December 16th is a night for families in our community to enjoy a great date night “on us.” We figure you’ve still got some last minute Christmas shopping you need to take care of so we’re offering to take care of the kids while you take care of that.

This offer is open to the first 30 families who register. You can call us at (325) 692-2360 or email us at


This night is available to any unchurched families in our community or any Broadview member who registers an unchurched friend or neighbor to particpate.


So, if you’re an unchurched family/single parent in our city and you’re comfortable letting us watch your kids then have a date night on us. If you’re a member of our church and you’re able to get one of your unchurched friends to register, date night is “on us” for your family as well.

Broadview wants to be a church that blesses the city. It’s part of our 2020 Vision. We don’t want that vision to just hang on a wall. We want to act on it and show all the families in our community that Broadview Baptist Church loves this city.

Unchurched people are unchurched for a reason. Perhaps they had a bad experience. Maybe they struggle to believe in the truth claims of Christianity. It could simply be that they’re new to town and they haven’t found a church home.


Whatever it is, we want them to know that we care.

Giving them a night out on the town while we watch their kids is just one small way to communicate that. So, if you’re a member of Broadview, here’s your chance to invite your unchurched friends to church! Except, this time, you’re inviting them to come on a SATURDAY night instead of Sunday morning.


We’ve got the best childcare workers ever. They’ll be safe and have a great time.

Be sure that you don’t waste any time. We will only receive the first 30 families! They can call the church themselves or you can RSVP on their behalf. We will receive children aged birth to fourth grade.

Ready? Set? GO!

Date Night Registration