Responding to the Spike in COVID-19

Hey Church Family

I hope you’re having a good day! It’s been a few weeks since my last update and some major things have changed since we last spoke via email/blog post.

First, our third born child, Briggs Wendell Terry, was born November 5th near the end of the day. I have so much to say about this experience but it’s probably better said “offline.” It was a humbling and inspiring experience.

After enjoying that newborn baby for a few days, I ended up testing positive for COVID-19. (I felt symptoms on Friday November 12th and tested positive the following Saturday) Talk about a bummer!

In light of those events, Taylor ended up covering the pulpit last weekend and did an awesome job. (check out his message here!)  We also decided to cancel our Thanksgiving service and meal. It was the wise thing to do given my personal case and the overall COVID spike in the Big Country.

That brings us to today. As of yesterday, the COVID spike in Abilene reached a point that our healthcare professionals at Hendrick Medical Center made a plea that we partner together in slowing the spread in the Big Country. In the letter they made several requests.

As a result of that, I wanted to write this update and encourage us to do what we can to bless our city in this season. You can watch the video version of this update below.

Pastor Wes gives a video update about the COVID spike in Abilene.

In Person Gatherings

If you read the letter produced by Hendricks, they make several requests in light of our current situation. As it stands now, the exponential increase of COVID cases has eaten up most of our available medical resources. If the current rate of increase keeps up, economic shutdowns and similar drastic measures will be our only viable path moving forward.

The recommendation, then, is to voluntarily make some serious sacrifices now to stave off more drastic intervention later.

What are those sacrifices?

  • A mask mandate (unless you are outdoors and at a minimum 6 foot distance) .
  • The cancellation of non-essential activities/gatherings. (10 or more people)
  • Going virtual insofar as it is a possibility.

As Christians, we want to be a light for Christ in our community. Part of our vision is to be a blessing to our city. When there is a call to action by leaders in our community, we want to be attentive and sensitive to their requests.

Though this is not our city government nor a State sanctioned request, it is a serious one signed by various important leaders in our city. Many churches have also agreed together to refrain from “in person” gatherings for the next two weeks.

How Will We Respond? 

As for this weekend, we will not be cancelling any of our in-person worship gatherings. We will not be meeting for mid-week gatherings this next week due to the Thanksgiving break. As for next weekend, we are yet undecided. We will continue monitoring the situation and remaining sensitive to the input we receive.

We will be emphasizing and encouraging the use of masks when distancing cannot be achieved. Our volunteers will be masked at all times in preschool and children environments. If you’re inside and with a group that cannot distance then you should keep your mask on the entire time. If you don’t have a mask there are some available at each entrance. We should make every effort to honor the requests being made by our healthcare professionals.

As usual, we will make all three of our worship gatherings available ONLINE via our Facebook, YouTube, Church App or website.

That being said, the gathering of the church is an essential gathering. For this weekend, we will continue to host that gathering “in person” in addition to our virtual options.

The reason we have decided to keep our in person gatherings is not because we think other churches who shut down are wrong in their decision-making. Every church is unique. What makes sense for one doesn’t necessarily mean it makes sense for everyone.

As of yet, our in person gatherings have not been linked to the spread of a positive case of COVID-19. To my knowledge, no church in the city of Abilene has been linked to such a case. Given our current set up, our in person attendance patterns and the policies and procedures we’ve employed since COVID, I believe we are able to safely conduct in person services for those who wish to attend.

Be wise and practice discernment! 

Given the spike in COVID-19, I do think it is WISE for people who are high risk to stay home and worship with us online. I will be worshipping from home this weekend given the level of risk I now pose to others. But not everybody shares the same set of circumstances. My personal circumstances will be different next weekend. Yours may change as well.

We need to be wise and practice discernment on what’s best moving forward. The best person to make a decision for what is wise for you and your family is YOU and YOUR FAMILY. So please put some thought and consideration into what you decide to do.

There are some who’ve gotten the virus and recovered. They are not at high risk to worship in person. There are some who are younger in age and lower in risk when it comes to serious complications from COVID-19. It would not be unwise for you to worship in person.

Some in our church family are uniquely susceptible to serious complications from COVID-19. Others in our church family live in close proximity to those individuals. It is unwise to expose yourself to that level of risk, especially when there are other alternatives available!

Given the spike in our city and the reasonable requests made by our healthcare professionals, many of you should probably choose to stay home. To paraphrase the Apostle Paul, “Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.”(1 Corinthians 10:23)

Closing Thoughts

I know some of you will read this and say, “Why don’t you just apply that common sense and cancel services all together? Just because we can doesn’t mean we should, right?” For those who feel that way, I understand where you’re coming from. I’ve heard you loud and clear.

This is not an easy decision. There are no easy decisions when it comes to these kinds of questions. I’m not even 100% certain this is the right decision. But I am confident this approach gives everyone the freedom to make a WISE decision for you and your family.

Like I said, we are keeping our minds open moving forward. But this is where we are at for right now.

In this season, we must learn to deal graciously with one another. We must learn to love one another even when and as we disagree with one another. What a wonderful opportunity for us to grow in the grace and the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Please continue to pray for those who are battling this disease. Pray for our healthcare workers and all of those on the front lines fighting this pandemic. If you know somebody in that position, now is the time to send them an encouraging word and let them know of your prayerful support.

Also please continue praying for the staff and other leaders in our church. Thank you so much for praying for me and my family. So far Audra and the kids have stayed healthy and I’m so thankful to God for that. If there’s any way I can pray for you please let me know.

We will get through this and God is in control!

Until He Comes,

Pastor Wes

Thanksgiving Meal & Operation Christmas Child

Hello Church family,

I hope you’re having a good day. These past several weeks have been flying by. At the same time, it feels like they’re going so so slow. Why? Because, in our house, we are eagerly awaiting the birth of our third born child: Briggs William Terry. He can’t get here fast enough!

I know Audra is certainly done with the whole “being pregnant” thing. I’m so glad I’m a man! (hahaha) But it’s not just her. I’m ready as well. Having a baby during this season is a sobering reminder of what’s “most important” in life. It’s not the election, it’s not the debate surrounding COVID-19 and shutdowns, it’s not advancing in your career or worldly success. (even though those are all very important things!)

Outside of God himself, the most important thing in life is people. Family. Relationships. It’s the gift of human life. It’s the gift of friendship. It’s the gift of love.

