Weekly Update | June 14th

Hello Church Family,

In today’s weekly update I wanted you to hear from one of the participants of our latest mission trip to Brazil. His name is Tim Alexander. He shares about three of four moments from the trip that give you an idea of some of the great things that happened. Pastor Vernon has also created a video of the trip. Here’s Tim.
The mission team of ten, who recently returned from Brazil, worked with two different churches in two cities. In the city of Mauriti, Caera, est population 24,300, the team spent two whole days working alongside members of the Igleja Baptista engaged in door-to-door evangelism using the Witnessing Cube. The team led a Bible study with a group of 60 kids from the neighborhood. A few adults brought their children and stayed to hear the Bible story and participate in the activity.

On Sunday evening, several team members shared a brief testimony and Pastor Vernon preached. A small group of three went to another church in the city of Mauriti and shared testimonies during that time. On the way to dinner that evening, the bus passed by the main Catholic Church. Seeing the crowd that was gathered around the church, attracted by a small carnival that was operating on the adjacent street, the bus was stopped and the group went out among the crowds and immediately scores of young people began to congregate around the Americans, especially the tall red head.

Amidst the may lay of people and the Mass that was in progress, the (evangelism)cubes came out and small groups of team members and curious bystanders formed and the Good News of Jesus was shared. Prayers were being thrown out, some by team members for the lost, others by repentant sinners. The team had to make a quick exit when the Municipal Police started arriving outside his church amidst his Mass.

On the third day, before the team was to travel north to the town of Barro, Caera, the pastor of the Igeja Baptista of Mauriti, took the team to an infamous neighborhood. There is not any church of any denomination, religion, or creed that has been able to establish a long lasting presence in that neighborhood.

Prostitution was rampant and the violence so pervasive that the residents didn’t bother to repair the bullet holes peppered throughout the walls of businesses and homes. The team began by prayer walking the streets and engaging in conversation with anyone who was receptive. One group reported three decisions for Christ in one home, and an interest in recurring home Bible study.

In Barro, the team’s first stop was at a high school. The director was devout Catholic, and normally didn’t allow any other religious groups to perforate the perimeter of the school, but allowed the team entrance under the guise that there was no mention of God or denominational rhetoric. The team dispersed into six classes simultaneously and allowed the students to dictate the course of conversations there within.

The students were naturally curious about their contemporaries in the U.S. The team excitedly exchanged information and shared that they would be around in the neighborhood for the ensuing two days if they had other questions or wanted to engage in deeper discussions. After leaving the school, the team performed door-to-door evangelism in the subsequent streets and the neighborhood around the church of that town.

Worship service was held in the evening of the second night where a couple of the team members shared testimonies and Pastor Vernon presented a challenge to the congregation, encouraging them to be a follower of Christ, not a fan. Two Bible stories were shared with the children of the neighborhood.

Preliminary estimates of the combined results from both locations boast over 120 homes visited. Of those, 105 professions made and 45 new interests in home Bible studies.

The team celebrated no complications with travel. All baggages were accounted and all connections were made. Thank you church for your unceasing prayers. The evidence was clear of where and how God had gone before and worked in all manners. His protection and guidance was monument. God does not call the equipped, He equips the called, those who are obedient. I Corinthians 1:25-31.

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying: Who should I send? Who will go for us? I said: Here am I. Send me.” Isaiah 6:8

How will you answer the call?

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