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active service in the church.

Regardless of your giftedness or talents, there’s a place for you to bless others through the ministries of Broadview Baptist Church. Many have chosen to serve in the music ministry, or hospitality ministry, or some of the larger ministries such as children and youth. The easiest way for you to find a place to serve is to fill out the contact form or contact one of our staff about a ministry you might be interested in.

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Volunteer Safety Application

In order to serve in any of our preschool, children or student ministires you must first apply and complete our Broadview Safety System Process. You can fill out the applicaiton below.

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Serving Opportunities

Below you'll find a list of various volunteer opportunities in the church. Take a look and then contact us about where you'd like to serve using the form above.

Preschool Ministry

Sunday Morning Positions

Hospitality Team:

Objective: To have an environment of warmth, acceptance, and friendliness for everyone who enters the preschool wing.

Duties of the Preschool Hospitality Team:

  1. Greet everyone with warmth and a smile.
  2. Discern guest.  Fill out guest slip on each preschooler.  
  3. Focus attention on preschooler, making them feel welcome.
  4. Show the parents the Nursing Room, if applicable, preschool minister’s office, and the child’s room.  Assist parents when needed.
  5. Introduce child to teacher.  Give teacher a copy of guest slip.

Nursery & Teaching Positions:

Working Relationship:  Will work under the direction and supervision of the Preschool Minister.

Duties of the Nursery Worker & Teacher Positions:

  1. Be on Time!  This is important.  Each worker should be in their room at least 15 minutes before time for class to begin.
  2. Care for and supervise the children entrusted to your care.
  3. Workers and teachers should keep children in the designated areas until parents pick them up.
  4. Follow security procedures when releasing child to an adult.
  5. Study curriculum and plan activities that are appropriate .
  6. Show love, understanding and acceptance for all children with whom they work.    
  7. Greet children with a bright smile and warm words as they arrive.
  8. Show a pleasant, willing, and reassuring attitude to all parents.
  9. Be responsible for putting away all materials, such as books, puzzles, toys, etc.  
  10. Workers will report any possible health or abuse problems to the Preschool Minister.
  11. Workers are not to confront parents about any problems, or make any decisions about the child.  The Leadership has this responsibility.   
  12. Talking about parents or any child between workers or to other parents will not be tolerated.  

Contact person:

Sherry Ferguson
Phone: 325-725-4440

Wednesday Night Positions

Time for positions are 6:30 – 8:00 unless otherwise noted

Commitment for positions are a full school year

Meal Prep/Serving

1.   Assist with meal.

2.   If possible, arrive at 5:30.

3.   Gather supplies for the meal.


1.   Help plan lessons.

2.   Assist with crafts, and lesson.

3.   Facilitate with kids in classroom.


Sherry Ferguson

Children's Ministry

Sunday Morning

    Teacher Responsibilities

  1. Has a personal, daily walk with God.
  2. Knows and understands the Mission of Broadview.
  3. Prepares and teaches a weekly Bible study lesson (provided for you).
  4. Reaches out to find and enroll children who need to be in Sunday School.
  5. Contacts absentees weekly and all children in assigned group.
  6. Cares for and ministers to assigned children and their families.
  7. Member of and regularly attends Broadview.
  8. Attends planning meetings.
  9. Responsible for recruiting an assistant teacher to serve as support      /backup and for 1 Sunday off a month. 
  10. This position is available as a permanent or year long commitment.           

Assist. Teacher/Small Group Facilitator

  1. Has a personal, daily walk with God.
  2. Knows and understands the Mission of Broadview.
  3. Able to teach when the regular teacher is absent.
  4. Offers general support to regular teacher.
  5. Attends planning meetings.
  6. Reaches out to find and enroll children who need to be in Sunday School.    

Registration Leader

  1. Greets all children and parents as they sign in.
  2. Helps visitors fill out slips.
  3. Attend a training meeting to learn the system.
  4. Position requires about 20 minutes at 9:40 hour or 11:00.
  5. Attends service regularly.
  6. Position can be a fill in person or permanent position with 1 Sunday off a month.