This season already tends to amplify that truth. We’re coming up on Thanksgiving and Christmas in the next two months. That’s why I wanted to dedicate this week’s update to information about the upcoming Thanksgiving Meal and our church’s involvement with Operation Christmas Child.

If you prefer not to read you can watch the video below.

Pastor Wes gives a video update about the Thanksgiving Meal and Operation Christmas Child.

Operation Christmas Child

The first thing I want to mention is the November Family Mission Opportunity. This year we are going to partner with Samaritan’s Purse in their Operation Christmas Child. Basically, it’s a project where you fill up a box with love and Christmas cheer then send it to a need family around the world.

You can pick up your foldable cardboard box and label at the church. Just go to your child’s ministry area (Preschool or Kids Wing). If you don’t have a child in those wings you can just contact Tiffany or get a box from the church office.

You don’t have to use a box from the church, you can technically use your own if you’d prefer (you’ll still need to print the label provided by Samaritan’s Purse available here.)

Once you get your box, you and your family can decide what gender and age you would like to pack a box for. Then, shop as a family for a medium to large “wow” item such as a soccer ball with pump or stuffed animal, then fill with other fun toys, hygiene items, and school supplies. 

Most importantly, we ask you to pray for the child who will receive your gift. You can also include a personal note and photo.

The boxes along with a 9 dollar donation to cover shipping and processing paid through a mailed check or online through your label QR code can be turned into the church office or your child’s ministry lead by November 16th!

For any further questions you can email Tiffany or go to Samaritan Purse website. Here’s a video of Tiffany explaining the project.

Tiffany Lohse gives an explanation of the November Family Missions Project

Before we move on to the Thanksgiving Meal and how we are going to move forward given the uptick in COVID-19. Please take note of two other events that will be happening before that.

First, we have our special prayer service for our country on Sunday night at 5:30. We will pray through 6-8 different things for our country, the upcoming election and the future of the local church in light of everything going on.

This won’t be a rigid or super structured event. My hope is that we will authentically seek after the Lord and experience his presence as we cry out to him to do what only he can do. There won’t be a sermon. There won’t be many songs. We will pray, pray, pray and pray some more. I expect it to last around 30-45 minutes.

Also, we have a ladies gathering coming up on November 6th at the South Campus Gathering Place at 6:30. I hope you’ll be able to attend, make some new friends and enjoy the fellowship.

Thanksgiving Meal

The last thing I want to mention in this week’s update is the upcoming Thanksgiving Meal. When first thinking about this meal I assumed we would just cancel it given the state of play and COVID-19. At our most recent staff meeting to discuss the night we were split about 50/50 whether or not it was a good idea. (technically it was more 70/30 but I counted my vote twice. haha)

In discussing with the Pastoral Team and Deacon body the consensus was “if we can make it happen, we should.” This meal is a special event for our church because both campus and all different service times come together for a shared worship experience. So we are going to give it a shot (even though it will be MUCH different and a way smaller crowd.)

Obviously, given the uptick in COVID-19 and the many high-risk individuals we have in our church, it’s not an easy call. We don’t want to needlessly put ANYONE at risk and COVID-19 is nothing to play around with. I know people who’ve gotten it and recovered easily. I know others who have gotten it and developed SERIOUS health problems as a result. So this was a tough decision.

The plan – for now – is to cater the meal.

Having people bring turkeys, hams, side dishes and desserts involves way too many volunteers, way too many shared contact surfaces and increases the risk of a spread. By catering the meal we can ensure only a few select people are touching the food and that proper screening and sanitization can be maintained.

We will still have turkey and dressing and green beans and mashed potatoes but it will be prepared in a way that adheres to safety guidelines. We will also have dump cake as a dessert.

Instead of standing in line and breathing all over one another, the meals will be boxed and set out at various tables that are socially distanced throughout the Education Building and Gathering Place. We will open the outside doors to create fresh air and proper ventilation.

We will have enough tables that you only have to eat with people you are comfortable being around. Households or social units will eat together. This will allow us to negate the spread of COVID especially to higher risk populations.

We will only allow a certain number of people to attend the meal. While I hate to have to do something like that, it’s the only way we can ensure that proper distancing is maintained. That means you’ll need to preregister for the event. This number will give us a proper count for the catering and for designing the seating set up.s

You can sign up for the meal here.

You can also just call the church office if you don’t do online sign ups. (That said, the online sign up is super easy. Just give us the number of adults, number of kids, and first/last name. That’s it.)

We will have a Thanksgiving Worship Service at 5:00PM and the meal will follow at 6:00PM. The service will have some singing and testimonies given by members of our church family. We will let people out of the service by section so that we don’t create congestion in the hallways as people grab their meal box and get seated at their table.

Since we’re not asking for food donations – any financial contribution you’re able to make will be a big help. By catering the meal, it will cost much more than the usual Thanksgiving meal. You can indicate “Thanksgiving Meal” on any donation and it’ll go to offset the cost.

Remember if you have a church wide event that needs to be communicated in the weekly update you can send me the information by responding to this email.

Ideally, a nice graphic to grab attention is nice as well.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday’s coming!

Pastor Wes

Let’s Pray For Our Country

Hey Church Family,

I hope you’re having a great weekend. I’m writing this from my office while 60 or so ladies from both campuses gather together for our annual S.A.L.T. ladies retreat. In these days of COVID-19 the physical gatherings have been limited. That makes the times we do gather in person particularly sweet. The Lord has been good and present throughout the retreat.

I hope you’ll be able to join us tomorrow for one of our Sunday worship gatherings. We have services at 8:15, 9:30 and 11:00.

The COVID-19 cases in Abilene have been ticking up over the past week so please exercise discretion and wisdom in your decision. If you’re unable to make it in person, you can livestream the service from home. You can watch it on our website, Facebook, YouTube or Church Online Platform

Several people in my social circle have now tested positive for COVID-19. While the younger adults seem to weather it fine, it’s more concerning for “at-risk” folks. It’s not something to play around with.

If you are high-risk, please know we take seriously your health and safety. We recommend masks when social distancing cannot be maintained. We also have the seating in the sanctuary plenty spread out so we can adhere to the guidance we’ve received from health professionals.

Whether you show up in person or stream the service from home, we support you in your decision. We look forward to worshipping God, connecting with one another and receiving from the Lord so we can go out and be a blessing to others.

