Monday Update for Preschool & Children

Monday Update for Preschool & Children

Hello Parents,

I want to start by saying THANK YOU! We had so many families participate in Broadview’s Spirit Week last week and it was so fun to see all of your pictures. As much as we want to be together in person, it was so encouraging to be together in SPIRIT!

Although we are sad to see Spirit week come to an end, we are so excited about this week! We have prepared an exciting week for your families leading up to Easter Sunday! Each day, we are going to post a video on how to make two “Resurrection Eggs”. These are eggs that help kids understand the story of Christ’s death and resurrection using tangible items placed inside an Easter egg. Our hope is that your family will view these videos together each day and create the two eggs as we are. If you continue to do this each day (Monday-Saturday), you will end the week with a complete set. On Easter Sunday, I will be sharing the whole Easter story using the eggs. This will allow your children to be familiar with the topic and be able to fully engage with the lesson. Please make sure you are part of our Facebook groups, Broadview Preschool Ministry (0-Kindergarten) or Broadview Kids (1st-5th), so you don’t miss these videos or other Easter related content! 

We also want to encourage you and your families to watch the RightNow Media JellyTelly Easter Week Videos. They are daily 5 minute family devotionals. They share a quick, kid-friendly clip and then help you with topics to talk about and pray about! This is a great way to get your family devotional started in a quick and simple way!  

We are praying daily for your kiddos (and you!) and we can’t explain the excitement and anticipation we have had leading up to this week. Sharing the Gospel with children is our #1 goal as Preschool and Children’s Ministers, so it is so humbling to know that your families will be teaching, learning, and engaging with the Gospel this week in your homes. Please do not miss this opportunity to introduce or review the most life-changing message they will ever hear!

This week we combined our activity list so you can have one large list of Easter activities and crafts! We hope you check them out! We hope you have a great week and we cannot wait to hear about all of the conversations that take place and all the fun activities that are done! Don’t forget to share pictures and videos throughout the week on our social media pages!

Easter Activities


Ora, Sherry, and Tiffany





Monday Update for Preschool & Children

Monday Update for Preschool & Children

Hello Parents,

We hope this finds you well! We just wanted to drop back in with our weekly update for preschool and children. We hope that you are settling into a new routine and finding fun and unique ways to stay busy and safe! We want to encourage you to stay connected with our church during this time. Find us on Facebook, Instagram, and our church website. We also welcome phone calls and text messages! We want to be a support, encouragement, and a friend to you and your families during this time.

One of the ways that we are going to connect this week is by having a Broadview Spirit Week! You can participate by dressing up according to the daily theme. Then, take pictures of your children and post them to one of our social media outlets or send them to us via email or text message. We want to show that even if we cannot be together in person, we can be together in SPIRIT. We can’t wait to see all of the pictures of the kids!

Don’t forget to check out the Preschool & Children’s activity lists provided below for more ideas! Hope you have a great week!


Ora, Sherry, and Tiffany

Preschool Activities

Children’s Activities

Sunday Livestream Options

Livestream Options

Hello Church Family,

Another week has passed and we are one more week into this crazy new normal. I must confess, the first week wasn’t so bad because we still had a worship gathering on our campus. The second week was fun because everything was so new with live-streaming. But this week has been hard because I really miss seeing my church family on Sunday mornings.

We will be live-streaming our Sunday morning worship service this Sunday at 10am. I know this isn’t the ideal and it’s certainly not the “same thing” at gathered worship in a building with everyone present. But it’s the best we can do for right now in light of the circumstances.

I know last week some of y’all had a problem with the link I sent out to use for the livestream. The company we partnered with to do live-streaming had an overload to their system with all of the new churches using streaming now. They’ve addressed the problem and we should not have the same issues this Sunday.’

One of the things I WISHED I would’ve done last week was send you an email with all of the backup platforms you can use if the Church Online platform happens to go down again. So here are the links to all the ways you can stream the sermon on Sunday.

Church Online Platform

This is the preferred method because it has features for requesting prayer, making decisions, engaging with the staff through the chat and built in Bible and sermon notes tools. You can also access our Family Discipleship Resources that are custom made for this week’s message.


This is a great option because you can stream straight from our website. You don’t have to use a third party application. Just go to in your web browser (or click the link in this email) and you’ll see the live stream populate on your screen at or soon after 10am on Sunday morning.

Another benefit of this option is our online giving tools are on the same page directly below the livestream. You’ll also see links to our other platforms and the family discipleship resource for the day. Sermon notes are also linked below the livestream so it’s essentially just as good as Church Online but without the prayer request and chat features. You can always email us with that information. 

Broadview Facebook Page

By far the most common way people tuned in last week was through our Broadview Facebook page. We had close to 3,000 views for last week’s worship service! The benefit of this platform is most everyone is already using Facebook on a day by day basis. The livestream is very reliable because Facebook has plenty of server space. Also, it’s very easy to share the livestream with your friends and it increases the exposure of the message God wants to give through his Word.

