Thank you for joining us to pray for our upcoming Spiritual Growth Campaign “Lost & Found.” Please take a minute to pray this with us today. Learn more information about our Lost & Found Spiritual Growth Campaign here.

Day Eighteen

Father we thank you that all your promises are true. Great is your faithfulness! Our hearts are turned to you, help us to walk in obedience to your word.
Lord it is you and you alone who has the power to change lives. You are the One who seeks and saves the lost. It is you who quickens our spirit, causing us to desire you. For your glory and for your kingdom bring many who are seeking to Broadview.

Give us opportunity to invite the lost.  Use us to help them find their way home as we share your truth. Give us eyes to see those who are searching and wisdom to speak your words.
Help us live lives that reflect you as the Loving Father you are.
Please bless and increase in number each small group but more than numbers may there be in each group an atmosphere of love and acceptance so that those attending find home there.
Father we ask that those leading be committed to you and your word. Protect them from the influence of the evil one. Deliver them from opinions contrary to your word. Give them hearts of love and compassion toward those they lead.

Lord send those you have chosen to be leaders of Bible study and prayer warriors through this campaign, for such a time as this. We want to welcome in your Holy Spirit in all that we do and bless our pastors and leaders and prosper all they have set their hands to do. Amen

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