November 1st Prayer Service

We’re hosting a special prayer service for our country on November 1st at 5:30PM. We will sing a few songs and spend some time praying for our country and the upcoming election. The increased polarization in our national politics has created an atmosphere of division and a widespread lack of civility.

Watching the news or reading the various headlines can be a discouraging thing to do these days. Social media is full of people opining on this or that issue. Negative attack ads are dominating the airwaves. For the next few weeks, this dynamic will only grow.

Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with expressing your political opinion. There’s nothing wrong with feeling strongly about your political point of view. Those who know me know I have pretty strong convictions in this arena.

We live in a democratic republic. Not only do we have the freedom to express our Christian convictions, we have the privilege of voting for candidates (and platforms) that will advance those interests. We are blessed to live in this great country!

Tragically, though, even followers of Jesus have grown uncivil and mean-spirited in our political discourse. We’ve been tempted to live as if this world is the most important world. Instead of giving Ceaser what is Ceaser’s, we’ve been tempted to give to Ceaser what belongs only to the Lord. 

Our ultimate allegiance isn’t to an earthy politician or political movement. Our ultimate hope isn’t in a certain election outcome or given set of policies. Jesus was clear that the Kingdom of God operates according to a different set of rules than the kingdoms of this world. Kingdom politics transcend American politics.

While the values of the Kingdom may intersect with certain values of this or that political platform, the methods and goals are rarely the same.

The Kingdom of God advances through love, not force. It’s bottom up, not top down. It’s inside out, not outside in. The goal isn’t American wealth or prosperity. It’s repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus. It’s a radical commitment not to this age but the age that is to come. 

So, even as we participate in the political process and advance what we believe is best, let us do so as people who are “just passing through” and who find our ultimate hope in the Lord. Let us encourage one another to keep our eyes on Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith. Let us also be gracious and loving when we disagree in our politics in the household of God.

As the Church, we are called to be a witness of the grace and truth that is in the Lord Jesus Christ. Our culture needs that witness (especially in these days.) Jesus told his disciples that the world would know we were his by the way we love one another. (John 13:35)

Let us work towards that goal. In our speech and our actions let us gain a reputation for a self-denying, sacrificial, love for one another. Let’s remember to elevate the Great Commission over any one election and find our unity in the common faith that we all share. 

I would encourage you, if you haven’t seen it yet, to watch a short meditation on the upcoming election put out by Pastor David this past week.

Get Your Flu Shot!


In addition to information about the prayer service and upcoming election, let me also remind you about the flu clinic tomorrow at the south campus after all three morning services.


You can register to get your flu shot using this webform. (but you need to do it right now) The shots are provided by Barnes and Williams Pharmacy (owned by church member Jordan Talley)


Jordan will also need a copy of your insurance card or Medicare card, if applicable, to process the vaccine. Please make sure the card you send has pharmacy processing information on it, such as RxBIN, RxPCN, RxGRP, and ID number. You can email your card to the email address below or we can collect a copy of it the week before the clinic.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact Jordan at 325-695-3784 or




The last thing I’ll mention in this week’s update is our upcoming Thanksgiving meal on November 22nd.


We will have a worship and testimony service at 5:00pm. Dinner will be served at 6:00 with Turkey and Dressing as the main course.


If you’re planning to attend, there are some things you could bring to help us feed everyone. We are asking for 14 turkeys and 10 hams. If you can provide one then reply back to this email let Ora Morrison know. You can also help out with sides.


Last Name:
A-I : Desserts
J-R: Vegetables
S-Z: Salads


This is always one of the coolest nights of the year for our church family. You’ll get to meet people you’ve not yet met and spend time with your closest friends around the dinner table. The food is also good. I hope you can make it!


We will make changes to the meal to accommodate the guidance given for COVID-19. We will encourage you to sit with family and space out the chairs. We will also spread out more in the room. We will have less space but we will also likely have way less people. So if you feel comfortable, please come! If not, you can stream the service from home. 


Trunk or Treat



Also remember we are having a Trunk or Treat this coming October 28th from 6:30 to 7:30PM at Broadview West. We are in need of CANDY and Volunteers who will decorate the cars and pass out the candy. You can talk to Pastor Vernon Ferguson or Tonya Holland if you have any more question.


We are also doing some new “Family Missions Project this fall. (see picture below) This months project is to donate some candy for the Trunk or Treat next Wednesday. In the coming months we will engage in the project below. You’ll be receiving more information in the next update about the November project.



Closing Thoughts


Don’t forget we have the new men’s Bible study hosted on Wednesday nights at 6:30 in the music suite. It’s not too late to join.  It’s a men’s Bible study entitled “Seven Challenges Men Encounter.” You can watch a trailer for the series on Right Now Media. You can sign up for the class here.


With that I’m going to end this week’s update. It’s hard to get everything in and still have this thing readable. I hope you’ll join us for the Prayer Service on November 1st. Please continue to pray also for those in our church who are dealing with COVID-19 or other sicknesses.


We have many many families in our church who are also dealing with the loss of a loved one. They will need your prayers as well. Some of the names are listed above in this email. If you have something you’d like added to that list you can also replay and let me know.


If you’ve got a personal prayer request and would like me to pray for you then I will commit to doing that as well. Just reply to this email and let me know. Here lately sometimes they’ve been getting flagged in the Junk Mail so if you get a late or no response – consider emailing me outright using this address.


I hope I’ll see many of you tomorrow. If not, I’ll catch you on the internet!


With love,


Pastor Wes


The Power of Cooperation

The Power of Cooperation


I hope you’re doing well! I wanted to send out a quick reminder about services tomorrow. We are in for a special treat as our Pastor Emeritus David Cason will be delivering the message. We have services at 8:15, 9:30 and 11:00. If you’re unable to make it in person, you can livestream the service from home. You can watch it on our website, Facebook, YouTube or Church Online Platform

I was out of town this week for a NextGen Pastor Cohort in Nashville, TN. I want to express my gratitude for making this trip possible. I’ve been part of this cohort for the last 2 years.

Basically, three to four times a year, I am able to meet up with 8-10 other younger pastors from the state of Texas to discuss ministry and learn “Mentor Pastors” around the country. It’s a small investment with a large return. I always come away from those times encouraged, challenged and excited about the future.

This last gathering was with Ronnie Floyd, the president and CEO of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Executive Committee. It was a learning experience for sure.

