Weekly Update | June 7th, 2020

Hey Church Family,

I hope you’ve had a great week. I believe this may be the first “Sunday” update I’ve ever written. Usually, I write these things at the end of a week not the beginning but here we are. I wanted to use this week’s update to hear back from you about some things happening in the future.

Many have been asking the question “When are we going to get back to normal?” It’s an interesting question. I’m not sure we’ll ever find our way “back to normal.” That said, we are attempting to get back to some semblance of normal for our weekend worship services. The thing that has kept many people from coming back is the lack of programing for our preschool and children’s ministry.

That why we plan to bring our preschool and children’s ministry programming back online July 12th!


You’ll be able to drop them off and then attend one of the morning worship services. We are not able to guarantee “perfect” social distancing but we can promise the facilities will be clean, disinfected and staffed with volunteers who will do their best to ensure the safety of those who attend.

That brings me to the second update. Right now we are having our traditional service on Saturday night at 5PM. If you were in attendance yesterday you know I put out a survey to get your feedback on a new service time for our traditional service.

As you may know, we originally moved the Traditional Service to Saturdays at 5PM as an effort to better protect our more “at risk” population from COVID-19. Many have expressed an interest in keeping the Traditional Service on Saturdays at 5PM. While this is difficult on the staff, it’s not an impossible feat if enough people want that change.

That said, we wanted to offer some additional service times as alternatives.


One option is a Thursday 5PM service.
It would be similar to Saturday (in that it promotes the safety of having the service on a different day of the week) but also allows the staff to have a weekend before Sunday worship.

Another option is moving the service back to Sunday at 8:15AM.
A start time of 8:15AM creates additional time between the traditional service and the contemporary service so that the hallways and shared spaces aren’t so crowded. Even though the threat of COVID-19 seems to be decreasing, we want to try and honor the guidelines put forward by governing authorities. This would allow the first service to fully exit before the second service enters the Sanctuary.

The third option is doing the service on Sunday at 5PM.
This service time is similar to the Saturday and Thursday option in that it totally isolates higher risk populations from being exposed to potential asymptomatic carriers of the virus. There won’t be any crossover of children or young adults and the room will be disinfected from prior gatherings.

Finally, we could just keep the service on Saturday at 5PM.
If we keep the Saturday night service at 5PM it may become necessary to create a preaching rotation schedule so that I’m able to have a Sabbath during the weekend. This past month has proven difficult in preaching both Saturday and Sunday as it doesn’t allow for any mental “down time” during the weekend. I do not believe it is a sustainable solution by myself but could be achieved through a rotation schedule.

If you attend our traditional service please take the survey and let me know which option is most favorable to you.


This is an anonymous survey but you can indicate your name and any other comments if you so desire. You can also just reply to this email with your thoughts if you don’t care me knowing who it’s coming from. = -)

Once we get the feedback we need on this question we will know what July 12th is fully going to look like. Right now, given our attendance, two services are sufficient for weekend worship. However, adding a third service will likely be needed by the end of the summer.

Sunday Morning Small Groups


We also want to bring back our adult small groups on Sunday morning. Many groups have already started back. Some Sunday morning groups have chosen to meet on a different day/time of the week so that they can use the bigger rooms to practice social distancing. This is an option for any group who wants to use it!

If you lead a small group and you’re interested in starting your group back up please let me know. If you’re a group leader and you’re not willing to start your group back on July 12th please let me know. We want to have as many options as possible for that day. When parents have the ability to drop their kids off they’ll be more likely to attend a worship service followed by a small group (or vis versa down the road).

As usual, you can find the information you need to know about our groups using our website.

For those of you who don’t have a small group but are interested in finding one, this is the perfect time to do so. We will be needing to start some new groups as we rebuild from these many months of not having “in-person” gatherings. If you’re interested in leading a new group please let me know.


Starting Over


In so many ways, this feels like “starting over.” That can be discouraging if you look at it in the wrong way. But starting over also has some positives aspects. When you rebuild something you’re able to make some tweaks and try out new things. We’re starting with a blank canvas as we come back online and it’s exciting to think what the Lord may do with it.

Ministry methods will always be changing as we try and adapt to and penetrate our culture with the Gospel. Already we’ve seen how our online presence needs to be intentional and done with excellence. We are having to learn new things as a staff and put to bed the old methods that didn’t produce results.

I heard someone say that COVID-19 didn’t change the culture. It merely accelerated the change that was already taking place. This is especially true as it relates to ministry online and church engagement. I appreciate you all being flexible and committed during this topsy-turvy season. I know it might not’ve been ideal but the Lord has done some great things through it all.

Moving Forward


If you’ve not yet joined us for an “in-person” gathering I want to encourage you to do so. We will continue to have our traditional service on Saturdays at 5PM and our contemporary service on Sunday at 9:45. When we do make new changes we’ll give you plenty of time to make the needed adjustments.

In past updates I’ve encouraged you to register for services but that is no longer necessary. When the governor announced Phase 3 of the reopening Texas plan he made sure to indicate that churches have no gathering limits. If we do run into social distancing problems we will just add additional services. I’ve gotten some feedback that requiring the registration is deterring people from attending.

In other words, if you want to join us for worship next week just show up and worship! We will be so happy to see you. If you’re not yet ready to come back to in-person gatherings then the online options are going to remain. Not only will we continue our online services, we are thinking of ways to improve and amplify our online ministry presence.

The fact of the matter is, people’s first interaction with Broadview Baptist Church is most likely going to be an “online worship service.” We have to do whatever we can to make that first impression a really good one. It’s also something we want to provide for our homebound members and at risk populations.

Because of your continued generosity we’re able to invest strategically in this new ministry horizon and are able to make the best message in the world look the best we can make it look through our online channels. If you see any way that we can improve our online presence please let me know.

With that, I’m going to wrap up this week’s update.

If you haven’t yet done it – please fill out the Traditional Service Time Survey.

If there’s any way I can pray for you please let me know!

Have a great rest of your week!

With love,

Pastor Wes

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