You don’t have to have a Facebook account to watch the livestream on Facebook because it’s through our public page. Without an account you cannot comment in the chat nor share on your timeline but if you don’t have an account and the other platforms aren’t working, you should try Facebook.

I must admit I was blown away by how much engagement there was through our Facebook page over this past week. Not just Sunday but everyday of the week saw increased traffic.

We are connecting to and reaching people in the city of Abilene who’ve never set foot in our church facility and when this crisis is over I believe some of them will choose to join us for worship “in person” because of their virtual connection over these past few weeks.

Broadview Smartphone App

Last but certainly not least is our Broadview Smartphone App. We’ve had this app for several years now and have never activated the live-streaming feature. Well that’s all changed. Now, when you open the app, the second button to the right on the bottom menu bar will say “live events.” Click that button and follow the prompts and you’ll be directed to the stream.

Our sermon notes are built into the app platform so it should connect seamlessly. Our app also has a built in giving platform (fifth icon on the bottom menu bar) so you can give straight from the app if you planned on doing so.

The benefit of using our app is you can stream it to your big screen TV using your Air Play feature or Google cast. (you can do that through the other platforms but it’s easiest through the app). This way you can gather your whole family around the living room television and worship together

Please Join us Sunday at 10AM!

Now that you know all of your options, I want to challenge you to wake up Sunday morning, get dressed (get your kiddos dressed if you’ve got them at the house), pull out your Bible and a pen and paper and open up the livestream at 10am. The first 1-2 minutes will be an announcements preroll and then the worship service will begin.

I am 100% certain that God will use our time together to encourage you and grow you and your family in your faith. Now, more than ever, we need to stay engaged with each other and hear from our Lord. We need wisdom and direction for the difficult decisions we have before us. I hope you’ll carve out an hour and spend time with us online as we experience God’s presence together.

You can always send me an email if you have any questions, prayer requests or decisions made as a result of the live stream. Have a great weekend!

Sincerely Yours,

Pastor Wes

Monday Update: Preschool & Children

Monday Update: Preschool & Children

Hello Church Family,

As you read in Wes’ COVID-19 blog post, Ora, Sherry, and I are going to be working together to find ways to support you and your families during this time. We are going to be posting to the blog on Mondays and throughout the week on Facebook. Today, we wanted to give you some encouragement, a quick challenge, and then some activity ideas for at home during the week ahead.

Please know that we are praying for each of you by name. We know that you are being stretched as a parent right now. Whether you are being stretched by homeschooling, by being home by yourself with children who are itching to get out, or by continuing to go to work and wishing you were at home, we are praying for you. Our goal through all of this is to not let this time go to waste. We want to find new ways to connect, new ways to support, and new ways to grow. Please let us know how we can pray for you and what we can do to support your family during this time. If your family needs someone to help pick up and drop off groceries, please let us know via text, call, or email. We have members of our church who have volunteered to do this for families who are not physically able to do so.

Our challenge for today is to start incorporating some type of family devotional. Whether this is daily or weekly is up to you. We just want to encourage you to spend time as a family growing in knowledge of the Lord. We are going to be sharing many different resources throughout the weeks to support this, but I think the best way to start anything is to start simple. In our house we sing two songs, read a story from the children’s Bible, and close with prayer. It is very quick and very simple, but we are building a habit of meeting as a family to get to know our God better and that is what is most important. If you need a copy of a children’s Bible, please let one of us know and we will get one to you. Once again, we will continue to provide you with more resources, but we want you to start this week with determining a plan. Some families find the dinner table best while others find that meeting in the living room before bedtime is best. Spend time this week thinking about what will work best for your family and give it a try!

Finally, we wanted to provide you with some activities you could do at home with your children. These are not all Bible-related, they’re just activities that will be engaging to your child. We have created a preschool list and a children’s list. I am currently working on Bible story videos, playlists, and other ways to support you so stay tuned for more posts coming your way! Give your kiddos a hug from us and tell them we miss them dearly!


Ora, Sherry, and Tiffany

Preschool Activities

Children Activities

COVID-19 Update (March 20th)

COVID-19 Update (March 20th)

Hello Church Family,

I regret to tell you that we will NOT be having any on site services this weekend. By now, you’ve probably heard about Governor Abbott’s decision to limit social gatherings to 10 people or less until April 3rd. In an effort to love our neighbor well (Matthew 22:39) and to obey our governing authorities (Romans 13:1), on site gatherings at Broadview’s South and West Campus will cease until such restrictions have been lifted. 

This includes all adult small groups whether Sunday morning or mid-week. It includes all Bible study classes or other gatherings whether connected with the church or from outside partnerships. We want to honor the wishes of our government leaders and do all we can to “flatten the curve” of this outbreak so as to lessen the devastation it might bring.