Wednesday Night Positions

Times for all positions are 6:30 – 8:00 unless otherwise noted.

Commitment is full school year

Rotation Leader/Helper

  1. Take a group of kids from station to station.
  2. Connect with your group of kids in a personal way.

Craft Leader/Helper

  1. Help plan craft for kids.
  2. Help kids do craft during rotations.
  3. If available come at 5:30 to help set up supplies.

Meal Prep/Serving

  1. Arrive at 5:30 to help prepare.
  2. Serve kids during rotation times.
  3. Help cleanup afterwards.
  4. Connect with kids while they are eating.

Game Helper

  1. Help leader plan games.
  2. Play with kids during game times

Mission Helper

  1. Coordinate with mission’s leader on curriculum.
  2. Help facilitate during rotations.

Bible Story Helper

  1. Make copies of curriculum.
  2. Help facilitate during rotations.



 Ora Morrison
Call/text: 325-721-0354


Youth Ministry

Sunday Morning Opportunities

Sunday's from 11:00-12:00am.
Requires at least a two semester commitment.

Jr High Girls Teacher: Teach a small group on Sunday mornings at 11am for girls in grades 6-8.

Jr High Girls Teacher (backup): Teach a small group on Sunday mornings at 11am for girls in grades 6-8 when the main teacher can't make it.

Jr High Guys Teacher: Teach a small group on Sunday mornings at 11am for guys in grades 6-8.

Jr High Guys Teacher (backup): Teach a small group on Sunday mornings at 11am for guys in grades 6-8 when the main teacher can't make it.

9th/10th Grade Teacher: Teach a small group on Sunday mornings at 11am for 9th/10th graders.

9th/10th Grade Teacher (backup): Teach a small group on Sunday mornings at 11am for 9th/10th graders when the main teacher can't make it.

11th/12th Grade Teacher: Teach a small group on Sunday mornings at 11am for 11th/12th graders.

11th/12th Grade Teacher (backup): Teach a small group on Sunday mornings at 11am for 11th/12th graders when the main teacher can't make it.

Wednesday Night Opportunities

Wednesday's from 6:00-8:00pm
Requires at least a one semester commitment

Worship Leader: Lead the student in worship through music

Musician/Vocalist: Serve on the worship team on Wednesday nights as an instrumentalist or vocalist.

Small Group Leader: Invest and build relationships with students while leading a small group breakout.

Hospitality Team: Hang around and make kids feel welcome and loved. Learn names and promote a friendly atmosphere.

Year Round Opportunities

Events Coordinator (always open): Help create & organize events and then evaluate their effectiveness.

Creative Team (always open): Help create and maintain creative elements for our youth environments.

Web & Graphics Creator: Help create and deploy graphics, logos, event flyers, and website copy.


Taylor Miller
Cell/Text: (817) 412-9391

Worship Ministry

Sunday Morning Opportunities

Sunday's from 8:25-12:30am.
Requires at least a one semester commitment.

8:25 Service

  • Choir: Lead worship from stage each week (practice on Wednesdays 5:00pm)
  • Sound Tech: Mix front of house sound.
  • Pro Presenter operator: Operate lyric projection.
  • Praise Team Vocalists: Lead worship on praise team.
  • Instrumentalists: Play piano or keyboard.

9:40/11:00 Service:

  • Worship Leader/Vocalists: Lead worship/BGV.
  • Choir: Lead worship. (rehearsals on Wednesdays)
  • Pro Presenter operator: Operate lyric presentation.
  • Sound Tech: Mix FOH sound.
  • Instrumentalists (Bass, Acoustic/Electric Guitars, Keys, Drums, Loops, etc)
  • Rehearsals for Instrumentals and Stage Vocalist on Thursday evenings


Daniel Hessler
Cell/Text: (817) 727-6978

Hospitality Ministry

Creating a comfortable environment to help people worship and connect



  • Greeter
  • Welcome Center Host
  • Service Host
  • Usher
  • Encourager


Michelle Hessler
Phone: 682-556-0884


Adult Small Group Leader

Small group leader:

A person who will lead a small group of people to worship, fellowship, study God’s word, serve and reach people. This position requires training, meeting certain expectations, and a willingness to commitment to at least one year of serving.

