Contemporary

Are you making plans for easter?

We are, and we’d love to invite you to spend easter with us!


Christianity isn’t just a set of teachings.

It’s not just a system of ethics or life hacks.

It’s not just an “idea.”


Christianity centers around

a historical event.




We beleive this one event forever changed all of history.


Christianity goes beyond mere religion.

It’s much bigger than that.



Join us as we discover how the resurrection of Jesus

not only changed world history

but how it can change you and me as well!



When &

Main Campus Service Times

8:25 – Traditional

9:40 & 11:00 – Contemporary

West Campus Service Times

11:00 – Contemporary









Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I expect
We have three morning worship services at the Main Campus and one morning worship service at Broadview West. As you come inside the building, you’ll be greeted by a person on our hospitality team. Feel free to ask them any questions you may have. You also see a coffee bar as you enter into the Gathering Place. You can grab you a coffee, tea or breakfast item for yourself and your whole family. We have a First Time Guest station with friendly greeters that will help you with any questions that you may have. During the service, we sing a few songs, listened to a relevant message from the Bible, and close out the service with an offering. Overall, the service last about 75 minutes.
What Should I Wear?
Clothes. That’s our only request. We are much more concerned about what’s going on inside of a person than what they are wearing on the outside. Some of our folks dress up, but most show up in jeans. So don’t worry about it. Just come as you are.
Where Should I Park
If you’re visiting you should park in the church’s east parking lot. The best parking spots are reserved for our guests. You’ll be greeted at the door by someone from our hospitality team. Feel free to mention you are a guest and they will put you at ease, answering any questions you may have.
Which Service Should I Attend?

Broadview is a multi-generational church. For that reason, different services have different musical genres. If you like traditional church music or traditional hymns then the 8:25 service is most likely the service you’ll want to attend. However, our 9:40 and 11:00 services are much more contemporary. These two services have a full band and typically attract a younger crowd than the 8:25 service.

What If I Don't Normally Go To Church?

That’s OK. We still hope that you’ll come! We seek to create a welcoming environment for those who are curious about God, but have never felt comfortable in church. We also do our best to explain each element of the worship service so that people don’t get lost along the way. We want Broadview to be a place where you can learn, apply and wrestle with who God is and what He wants for you. It’s okay if you don’t have it all figured out yet; we don’t either.

What Does the pastor normally speak on?

We believe that God wants to be involved in our everyday lives, so we present the ageless truths of the Bible in a format that’s easy to understand, even if you’ve never been to church. The sermon will be over a certain section of the Bible. Application will be made to daily life. Typically, Pastor Wes preaches through books or large sections of the Scripture such as the Sermon on the Mount.

What About My Kids?

Broadview is a family-friendly church. We believe that children are a blessing from God and should be taught about God and his plan for the world in a fun learning environment. For kids who are nursery age to 5 years old, they can stay during both Sunday school hours (9:40 & 11:00) and learn about God in a fun and relevant way. Our 1st – 5th graders also have Sunday school at 9:40 and 11:00. We want your kids to have a positive answer to the following questions. (1) What did you learn? (2) Did you have fun!?