Our staff will be working remotely and the church office will be closed during the week. Our childcare center, Blest Beginnings, has also been shut down until further notice. There will be a few staff up at the office on a rotation basis to receive mail and needed packages.

If you have a question you can call the church office during the week. If nobody answers, a voicemail will tell you where you can get more information or an outside number to call if you need to speak to an individual.

These are not easy decisions. In fact, they are some of the hardest I’ve ever had to make in ministry. People are scared. There’s a great deal of anxiety and uncertainty all around us. Now, more than ever, we need each other. It is in these types of situations that we need God the MOST. So it feels WRONG to cancel our typical approach to experiencing the presence of God together on Sunday mornings. Even so, I’m confident this is the wise and right thing to do for now.

Sunday Morning Worship

One thing that makes this decision a little easier is the capability we have to live stream our services to everyone in their homes. The New Testament encourages believers to gather for worship. It’s the first stage of our discipleship pathway. But the Bible never prescribed HOW those gatherings had to look. There’s a lot of freedom for how Sunday morning worship should look (which is why “church worship” has changed so drastically throughout the years).

For the foreseeable future, our gatherings are going to have to move “online.” The fact that you’re reading this message means you’ve got the capability to gather with us this Sunday so let me tell you what it’s going to look like. We made a few tweaks and rearranged the furniture to create a “virtual living room” from which we will host the service

In the book of Acts the early church met in the synagogues but they also went “house to house.” Our 10:00am livestream will capture that “house church” feel as I and other members of the staff seek to bring encouragement from God’s word and clarity for how the church should navigate these future waters.

Many churches will live stream from a stage platform with all the usual bells and whistles. To me, that felt less than ideal in light of the circumstances. You’re stuck in your living room so I wanted to invite you into the church’s living room so we can listen together for what God has to say to us for this time.

Through our church online platform, you’ll be able to submit prayer requests, make decisions, take next steps and offer your tithes and offerings. Through the chat you’ll be able to encourage one another and share your thoughts about the message. 

You can also watch the live stream using our church’s smart phone app. (click here to download) When you open the app you’ll see a tab at the bottom called “live events.”

Just open it up at 10:00am and join us for worship. We will have music, preaching, testimonies and other types of resources to make it worth your investment of time.

As you can see, we are doing our best to try and provide some sort of worship experience for our congregation this Sunday. I will bring a message from God’s Word on how to battle fear and anxiety while experiencing the presence of God in difficult days. Other staff will also speak and all of us will be sitting around the couches, engaging with the message.

For those of you who have children, we’ve developed a resource that you can use with your children this coming Sunday or anytime throughout the week. It’s plug-and-play so be sure and check it out. It will correspond with the overall message this Sunday. 

If you can’t make it for the livestream then just visit our church website and you can watch a recording of the message.

Moving Forward

Now that you’ve got an idea of what’s happening this Sunday and how to access the stream, I want to give you a heads up on what the plan is moving forward. On Wednesday our staff met together and developed a plan for what ministry will look like should these restrictions continue. We’ve come up with a digital distribution plan for every day of the week.

On Monday we will post resources for family discipleship.

On Tuesday we will have our typical “bless the city” updates and encouragement. Our Celebrate Recovery ministries also plan to do some form of livestream Tuesday evening.

Each Wednesday evening I’ll host a “virtual prayer meeting” where I’ll answer questions, take prayer requests and seek to offer mid-week encouragement. We might also try and line up some testimonies during this stream.

On Thursdays myself, Taylor or a combination of other staff will stream a “hang out” time to discuss recent news, have a “hymn sing” or discuss relevant theological issues facing the culture.

Lastly, each Friday Joseph will offer a video devotional and cap off the week with a challenge from God’s Word.

As you can see, we are going to be pretty busy with the live streams but we are hoping this will give you a chance to regularly engage with our staff and the rest of your church family (even if it’s through the limitation of a screen.)

As I said earlier, the relationships we have with each other in the church are more important now than they’ve ever been.

We are making decisions one week at a time but we are assuming that Easter Sunday is going to be impacted by these restrictions. Some have thrown out the idea of a “parking lot” worship service where people will stay quarantined in their cars while tuning into a FM station that streams the service.

We will continue to explore that and other alternatives that get people together (the sooner the better.) Even though we are limited to 10 people in our social gatherings, there are ways for you to stay connected and engaged with people during this time. Just be careful and act with wisdom as it relates to slowing the spread of the virus.

Staying Engaged

I want to close with a personal challenge. It’s so important that you stay engaged during this season. A global epidemic does not stop the Great Commission. God is still on the throne, he has a Kingdom to advance, and the local church is still “Plan A” for preaching the Gospel to the ends of the earth. 

