Thank you for joining us to pray for our upcoming Spiritual Growth Campaign “Lost & Found.” Please take a minute to pray this with us today. Learn more information about our Lost & Found Spiritual Growth Campaign here.

Day Fifteen

Father we thank you for doing exceedingly above all we could ask or think this day according to your power working in us. We thank you that we do not need to look to our right or left, but we need only keep our eyes on you and you will direct our paths.Forgive us of our sins and when we fail to seek you. Your Word is made flesh and if we abide in you our paths are made straight. So we pray for all  the people who are disconnected from you or who are looking for a fresh start. May we be welcoming and have a readiness that you are going to do something big. Help us to see people the way you see them. May we love like you love and may the fruit of the Spirit be demonstrated by us towards everyone who walks into the church. May we come giving you full access to our heart and mind. You are a good judge full of mercy and compassion and we want to seek you always.

Lord send those you have chosen to be leaders of Bible study and prayer warriors through this campaign, for such a time as this. We want to welcome in your Holy Spirit in all that we do and bless our pastors and leaders and prosper all they have set their hands to do. Amen

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