Weekly Update | August 23rd

Hey Church Family,

I wanted to share some quick points about some upcoming events in this week’s “weekly update.”

Back2School Bash

Next Wednesday, August 30th, at 6:00pm it’s going to be all hands on deck. We hope to have hundreds of kids filling our church parking lot and getting in one last big party before school gets into full swing. There will be free haircuts, jump houses, dunking booth (with myself getting dunked!), food, games, music and more. EVERYONE is welcome. It’s going to be a good time. Please join us.

There are 2 things happening before Back2School Bash that you also need to know about.

2020 Vision Celebration Service

This coming Sunday we will have an evening service and meal to celebrate what God has done in our church these past 12 months to help advance our 2020 Vision. We will serve a traditional African meal at 5:00 and start the service at 7:00. You’ll hear personal testimonies, see pictures and videos, and leave encouraged about where we’ve been and where we’re headed as a church family.


The following Monday, August 28th, from 6-9pm, we launch the Perspectives course at our church. You were made for more than just getting a job, making money & pursuing the “American Dream.” Kingdom people have a Kingdom Mission. Learn to use what’s in you to bless the world around you. The first 2 weeks are FREE to preview.

Even if you don’t think Perspectives is something you’d like, it’s worth looking into. There are no strings attached to attend the first couple of sessions. Those who have made the 13 week investment have spoken very positively about the course. I hope you’ll consider it.

Equipping Classes

The Sunday after Labor Day we will kick off our Fall 2017 Equipping Classes. I’ve already written about what classes are being offered. You can check that out here. If you’d like to go ahead and register you can do that here.

If you’re wanting to grow deeper in your knowledge fo God or take the next step in your discipleship journey, one of these classes may be right for you. Give it a shot!

Pastoral Team Nominations

This past Sunday we made available the forms for nominating men to our Pastoral Team. If you don’t know what our Pastoral Team is or why we have one, then you can find out more through this article. If you have some men you’re ready to nominate to be considered by screening committee then you can do that here.

Some of you have already made nominations and that’s great. After we stop taking names, the Screening Committee will meet and move the process forward as described in our Constitution and By-Laws. After that team has narrowed down the list to a group of called & qualified individuals, they will put their recommended candidates before the church for a vote.

I hope you’ll keep this process in your prayers. When Paul put elders in place at the churches he planted, he did so with prayer and fasting. Read the biblical qualifications for men who serve on this team. Think about what they’re responsible to do. Pray that our church can follow God’s leadership in this process.

New Series On The Way

Obviously there’s more things to say as it relates to what’s coming next for our church family but I think I stop with this one. Starting on September 17th we’re going to kick-off a new series at our church entitled “Pathways: A Fail-Proof Plan For How To Grow Spiritually.”

This will be a great series for inviting a friend who is unchurched. The goal is two-fnew. The first is to give people a practical plan for how to grow spiritually. Sometimes we can get complacent in our discipleship journey and stall out in our spiritual growth. This series should help with that.

The second purpose of the series is to create clarity around how our church approaches spiritual formation. Sometimes, people equate spiritual formation at church with attending events and programs. That’s not true. Events and programs are just tools for an overarching discipleship process. Without clarity, we can miss the forrest for the trees.

The discipleship pathway put forward in this series should help remind us what church is all about. It’ll be great series for our existing congregation to hear and a great series for your unchurched friends to find a church home they’ll love. I hope you’ll plan to join us and invite a friend.

That’s it for me! I hope you have a great rest of your week. If there’s any way I can pray for you please let me know.


Pastor Wes

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