Roles within a Small Group:

Each small group has prayer leader, party planners, care leaders, ect. If you'd like to serve in one of these roles, please talk to your small group leader or contact us using the form above.

Time Frame:

  1. A Small Group Leader will need to not only lead the group but also prepare the group. One needs to plan for 2–4 hours weekly to lead a group.
  2. Roles within the group are mainly while the group is meeting. Some extra time will be required for some roles.

Contact Person:

David Cason
Call/text: 325-669-7793

Men's Ministry

Tuesday Morning Breakfast

Tuesdays at 6:15 during the Spring and Fall semesters
Volunteers will need to be there 30-60 minutes (accordingly) before the starting time.

Tuesday Morning Leader: Facilitate breakfast, special events and communication.

Purchaser: Purchase food/items needed for events.

Cooks: Positions for the following foods:

  • Bacon
  • Eggs
  • Sausage
  • Biscuits
  • Gravy


Coffee Maker: Someone to prepare and brew coffee

Dishwasher: Someone to rinse and load dishwasher.

Cleanup crew: Wipe down tables, pickup salt/pepper shakers, and clear tables.

Open Up: Unlock building, turn on lights, check heating and air, and make sure sound system ready.


Dave Gillespie
Phone: 325-280-2222

Guest Follow-Up Ministry

Tuesday Night Visitation

Description: When a guest fills out a guest slip on during a weekend experience, this team follows up on Tuesday evening. 

Time Commitment: 1-2 hours per week.

Contact: Wes Terry - 325-280-0537

Home Ministry

Home Ministry Director: Oversees the entire Home Ministry.

Home Ministry Visitor:

  • Visit homebound members at least 1 month.
  • Take literature and church info to keep them up to date.

Commitment is minimum of 6 months


Diana Oakes
Phone: 325- 721-2253

Funeral Meals Ministry

Director: Plans and facilitates funeral ministry meals.


  • Serve, dry dishes
  • Set up tables, serve, get room back in order
  • Gets coffee ready and washes dishes
  • Makes drinks, serves, cleanup
  • Decorates table, serves, cleanup

Time Commitment:

  • 2 – 5 hours per funeral
  • minimum 6 month


Janet Taylor
Phone: 325-668-9551

Celebrate Recovery

Director: Directs and facilitates program.

Large Group Leader: Provides lesson and fellowship within large group setting.

Female Leader: Supports and leads small group of woman in the group.

Male Leader: Supports and leads small group of men in the group.

Snack/Meal Coordinator: Plans and picks up meals/snacks for weekly meeting.

Child Care Provider: Provide child care during weekly meetings.

Time Commitment minimum 6 months


Jeff Wilkins
Phone: 325-370-3594

Discipleship Coaches

Personal Discipleship Coach: Responsible to help a new member or believer know and successfully take their next step as a disciple of Jesus in the context of this local church.

Time commitment equals 6 to 8 hours over 2-3 months on an as needed basis.

Contact: Wes Terry - (325) 280-0537

Grief Ministry

Grief Response Team: This team is made up of individuals that go out and meet with families at the time of a loss.

Care Kit Team: This is a team of individuals that put together a care package for the family in need and gather scrap book materials.

Meal Team: This is a team that prepares and coordinates meals at our church for funerals.

Follow Up Team: This is the team that tracks the time between initial contact and follows up with the family and mails out a series of books.

Support Group Leader: Groups are divorce, loss of a child, loss of a spouse, suicide and abortion recovery.

Time Commitment: Minimum 1 year


Amber Staggs
Phone: 325-733-3944