For those of you new to Broadview, we are a “Southern Baptist Church.” That means we cooperate with other “like-minded” churches at a local, state and national level. One aspect of this partnership is our giving to the Cooperative Program

We give 6% of our General Fund income to the Cooperative Program. This money is pooled with other CP gifts from other SBC churches and then distributed to further mission and ministry in our state, nation and around the world. The Executive Committee is responsible for collecting, allocating and distributing those funds. 

October is the Cooperative Program emphasis month which is part of the reason I’m giving you this explanation. Our giving helps to send thousands of full-time missionaries to the most unreached places of the world. Our giving helps to plant churches in the most unreached areas of our country. Our giving helps to pay tuition for seminary students at our six SBC seminaries. (of which I was a personal beneficiary!) 

The CP funds entities like the International Mission Board, the North American Mission Board, the Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission, Baptist Press, Lifeway Christian Resources, and more. So every time you give to our church, you are a co-laborer in that cause. It really is an amazing thing. We are able to do so much more together than we ever could do separately.

I wanted to share with you a video I watched while on this last cohort trip. It was an inspiring reminder of why things like the Cooperative Program matters. It’s also a reminder that giving to the CP helps us advance in our own 2020 Vision to multiply disciples, bless our city, plant/revitalize churches and send missionaries.

Check it out.

An inspiring video of what happens when we cooperate together to advance the Great Commission through the cooperative program.

Get Your Flu Shot!

Before closing out this week’s update, I wanted to give you an update on a few things happening in our church. Below you’ll see updates on the upcoming women’s retreat and men’s Bible study. Please help me spread the word on those two things.

We are also having our annual “Flu Shot Clinic” on October 25th. You can register to get your flu shot using this webform or by filling out the same form on campus a week prior to that date. The shots are provided by Barnes and Williams Pharmacy (owned by church member Jordan Talley

Jordan will also need a copy of your insurance card or Medicare card, if applicable, to process the vaccine. Please make sure the card you send has pharmacy processing information on it, such as RxBIN, RxPCN, RxGRP, and ID number. You can email your card to the email address below or we can collect a copy of it the week before the clinic.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Jordan at 325-695-3784 or

New Sermon Series

As you well know, we are in an election season right now! In God’s good providence, this time of year also lines up with a section in the book of Ephesians on Spiritual Warfare. Nothing exposes the invisible war that rages all around us quite like the political season. 

I just find it amazing how a commitment to expository preaching surfaces the relevant issues at the relevant times. I didn’t pick the book of Ephesians thinking that we’d be addressing this issue at this time. The Lord just made it clear, after the pandemic, that we needed the practical wisdom of this great letter to flourish during this season. Obviously, He knew what he was doing.

I have LOVED preaching this book. I learn so much each week in preparing for the messages. Honestly, I didn’t think we would move as slowly as we have nor did I imagine us staying in this book for so long. However, the Lord has been clear in directing our steps and He has accomplished so much in us through this journey. I’m excited about what this next series will present. 

Paul’s thesis is that “we battle NOT against flesh and blood” but rather “principalities and powers” of this evil age. This is so true. We tend to focus on the personalities and the surface level threats. The true threats are the demonic spirts and satanic ideologies that undergird so much of our politics and “culture wars.” 

It’s so important that Christians know where the true battle lays and how to win the war for your soul. That’s why, for the weeks leading up to the election and for the rest of this year we are going to talk about Spiritual Warfare. We will explore what it takes to win the battle for your soul using the armor of God and the weapons he has provided.

Please continue praying for me as I prep for this series. Especially in the weeks leading up to the election. As usual, I’ll try to avoid needless partisanship. However, we are not going to muzzle what the Bible says about the political issues facing us today. More importantly, we are going to address these issues at their “spiritual root” instead of the surface level “talking points.” Hopefully, it will be a clarifying and unifying season for our church even as our country grows more and more polarized and uncivil. 


Better Together – Fall Retreat

Broadview Women’s Ministry invites all ladies to join us on October 24th for FALL RETREAT 2020!

This is an all-day event filled with worship, special guest speaker, Alicia White, crafting, bible journaling, discussion, relaxation & pamper time, discipleship, and sweet fellowship!!  Each of us is uniquely gifted by God, and we are Better Together.

Date: Saturday, October 24, 2020
Location: Broadview Baptist Church
Time: 9:00am-3:00pm
Cost: $15 per person (includes lunch & supplies)
Last Day to Register is October 16, 2020

You can also stay up to date with what’s going on in the Women’s Ministry by joining their Facebook group


S.A.L.T. Sisters Abiding in Light and Truth

Register Now

A video invitation to the Ladies Retreat on October 24th. 

Begins Wednesday, October 14th

We have a new men’s Bible study kicking off October 14th. They will meet at 6:30PM in the Music Suite. It’s a men’s Bible study entitled “Seven Challenges Men Encounter.” You can watch a trailer for the series on Right Now Media. You can sign up for the class here.

Our culture has increasingly grown hostile to the biblical definition of manhood. It’s getting more and more challenging to be a man. Even so, being a godly man is more important now than it has even been. Join us for this seven week series to inform your mind and change your life to better reflect God’s design for manhood.

In this series we’ll examine things like rejecting passivity, accepting responsibility, leading courageously, loving unconditionally, living with integrity, serving humbly, and investing eternally. Let others see masculinity and manhood through the lens of Christ in your life with these seven characteristics and become a better man, husband, father, and leader.


Register Now



Join us in praying for..

  • Gwen Towers & family in the death of her sister Rachel Roper
  • The family of Zella Willis (funeral on Monday at 2PM at Broadview)
  • Scot Holster & family in the death of his mother Kathy Holster

Closing Thoughts

With that, I’m going close up this week’s update. Please be praying for those in our church family who’ve lost loved ones. It seems like every week we lose not just a church member, but a deeply loved and significantly invested member of our church. As one person said, it is a great sadness for us, but great glory for them.

These are people who leave behind a great legacy of faithfulness and righteousness. It’s hard to say goodbye and their absence will be felt for years to come. But the Lord is good and he will continue to be faithful. Even as past generations graduate to their final destination, the Lord is raising up a new generation to pick up where they left off.

