A Crucial Week


Hey Church Family

I hope you’ve had a great week! We are now 13 days into our 21 days of prayer and fasting. 136 people are participating! I don’t know about your experience but mine has been transformational.

I’ve been a Christian for close to 30 years. I’ve never fasted like I have in the past 13 days. It’s been a “game changer” in my life and our church. I definitely plan to continue fasting on regular basis in my personal life. God has used it so powerfully over the past two weeks.

If the whole idea of fasting is new to you then I’d encourage you to watch the messages from the past two weeks. I tried to make a biblical case for fasting and why our church is doing one together. You can watch week one here and week two here.

If you haven’t made a commitment about the fast but would like to you can do that here. Even if you only fast for the next seven days leading up to Easter it can still be a very powerful experience and used by God in our corporate life together.

A Crucial Week

This last week of the fast is especially important because of all of the special events we have coming up. That’s the major reason for this email. I’d like to encourage you to commit the following four things to prayer. 

  1. Rise Up Easter Family Event (April 10th)
  2. Good Friday Service (April 15th)
  3. Saturday Outreach Event (April 16th)
  4. Easter Sunday (April 17th)

I want to use this week’s update to spell out the details of each of these four things as well as the specific ways you can pray for God’s blessing.

Rise Up With Jesus

Easter Event for Families

April 10th | 3:00-4:30PM

The first event is the Rise Up Family Event. Our Preschool Ministry and Children’s Ministry have partnered up on this event to create a compelling discipleship experience for newborns to 5th grade. Not only will they enjoy the experience, mom and dad will too!

Families will explore the important details of Jesus’ resurrection. There will be seven captivating “hands-on” stations that allow kids to fully engage with the message of the Gospel. Not only will they discover the meaning of Jesus’ death, they will also discover how his resurrection changes everything!

Here’s how you can pray:

  1. Ask God to open the spiritual eyes of every child who participates. 
  2. For those who are old enough, ask God to use His Word (through these stations) to spark true repentance and faith in their heart resulting in salvation. 
  3. Pray that parents will be able to use this experience as a diving board for “at home” discipleship.

Churches have big events all the time. But we don’t want to just have an event for the sake of entertainment. Everything we do is filtered through the lens of our mission to make disciples. 

Several of these kids do not have a relationship with the Lord. Others are just starting in their relationship with God. Let’s ask the Holy Spirit to do what ONLY HE CAN DO. I’m trusting God to produce lasting spiritual fruit.


Good Friday Service

April 15th | 6:00PM

The second big event coming up is our Good Friday service on April 15th at 6PM. This year we’re going to look at Jesus’ seven “cries from the cross.” We will have videos that correspond to each of the seven sayings followed by a brief meditation and time of prayer.

The videos in the Good Friday service contain clips from the Passion of the Christ. They are violent and bloody portrayals of Jesus’ suffering on the cross. We will have childcare for ages 3 and younger. However, viewer discretion is advised for young children who participate. The videos are around 60 seconds in length. You can just cover their eyes if you’re worried about the impact (audio is just background music. No sound effects.)

This service is unlike any other service we do throughout the year. The mood is somber not celebratory. There will be periods of personal reflection, prayer and corporate thanksgiving. The Good Friday service will be followed by a Saturday outreach the following day.

Here’s how you can pray:

  1. Ask God to really open our eyes to the passion of Jesus on the cross. Pray that we not just be intellectually familiar but spiritually penetrated with the reality of Jesus’ death on the cross.  
  2. Pray for every person to walk away with security in their salvation as well as an unwavering commitment to obey God no matter what. (repentance and faith that bears fruit!) 
  3. Pray that this night creates a true hunger in our hearts to share the Gospel with people the following Saturday morning.  

Saturday Outreach Event

April 16th | 8:30-12:30

The THIRD thing I’d like you to know and pray about is our Saturday Outreach Event this coming April 16th. It’s the Saturday morning before Easter.

We have printed 5,000 flyers and we have over 500 Gospel tracks ready to go.

Bonnie Barlow, our Bless the City Coordinator, has also mapped out the neighborhood around the church and broken it up into mapped sections for each team. We need at least 25 teams to cover all of the ground we want to cover so please RSVP and let us know if you plan to be there.

We will meet at the church at 8:30 and have a light breakfast for anybody who wants/needs it. Tanner Clarke will do an evangelism training directly following that to help build your confidence and give everybody the tools they need to effectively engage in spiritual conversations.

After the training, we will break into teams, assign maps and start going door to door in the blocks surrounding the church. Each team will have door-hangers, tracks and a recording system to note which houses were visited and any conversations that need follow up. Whatever houses we don’t finish we can come back and do later. We’re developing a master plan to hit every home!