I know many of you are struggling right now. Many of you have lost jobs or own businesses that have screeched to a halt. The worries extend past financial pressures. The potential for this virus to affect the health of members of our own church family is likely. We need to stay together even if we’re having to practice some “social distancing” for right now.

We’ve encouraged our small group leaders to contact every person on their roll on a bi-weekly basis. Our deacon body is also making calls to our church family. I want to encourage you to do the same. Call and check on people. Pray for each other, out loud, over the phone. Encourage one another. 

Our church will also be facing financial pressures in light of these restrictions. We have Gospel partnerships around the world that will also be adversely affected by this global pandemic. Church members have already reached out for financial assistance and I’m sure many more will do the same in the future. 

If this crisis has not created a financial hardship in your own life, I want to encourage you to stay faithful in your giving. You can give by mail, online, through the app or text2give. Follow the link for more details on each method.

Before now, only about 20% of our donations came through our online or app platforms. That was fine beforehand because the online platforms charge a 2-3% processing fee. However, now that on-site gatherings have stopped, we are going to need more and more people to consider these other giving channels.

One of my ministry mentors (Jack Graham) said when it comes to church finances you’ve got to do TWO things: trust God and tell the people. To the best of our ability, I and the rest of the staff are trusting the Lord to provide. We have stopped all spending outside of essential expenditures and previously signed contractual obligations. But we also want to communicate the need.

The Lord will provide and we will survive this season. In fact, I’m trusting the Lord that we’re going to come out of this stronger than we were beforehand. I’m praying the Lord uses this season to reignite a passion for the presence of God and the fellowship of the saints. These are things we were already praying for and working towards as a church family. The Lord’s purpose will prevail.

I’m going to go ahead and sign off here and encourage you to join us this Sunday at 10:00am. Just go to our church website and you’ll see the option for the online campus. We will have more information for you there and we will gather together and worship the Lord.

If there’s anyway I can pray for you please let me know! Just reply to this message.

With you in the battle,

Pastor Wes

Weekday Programming Cancelled

Weekday Programming Cancelled

Hello Church Family,

In our last email update I had stated that Wednesday programming was still scheduled to take place. However, given the decision of the school system to cancel school for the rest of the week and the new CDC recommendation to limit gatherings with groups of 50 or more, we’ve decided to cancel our mid-week programming for this week. The New Caney Mission Trip has also been cancelled.

That means the following events will not happen:
Tuesday Night – Celebrate Recovery
Wednesday Morning – Women’s Bible Study
Wednesday Evening – ALL CHURCH PROGRAMMING (Both Campuses)
Thursday Evening – Ladies Coffee Gathering
Saturday – Men’s and Women’s Gatherings

We will be making these decisions one week at a time so please stay connected in order to stay informed. I know this is frustrating and may be a source of great anxiety for some of you. I want you to know that we are going to be thinking creatively about how to honor the recommendations of our city/government leaders while also being faithful to our Lord’s call to go and make disciples.  

Moving Forward

The Lord Jesus has promised to be with us as we partner together in advancing His redemptive purposes. The mission never changes. However, the way we go about accomplishing that mission may need to shift for the next few weeks. Please pray for us as we explore those possibilities and commit yourself to staying connected the best that you can.

As of now we are not cancelling any of our home based or mid-week small groups. We will leave that up to each small group leader. If your group does meet please ensure you follow the CDC guidelines for sanitizing your room.

Honestly, if you’re not sick and you have the ability to provide a sanitary place for a small group of believers to meet then go ahead and do so. Even though large group gatherings are being discouraged, small group gatherings are still permissible. Especially when the environment can be controlled in terms of spreading the virus. Send an email to your small group or ministry team and host a small gathering at your house. Just be wise and be careful.

We don’t want to overreact to this global epidemic but neither do we want to be foolish in our response. I personally believe that we should err on the side of caution as it relates to our vulnerable populations. That being said, we also need to diligently pursue community insofar as it’s wisely achieved and conducive to the mission. 

Worship | Connect | Bless

Our discipleship pathway is to worship in a gathering, connect in a group and bless people on a team. This pathway is still achievable. It just might look different for the next few weeks. We will worship in smaller gatherings, we will connect in different types of groups and bless people in a different sort of way. Consider how you can get creative and intentional about serving your brothers and sisters in Christ and then partner with those brothers and sisters in blessing our city.

Church staff will be meeting this Wednesday to discuss how we can best equip everyone to continue experiencing authentic Christian community while also mobilizing you all to grow in your faith and help others find and follow Jesus. We would certainly appreciate the prayers. 

If there’s anyway I can pray for you, please let me know. We have people who’ve volunteered to pick up/deliver items for those who can’t get out. Let me know what you need and we will get it to you. Thanks for staying connected and engaged during this time. It’s more important now than it’s ever been. 


Pastor Wes