In the words of the author of Hebrews,

“Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God…” 
Hebrews 12:1–2
This world is hard. It’s broken and full of difficulties and disappointments. But even as we share in the sufferings of Christ, we will one day share in the glory of his resurrection. So let us not grow weary in doing good! We will receive a reward in the “due season” if we will not give up. (Galatians 6:9)

If there’s any way I can pray for you please let me know. I appreciate your prayers and encouragement to me as your pastor. The Lord has ministered to me greatly through your expressions of kindness and generosity. I really do love the people of Broadview Baptist Church. The Lord has been so good to give us each other for these challenging days.

I hope to see many of you tomorrow! If not, I’ll catch you on the “inter-webs.” 

Have a great start to a new week!

You are SENT!

Pastor Wes

October Update 2020

Hey Church Family,

I hope you’re doing well! I wanted to send out a quick reminder about services tomorrow. We will be wrapping up the second half of a two-part series entitled “At Work & Home: Laboratories of God’s Grace.” Tomorrow we will look at how God uses relationships in the workplace to conform us more and more into the image of Jesus. 

Remember we have THREE Sunday service times.

Our traditional service starts at 8:15. Our two contemporary services are at 9:30 & 11:00. Services are right at an hour long and allows for plenty of time between services to practice social distancing. Our chairs in the Sanctuary are also placed six feet apart to ensure proper distancing.

You can now participate in on campus small groups as well. We have a new ladies group that just started and several other groups are also back on campus. To check out the options and find your fit visit our website.

The kids and preschool wings are open both hours (9:30 & 11:00) and kids are allowed to go both hours so you can attend worship and groups should you so desire. Kids are no longer required to preregister. The same is true for adult worship gatherings.

It’s been so good to worship “in person” these past few months. While I’m thankful for the online option, there’s something special about being physically present. Everybody has a different situation so you should practice wisdom and discernment on what’s best for you and your family.

I hope I’ll see most of you tomorrow. If not, remember you can livestream all three services using our website, Facebook, YouTube or Church Online platforms. You can watch them on demand throughout the week using those same channels or our church app.

New Men’s Bible Study

We have a new men’s Bible study kicking off October 14th. They will meet at 6:30PM in the Music Suite. It’s a men’s Bible study entitled “Seven Challenges Men Encounter.” You can watch a trailer for the series on Right Now Media. You can sign up for the class here.

Our culture has increasingly grown hostile to the biblical definition of manhood. It’s getting more and more challenging to be a man. Even so, being a godly man is more important now than it has even been. Join us for this seven week series to inform your mind and change your life to better reflect God’s design for manhood.

In this series we’ll examine things like rejecting passivity, accepting responsibility, leading courageously, loving unconditionally, living with integrity, serving humbly, and investing eternally. Let others see masculinity and manhood through the lens of Christ in your life with these seven characteristics and become a better man, husband, father, and leader.

S.A.L.T. Ladies Retreat

We also have our annual S.A.L.T. Ladies Retreat kicking off this coming October 24th at Broadview’s South Campus. The retreat will run from 9:00AM to 3:00PM and all of it will be held at the South Campus.

There will be a lunch provided and attendees will play games, do crafts, and study God’s Word with special guest Alisha White (from Southside Baptist Church) leading the sessions. It’s a great time to meet new people, make new friends and grow in your walk with the Lord.

Register here

You can also stay up to date with what’s going on in the Women’s Ministry by joining their Facebook group

Celebrate Recovery

Before signing off I wanted to make a plug for our Broadview Freedom Ministries Celebrate Recovery on Tuesday nights. This is a weekly gathering to help attendees get over their “hurts, habits and hangups.”

If you haven’t done so, please “like” their page on Facebook and stay up to date with what’s going on. The work that’s taking place in that ministry deserves our prayers and support. It’s really been a gift to our church family. 

I’ll be speaking for the main session not this Tuesday but next (October 13th). The meal starts at 5:45, the main session starts at 6:30 and breakout groups follow after that.

Each week they walk through the 12 Steps of Celebrate Recovery. The content is essentially a crash course on how to live the Christian life with victory over sin and genuine freedom in the Lord. I personally believe EVERY person can benefit from this program.

Come check it out some Tuesday and see for yourself. It’s a wonderful time of encouraging fellowship and genuine Christian community. If you have any questions or if you’d like to learn more you can always reach out to Jeff Wilkins who oversees the ministry.

Winning The War

With that, I’m going to close it down for this week. If you ever have anything that needs to be announced “church-wide” please let me know. I don’t send these out “every week” but I try to keep them semi-regular. It’s one of the only communication mediums that is COVID-19 friendly. We will stick with it for the time being.

I know things still feel like they are crazy out there. Just this weekend we learned that many of our national leaders (including our own United States President) have been infected with COVID-19. Please keep all of those infected by this disease in your prayers. It seems like 2020 still has a few “twists and turns” left to give.

It’s easy to feel like the world is spinning out of control. 

Even so, our Lord STILL has the “whole world in HIS hands.” That means the wisest thing you and I can do is entrust ourselves into His love and care. His plan may not always make sense in the moment, but he has promised to work all things together for good (for those who love him and who are called according to his purpose.)

Let me encourage you, even in the madness, to look for the good. “All things” means even the hard things, the painful things, the ugly things, the shameful things… the Lord works ALL THINGS together for good.

Beauty from ashes. A garment of praise, from our heaviness. Let me know if there’s any way I can pray for you. If I don’t see you tomorrow, I’ll see you on the interwebs!

Have a great rest of your weekend!

With Love,

Pastor Wes

The Big Fall Update

September Update 2020

From The Pastor



You have in your hands a lengthly newsletter to update you on what’s been going on in and around our church these past several months. Each of the staff and some of our key church ministries have provided an update of what’s happened since COVID-19 hit our city as well as some of their future plans moving forward into the fall. Personally, even I was surprised at some of the things I read. It’s easy to forget some of the great things God has done given the speed of how this time has flown by and the busy schedules we’ve maintained since the beginning of the pandemic.

The theme of this newsletter could be summarized under the heading “God’s Faithfulness.” He truly has been faithful throughout this entire season. Regretfully, one of my greatest fears entering into this season was our financial stability as a congregation. The Lord has blown me away with his rich provision during this time. We will finish this year with the greatest surplus that I’ve ever seen since starting as lead pastor.