Once you’ve finished your section you can come back to the church and join the prayer team until all other teams arrive. At 11:45 we’ll serve a Chick-fil-a lunch and have teams give testimonies (if they have any.) We will close out by praying for our Sunday morning services and the homes we contacted.

Even if you’re not comfortable going out and talking to complete strangers, we still need you here for this event. Those who don’t go out will gather in the Sanctuary and pray for each team and the homes they will visit. The more prayer warriors we have the better!

If you aren’t physically able to go door-to-door but you can get to the church and pray then please RSVP. 

If you and/or your family are planning on coming to the Saturday Outreach Event please RSVP so we can make sure we have plenty of food and supplies ready to go.



Here’s how you can pray:

  1. I believe we will meet people Saturday who don’t know the Lord. Ask God to start preparing their hearts NOW for the conversation they will have. 
  2. Pray that God will raise up 100 people to go out and knock on doors or pray this next Saturday. We need a large turn out to cover the maps. 
  3. Pray that God would give YOU a burden for the lost and a zeal for evangelism. Ask God to give you the courage to be there Saturday to participate at some level. 
  4. Pray for Tanner Clarke as he trains us in evangelism and Bonnie Barlow as she organizes and administrates the event. (If you’d like to help with meals reply to the email and let me know!)

I think the participation and prayer behind this event will have a very large impact on the final prayer need which is Easter Sunday at Broadview.

Easter Sunday

April 17th | 8:15, 9:30 & 11:00

Small Groups: 9:30 & 11:00

Our 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting will culminate on April 17th. You may have lived through so many Easters by now that you don’t get excited about it anymore. If so, let me encourage you to make this year the year you get excited AGAIN.

If you have an unchurched friend or unchristian neighbor then this is the year you want to invite them to Broadview. Not only will there be a sermon on the resurrection and presentation of the Gospel, we are also going to call people to obedience to Christ through baptism that very morning!

The waters will be warm and baptism T-shirts/shorts will be available for men, women, boys and girls. I believe there may be some in our congregation who’ve never followed Christ in believer’s baptism by immersion. There are others who have never made any profession of faith whatsoever but Sunday will be the day that God calls them to respond.

I’ve been asking God for a fresh outpouring of his power in our worship services. It’s been a big part of my fast. Since 2020 and COVID, we have seen a drastically smaller number of first time decisions for Christ and baptisms. We’ve not seen someone “get saved” on a Sunday morning in a long time.

I’m desperate for God to change that fact and I’m praying for a visible demonstration of his sovereign grace in our worship services these next few weeks. Good music and engaging sermons don’t “save” anybody. Only the Word of God through the Spirit of God can make that happen.

But the Word is going to be preached and the Spirit is going to be present. So please join me in “believing God” for visible display of His power to save.

Here’s how you can pray:

  1. Pray for everyone who will be involved in leading worship at both campuses Easter Sunday. 
  2. Pray for our members to invite their unchurched/unchristian friends/neighbors to church.  
  3. Pray for the Holy Spirit to use God’s Word to open spiritual eyes and convict hearts of sin.  
  4. Pray for people who need to obey Christ in believers baptism by immersion. Pray they have the courage to act.

Final Thoughts

You might read this email and think to yourself, “Geeze, Wes. Don’t get your hopes up…” I get it! I’m not going to lie. That same doubt has cropped up in my own heart and mind as I’ve prayed over these four things.

But these 21 days of prayer and fasting have been teaching me to silence that doubt with a new seed of faith.

I know God is sovereign and He will do what He wants. We aren’t going to twist His arm or force His hand. 

I also know that merely asking for things in prayer doesn’t mean they’ll happen. God works in mysterious ways and being excited about something doesn’t necessarily change his plans. 


Those truths must be held in tension with these truths:

  • Our Heavenly Father LOVES to give the Holy Spirit to those who will ask. (Luke 11:13)
  • God is not willing that ANY should perish but that all would come to repentance. (2 Peter 3:9)
  • There’s a relationship between the visible display of God’s power and our faith. (Matthew 13:58)
  • There are promises of God to answer prayers, rightly prayed, for spiritual fruit. (John 15:7) 
  • We do not have what we want because we do not ask God for it in prayer. (James 4:2)

When I think of these things alongside of Jesus’ promise to be “with us” as we partner together in the Great Commission, I just can’t help but get a little bit excited. He has ALL AUTHORITY to say yes to these prayers I’m asking you to pray. (Matthew 28:18)

So let’s FAST & PRAY and BELIEVE God for something great.

Don’t forget that we have additional announcements below. We also have a prayer meeting this Sunday night at 5PM so please keep that in mind as well. 

If there is anything I can pray with YOU about please let me know by replying to this email. You can also post it on the prayer channel in our church app or website chat.