But it’s not just God’s faithfulness in providing for us financially. He’s been faithful to keep our congregation connected even though we’ve been physically distanced for so many months. Every week I feel like I read a card or social media message from one of our members. I hear testimonies of how each small group has done a great job of connecting with their group members week in and week out. Even now that we’re meeting on campus for Sunday morning and Wednesday nights, I still hear stories of how those who worship from home are benefiting greatly from the online services and feel like they’re staying up to date with what’s going on.

It’s obviously not the ideal. It’s certainly not what I thought 2020 WOULD BE when we entered into this year. I knew it would be a pivotal year for our church. I had no idea it would be THIS pivotal. In many ways, our approach to ministry has been forever changed by the pandemic. Cultural trends that would’ve taken years to fully manifest have now arrived in weeks. Online ministry went from being important to absolutely necessary. Things like “livestreaming” a church service went from being “auxiliary” to “essential.”

Yet, even though all of these changes took place, it also reemphasized the things that never change in the local church. At the end of the day, church is still about “the people.” It’s about fulfilling the Great Commission and practicing the “one another” passages in the New Testament. It’s about a love between people that reveals itself concretely and practically. It’s about a commitment to the mission that manifests itself through joyful sacrifice and humble service.

Upward in worship. Inward in discipleship. Outward in mission. The way we do those things have changed. That we do those things will never change. We still worship in gatherings, connect in groups, and bless people on teams. It’s a reminder of our Lord’s promise that not even the gates of hell will prevail against in church. No matter the obstacle, God will be faithful to empower His church for the mission he gave us. I hope you’ll be encouraged by this fall update of God’s faithfulness to Broadview Baptist Church.

Pastor Wes Terry

Missions Update


Our partnership with Living Stone Church in Colorado is bearing fruit even in the midst of COVID-19. Their services are limited to 50 adults and 50 children. They host two services and are able to minister to the majority of their congregation. A similar dynamic is taking place with our other church planting partnership in Brownwood, Texas. 


This year we sponsored a missionary family to plant a church among the Bulgeda people in western Chad through our World Missions Offering. Part of that investment was the translation of the Gospel of Luke into their heart language. Your giving helps contribute to this important cause of making God’s word accessible to unreached/unengaged peoples.

Our partnership with Pastor R in West Bengal is also continuing to bear fruit. Due to COVID-19 they’ve met via audio conferencing for the past 6 months. They plan to meet together for the first time at the end of this month!

Covid has caused Broadview to cancel our mission trips this year except Spring Break Mission Trip in March to South Texas. We are about to finish the Youth/Children camp we have been working on for several years. We had nine men go on that trip and did a lot of work and had a good time with Pastor Omar.

The Rio Grande Valley (5 county area) is still in a Shelter at Home order and need our prayers.

Worship Ministry

Hello from the Worship Ministry!

If you have been watching over the last few months, the worship ministry has undergone a number of changes. Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, it has been our goal to find ways to continue our fellowship with one another. The primary medium that we have used is what is now called the “At Home Service.”

I don’t know if you were with us from the beginning, but the online service has come a long way since since then. At that point we were using an app and filming the services on iPads, which are not notorious for their camera quality. We tried just about everything. Or at least something completely different each week. We filmed in the Gathering Place, on the stage, off of the stage, with an audience, and without an audience. We both prerecorded music and then attempted to mix it live for the livestream. We really have tried everything to make online worship worth engaging.

Although it’s no replacement for meeting in-person, for worship and preaching, it has become increasingly clear that the online “At Home” service is here to stay. We simply have too many church members who are unable to come that we are still responsible to shepherd, and the online service has increasingly become the “preview” for people who are looking for a church home.

For this reason, we have turned the old entrance on the south side of the worship center into an audio/video room. This change allowed us to have both the sound booth and the video computers together in the same place. We also invested in some different sound and video equipment to improve our online and in-person presence. In laymen’s terms, we purchased some cameras and computer software that enables us to run the cameras and audio at the highest possible quality.

If you aren’t interested in the technical side of what we have done, feel free to stop reading. I wanted to give a little insight, though, into the different ways that we have improved both the online and in person gatherings.

First, we made a change in the connections to our projectors and side TV’s from a Coax to VGA chain to an SDI to HDMI chain. This massively improved the video quality that you see on Sunday mornings. The projector and side TV’s have a much brighter and clearer picture.

Second, we bought three 4k Cameras and a video switcher. If you watch the “At Home Service,” these cameras provide an amazingly clear picture for both the music and sermon. We also purchased what is called a Dante Virtual Soundcard enabling us to run all of our audio on Cat-6 cabling instead  of the traditional XLR cabling. This (1) takes all of the buzz/static out of the audio chain, and (2)  enables us to record our worship into a program called “Pro Tools.” Pro Tools is the best recording software on the market. If you go back a few weeks before we started using the software and compare that recent livestreams, there is a massive improvement in quality. This is important because worshiping at home is already hard. With these improvements, people are more likely to actually engage God in worship “at home,”

This really only touches the surface. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out and ask. With this increase in technology, we also have an increase in the need for volunteers. If you’d like to serve, email me at

I sincerely want to thank you for your generosity during this difficult season. Obviously this has been a tumultuous time, but your faithfulness has allowed us to adapt & explore what future ministry at Broadview is going to look like. Our mission and vision have not changed, and we are excited for what the Lord will continue to do among us.

Taylor Miller


Traditional Worship

Broadview’s ministry for traditional and senior adult worship, like all the ministries at Broadview, was rocked by COVID and has undergone many changes in the past few months. As we transitioned to an online presence in mid-March, I set up a Facebook page for our Traditional Worship Choir to keep us all connected. A handful of us that could have also been meeting consistently throughout the spring and summer over Zoom at our normal choir time to check in on each other and pray for one another.

I also created a new resource on the church website, called “Singin’ With The Saints.” This page provides resources for worship through YouTube videos, as well as insight on many of our most loved hymns and Psalms (the original worship songs.) I have added to the page sparingly but in September I plan to create a more regular schedule on updating the page with new hymns, Psalms, and music videos.

We also are starting to tentatively move forward into the fall with in-person choir gatherings! Our first one is Wednesday September 2nd and is more of a hymn sing than a rehearsal, so we can get reacquainted with singing together. All members will be safely distanced and masks will be required. If this works, we will continue meeting and transition into a more formal rehearsal setting. If you’re interested in joining a traditional/southern gospel choir, come join us on Wednesdays at 5:30pm!

Our first priority is the safety and wellbeing of our members and guests, and yet we know music and singing is an important aspect of worship for many Christians and hope to provide safe ways to worship the Lord as a church family. This time of trial has reminded me more and more of the importance of our faith family and coming together as the body of Christ, and I look forward to exploring new ways to do that in this time.

Griffin Jones

Women's Ministry


We are so excited about reconnecting!  If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it is that we are better together! Broadview Women’s Ministry has several events planned for this fall semester!  Stay tuned for more details and information about each of these events coming soon!  Also, you can find us on Facebook at Broadview Baptist Women’s Ministry.

Women’s Bible Study starts September 9, 2020

Wednesdays at 10:00 AM or 6:30 PM

We will be studying Psalm 23.

Register online.  Books are $10.00

Women’s Fall Retreat

Saturday, October 24, 2020

One day only at Broadview 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Cost is $15.00 and includes lunch.

Deadline to Register is October 16, 2020

Register at

Coffee and Dessert Night

Friday, November 6, 2020


Christmas Brunch

Saturday, December 5, 2020


S.A.L.T. Sisters Abiding in Light and Truth 

Broadview West


God will constantly test us through interruption and the needs of others. We must be ready to discern and answer those interruptions. – Detrich Bonhoeffer. We have been interrupted haven’t we? Since April the norm has been moved to the “I’m not sure but God has been faithful.”

God’s people have been faithful through all this too, through His power and presence. Over the last few months and through the summer we have had to change some things. As is the goal of most churches we are called to worship, disciple, equip & reach out to our community.

Of course it’s a little hard with a pandemic going on but it didn’t stop us. T.A. McMahon wrote; For the believer in Jesus, every trial of suffering is an opportunity to grow in the faith, to grow in our relationship with the Lord, and to see Him work in our lives in a uniquely personal way.

We have tried to continue to reach out to our community with teams that walk and pray. Understandably, many of our neighbors don’t won’t visitors so we left “God Promise” books/gospel tracts at their gates and had a chance to pray with some. I am very thankful for those who are willing to walk the streets and share the love of Christ with our community.

Our church family has been faithful also in loving and sharing the gospel with family and co-workers, we have had several professions of faith and baptisms. There has been stories of how families have come together and have had victories over struggles in their lives.

Not everything has been smooth though, especially when Judy and I came down with the Covid 19 (people love you, but don’t won’t to be close to you). We are very thankful for our Broadview family for the prayer and support they have given over the many years and the last few months. Many in our faith family have struggled during this time but because of your generosity and love we are able to help.

Continue to pray please, we have much work left to do and not sure what the future will hold but we do know Who holds the future. Thank you Lord and thank you church family.

Pastor Vernon Ferguson



WOW! What a year it has been. We entered into a pandemic (covid-19) which caused us to shut down. But to God be the glory the church isn’t just 4 walls. Throughout the time of the lock down, we did several videos to keep our church members engaged. Pastor Vernon did sermons and devotionals via Facebook.

Since we couldn’t meet in person this was a great way to keep our members engaged and in the word. We had several members who also did devotionals via Facebook. Facebook has been our friend throughout this crazy time.

By the grace of God, we are now able to meet in person and fellowship together. For the first couple of weeks we just meet for services at 10:30. Praise the Lord we have recently started small groups at 10:00 along with our normal service. Which we are blessed to do so. We are steady figuring out ways that we can invite the community to church. We have several outreach events planned to do so.

For kids and youth ministry we have planned an outreach popsicle parade to let the community know that we are kicking off Wednesday nights on the 9th of September. We are so excited to have our kids back in the building teaching and loving on them. We envision Starting the Kids ministry by letting them know that God created them to be creative.

They will learn to imagine what they could do because they are made in Gods image. To let them know that there’s no limit to God’s creativity. To show them that they can trust God no matter what.

We want each child that comes through our church doors to know that they are loved. We are so excited to see what God has in store for the kid’s ministry this semester. Our vision for the youth group is to teach and instill in them that they have to own their own faith. So that when they leave the youth group, they have that foundation to sustain their faith.

We want our students to be able to stand up for their faith if they need to. We are so blessed to be able to start the semester back with our kids from the community. We are hopeful that not only we reach the kids in the community but the adults as well. Be in prayer with us as we kick off Wednesday nights and as we go out to reach the community.

– Tonya Holland –


Youth Ministry


In 2 Timothy 4:2, Paul admonished Timothy to, “Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season.” Paul was reminding Timothy that the task of ministry is not done in the safety of one’s comfort. The past few months have been challenging. But through the challenges, God has been faithful. Like a hurricane, the pandemic exposed us, and like a good teacher, it taught us how to do better, and what matters most.

To rise to the challenge of ministering to our students, various methods and approaches were implemented. We had social media devotionals, Zoom meetings and a study series via Zoom. I also started Sunday evening devotional videos (you can them find on YouTube or Facebook). We had some of our leaders send videos encouraging our students. We also attempted Instagram Live and a movie night; both of which were unsuccessful. We were able to meet twice in the summer for an ice-cream, pizza, and games hangout, and we also had a swim party before there was a spike of COVID-19 in Abilene, and we had to suspend other plans we had for the summer. 


It was challenging to stay connected with our students during these past months. Interest for most of our online events was inconsistent at best. When we met in person during the summer, we had more students show up than we anticipated. This revealed that student’s preference is towards in person gatherings. Their understanding of social media, and its usage, differs from our attempts to use the platform as means for discipleship. Also, I learnt that online interactions are possible and better done, when there is an existing in-person interaction. It was hard to measure the effectiveness of what was done.

Areas of Growth and Plans into the Future

The experiences of the past months reveal certain areas that we can improve as a ministry. First, we are going to make our ministry deeper; teaching deep theology, to give our students a good grounding and foundation in God’s word. We are reminded how fragile and illusionary the idea of control is. If our students need anything, it is to have what it takes to stand on their own in the midst of any storm. Secondly, we will work to create a better culture that will enhance healthy relationships and interactions amongst students. Thirdly, we will work to implement a student leadership team. This is important because we will consciously pour into those that will be able to interact and engage other students, thus bridging context and meeting students where they are. Fourthly, we will work towards a creative use of social media to reach and enhance student’s walk with God.