Looking forward to a great Sunday and hope to see you there.

With love,

Pastor Wes


Emmaus Road

Finding Jesus in the Old Testament

Sundays @ 5PM

First class: April 24th


Join us for the first class of “Emmaus Road: Finding Jesus in the OT.” This class will explore Old Testament theme/types and discover how Jesus fulfills and completes them. Class will be taught by Jagger Gran. 

Classes will be stand-alone and on occasion. The first class will be held on Sunday night, April 24th, at 5:00PM.

Contact Jagger Gran for more information.

Register Now

New Sunday Small Group!

Sunday’s @ 11:00AM

Starts May 17th

We are starting a new young adult small group at 11:00am on Sunday mornings! This small group will begin by studying through the book of Ephesians. The class will be led by Dustin Malone and consist of a blend between expositional Bible teaching and group discussion.

The book of Ephesians is one of THE BEST New Testament letters for understanding the truth of the Gospel and how it applies to your every day life. It’s also a great book for understanding God’s design for the local church. 

No matter what season of life you find yourself in, you will benefit from this small group. The group is open to all (not just young adults). It will launch on May 17th. You can go ahead and preregister if you think you might be interested.

Contact Dustin at ‭(325) 370-9777‬ for more information.


Register Now

New Ladies Bible Study

A Great Cloud of Witnesses

March 30th | 10AM or 6:30PM

Throughout Scripture we find countless stories of God’s faithfulness. We also find countless stories of the people who remained faithful to Him.

Starting March 30th we will kick off a new women’s Bible study to examine some of those “imperfect yet faithful” people. This study dives into Hebrews 11, examining the lives of Rahab, Enoch, Gideon, Sarah, and many more whose faiths withstood the tests of their days.

The name of the study is “A Great Cloud of Witnesses” and it was written by Trillia Newbell.


Register Now

The Book of James

Wednesdays | 6:30PM

Music Suite

In addition to the ladies Bible study we also have a coed adult Bible study on the book of James Wednesdays at 6:30 in the Music Suite.

This is a class for any age. It consists of expositional Bible teaching out of the book of James followed by group discussion and life application. 

The James Bible study will be led by Joshua Wisham

Register here


Corn Hole Tournament

May 21st


We’ve rescheduled our Men’s Ministry corn hole tournament for May 21st. So bring out your A-game and compete in our corn hole tournament this coming February 5th. We will have at least four corn hole boards going at one time. Whoever wins the tournament will be eligible for a prize and bragging rights. 

We will start the games at 3:30PM and go until whenever the tournament is over. This will be a laid back time of fun and fellowship. Food will also be provided (hot dogs, chili, chips, condiments and drinks.) 

We will assign teams after everyone arrives. 

There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. 

Rangers Game

June 4th | $50 ticket

Rangers Stadium (Arlington, TX)

The Broadview Men’s Ministry is inviting all men to watch the Rangers play the Mariners at the newly renovated Rangers Stadium in Arlington, Texas! We’ve got a block of 20 tickets in the “all you can eat” section. (so dinner is covered).

There are only 11 tickets remaining as of the writing of this email!

Tickets are $50. This covers the cost of the ticket plus $5 for gas. The game starts at 3:05PM. We will leave the church at 10:30AM and get lunch on the road. Games typically last 2.5 to 3 hours so we plan to be back in Abilene later that evening (8-9PM).

If you are interested in signing up please contact Brian at (713) 204-7458. You must pay your $50 to secure your spot. You can pay online here or in person at church (checks payable to Broadview Baptist Church.)



Secure Your Spot


Financial Update

Information on how to give to Broadview can be found at broadview.church/give.

Offering Report
Date: 04/06/2022

Weekly Budget Requirement:  $18,519
Weekly Budget Receipts:  $22,881

YTD Required:  $259,266
YTD Received:   $286,264

Designated Gifts
World Missions: $406
Local Missions: $268
Family Crisis: $24
Ukraine Relief: $1129

Most Recent Sermon

Fasting 101

21 Days of Prayer & Fasting

The big thing coming up at the end of this month is a church-wide, 21-day, season of prayer and fasting. We are encouraging every member of Broadview to consider participating at one level or another as we ready our hearts for a resurrection celebration April 16th. 

The last time we did a congregational fast like this was back in 2008 in preparation for a church revival. I can still remember the prayer meetings on Mondays nights in the Education Building after breaking the fast each week. 

This congregational fast will begin on Sunday morning, March 27th and will extend until Easter Sunday, April 16.

In addition to the fast we will have Prayer Meetings each Sunday of the fast at 5:00PM.

  • March 27th
  • April 3rd
  • April 10th

There are four “tracks” to choose from.

The video below is my attempt to give an introduction to and rationale for the 21 Days if you’re interested in watching/listening. 