Final Thoughts

We are now back to having our in-person gatherings. While things are not the same, we are grateful that we can have a semblance of normal. We will continue to work hard to reach students with the unchangeable Word in a constantly changing culture. I will invite you to consider encouraging your child to be a part of the student ministry. There is no foundation that is sure, and no place safe, outside the arms of Jesus Christ. He is the way, He is the Truth, and He is the Life (John 14:6).

Joseph Tobias

Student Pastor

Children's Ministry


The Lord gave us a year we will never forget for sure. We have seen God work in many ways especially our time of shutdowns due to Covid19. In April we came together as a staff to seek wisdom from the Lord to learn how to do online services for our families. This was very new and to be honest hard for me as I am not a fan of the camera. We invaded your homes with services that included crafts, worship, and bible story. Some days there were more bloopers than you can imagine as we made these videos.

In May we made the decision to cancel VBS, mission trips, and church camps. I know for many this was a sad time and a hard decision to make on our end. The church was never truly shut down, we just had to adjust to a different time. We found different ways to stay connected to our families and our kids.

We heard many stories from families of how homeschool and church at home was so different and hard for some. Then summer hit (and parents said AMEN)!!!

For the kids ministry, summer looked nothing like it did in the past: we tried to plan things, but we had to cancel them all! We did a drive by grab bag and prayer. This was such a special time to see our families and pray for them as they started school. We had a swim gathering at the pool and got to see the kids excited to have fun and seeing some of their volunteers was a treat. We prayed and prayed and sought the Lord’s wisdom to slowly open our Sunday services again.

July 26  we began to have one service for kids and our hearts were so full as we saw God bring more and more families back each week. Here we are in September and we have fully returned to our new normal.  Throughout this time we were able to see you take on the role of teacher and discipler of your kids.

So as James 1:2-4 reminds us, “Count it all joy, my brothers when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.”

We have seen the Lord work in so many good ways even through the hard times. God is Good!!! For more info on how to get involved in the children’s ministry email

– Ora Morrison –

Preschool Ministry


What a wild and exciting ride this year has been so far! In March, we not only had a transition of leadership, but we were also impacted by a global pandemic that changed how and where we did ministry for preschool children. Looking back, I cannot thank God enough for stretching us, providing for us, and allowing us to continue to serve our preschoolers and their families through drive-thru activities, livestream services, and engaging on social media.

We were also able to do some needed construction during this time that allows for a more open and inviting welcome area, as well as a new “mother’s room.” At the end of July, we re-opened our in-person Preschool Ministry and God is continuing to bring more and more families each week! Franklin, our favorite turtle mascot, is also happier than ever to have his preschool friends back!

We are thrilled for the future of this ministry and have exciting things planned! We are going to continue working on making the Preschool Welcome Area bright and inviting for the children and their families. New curriculum and a new logo will also inspire and serve as a reminder of our main goal for this ministry: Preschoolers growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus. Preschoolers who are excited about Jesus and His abundant love for them!

Contingent on current health recommendations, we are also going to start hosting events that encourage families to come together and fellowship while allowing their children to enjoy exciting, age-appropriate activities. We want this ministry to not only disciple children, but also equip and encourage the whole family as well.

With all of these exciting things coming, and our ministry continuing to grow each week, we are needing more volunteers! For more information on how to get involved with this ministry, you can email

Tiffany Lohse

Bless The City Update


This year has definitely been different for everyone since COVID-19 has entered our midst. We’ve had to learn to do things a little differently than before. We live in a world of unknown and change anyway. Though there is one thing that will never change, and that is God our Father. We can have faith knowing that He is the one carrying us in this life.

I know for me personally; I always try to focus on the positive of any situation. The enemy is always trying to bring division. All that is happening has only pushed us to become more creative in loving and reaching people.

Our church has the most loving and devoted people.  They persevere in being the hands and feet of Jesus to our church and in our city. Here are a few things that have taken place this year.

We started by loving our neighbors & complying with the limited shelter in place/mask mandate. We also mobilized our church to pray for our city, its leaders and all the front line workers. Many people went around to specific locations in our city just praying. Our police department, first responders, healthcare workers, city officials, the grocery industry, the trucking industry, senior living facilities, closed businesses, churches, schools, and other key locations in our community.

There was a church-wide participation in writing letters with words of love, encouragement, and prayers to respiratory therapists, prison unit counselors and chaplains, and our home ministry. Over 250 letters were sent out. A few members of our church would go shopping or take care of any needs someone may have among our high-risk population. If there was a family in crisis, people loved on them, provided support, meals, and any thing else they needed.

There were tons of masks made and donated to our church by members. That alone was very thoughtful and appreciated. Lots of love and time went into the mask production. Volunteers made it possible to serve appreciation dinners for staff at the Fire Station,  Hendrick Birthplace, and the Taylor County Jail. Overall, we fed about 200 people.

Broadview also donated 200 Bible Promise books to all 4 units in the Hendrick Birthplace at the Hospital. The NICU, mother baby unit, labor and delivery, and pediatrics. Bible promise books were also set up to grab at the Taylor County Jail as well.

Church members donated & installed a window unit for a fellow member. A wheelchair ramp was built for a member at their new home. A home with broken windows was also repaired because of volunteers who stepped up to the plate to meet the need.

All this probably doesn’t even touch the surface of everything that is continually happening behind the scenes. Our people are always busy being the hands and feet of Jesus.

Broadview has a whole church of loving people ready and willing to do the will of God in their lives. I truly believe if Broadview was gone tomorrow it would be deeply missed by people in our community. It’s a true blessing to belong to such a loving, mission-minded, Jesus-serving, obedient church. Join me in praying for continued unity and strength around the mission God has called us to fulfill..

-Bonnie Barlow-

Financial Update



Balance 12/1/19 $19,886.84

Income: $30,131.28


IMB (Lottie Moon) $10,000

NAMB (Annie Armstr) $1,500

Texas (Mary Hill Davis) $1,000

Reach TX $1,000

Run Summit $3,000

Church Partnerships $26,891.16

Balance 8/25/20 $13,680.38



Offerings $650,896.22

PPP loan $107,766.00

Budgeted Expenses $567,411.00

Balance 8/25/20 $144,348.63


Balance 1-1-20 $11,005.71

Income $24,462.08

Balance $22,254,94

Ministry: We have helped 20 families with $13,212.85 financial assistance.


YTD BAPTISMS: 6 adults, 3 youth, 4 children.


Total: 25 new members.