The four tracks are all a little bit different and one may seem more attractive depending on your circumstances and season of life. You may want to do something different (either less intense or more) and that’s fine as well.

Why Are We Doing This?

Unfortunately, fasting isn’t a very common practice amongst Christians today. There’s a lot of mystery around it.

There are certain traditions like Roman Catholicism that practice things like Lent every single year. But fasting isn’t something you “just do” because it’s a certain time of year or a certain tradition in the culture.

Fasting is something you do voluntarily upon the prompting of the Holy Spirit to accomplish a spiritual purpose.

The fast we are doing is “congregational” in nature. That means each person in our church family is being called upon to voluntarily deprive themselves of something physically essential (food) for the sake of something spiritually essential (being desperate for and dependant on God.)

A Personal Testimony

At first, this fast was just something I was going to do personally. The Holy Spirit had made clear in my own heart the need to do an extended fast. The church never would’ve even known about this fast much less participated in it. I began to study fasting, it’s purpose and the biblical teaching around it. In my preparation for the fast, the Lord made clear to me that I should extend the invitation to our entire congregation. 

Here’s what’s crazy. Several months ago I reached out to a group of pastor friends to ask them about “church-wide” fasting resources and tools. I shared with them how the Lord was leading me to call our church to a 21 day fast leading up to Easter. What blew my mind was that FIVE of those seven pastors were also planning to do a congregational fast on the SAME DATES and for similar reasons.

None of us had any idea that any of us were even thinking about a fast. Upon further investigation I came to discover that the Lord has been calling MANY churches to engage in congregational fasts across the United States and ours is just one of many that the Lord is preparing for this process.

A Theology of Fasting

I don’t know what the Lord is going to do through this fast. I’m not “expecting” the Lord to “do” anything. Neither should you. Fasting is not something you engage in so that God will “do something” in your life or our church.

We don’t fast in order to get things from God. We fast in order to get more of God because he’s so much better than any “thing” this world has to offer. Fasting is a way to reorient our heart and mind around that which is most important.

It’s a way to teach our body and soul that we were made for worship. We were made to desire God, be satisfied in God and to glorify God through the pursuit of his presence. 

Today, God’s presence is already ours through the gift of the Holy Spirit. The blood of Jesus covers our sins and we stand completely righteous in the eyes of our Heavenly Father. We don’t fast in order to “get God’s love.” We fast as a response to having already received His love and as a reminder that his grace is sufficient for our every need.

Your Motivation Matters!

Our motivation for fasting matters to the Lord. When we fast in the right way and for the right reasons then we will position ourselves to experience a great reward. (Matthew 6:16-18) That reward is the gift of God himself.

When Jesus finished his 40 day fast in preparation of his public ministry he returned to Galilee “in the power of the Holy Spirit.” (Luke 4:14) As believers, we’ve been given the Holy Spirit to empower our witness in this world as well. (Acts 1:8)

Don’t miss this opportunity to partner with your church family in expressing a renewed hunger for God and a renewed outpouring of his Holy Spirit in our congregation. 

Once you’ve prayed and decided on a plan you can indicate your decision by filling out a commitment card during the Sunday morning service. This commitment is between you and the Lord. Filling out the card is just a way to publicly express that private decision.

We will not be sharing who all is participating in the fast but we will share the total number of people so that you can be encouraged by the fact that you’re not doing this alone.

I hope you’ll seriously consider participating at one level or another.

I also hope you’ll join us for the Sunday night prayer meetings starting March 27th.

If you have any questions, reservations or feedback please let me know. You can just reply to this email.

Closing Thoughts

Before I close out this week’s update don’t forget that we have our Hands & Feet ministry project coming up April 7th. You only have until the end of the month to turn in a project or sign up to work. You can read more information in the announcements below.

There are also still openings for the J.O.Y ministry trip to Branson if you’re interested in going. Contact Phyllis for more information. You can read the details about the trip in the announcements below. 

In our prayer time during staff meeting this past Monday we prayed over many people in our church family who are walking through deep suffering. This world is so broken and so many people are walking through such challenging times. You do not have suffer alone. If there’s anyway I can pray for you please reply back to this email and let me know.

We can also put your prayer need on the church prayer list through the church app. That way more and more people can join you in prayer. If you don’t know how to do that reply back and I can send you some instructions. 

I hope you have a great rest of your week!

Until Jesus Comes,

Pastor Wes

21 Days of Prayer & Fasting

21 Days of Prayer & Fasting



Fasting is one of those spiritual disciplines that often goes unnoticed and unpracticed. We naturally gravitate towards the more “visible” spiritual disciplines (prayer, Bible study, etc.) When you also consider that fasting is usually something “personal” or “private” then a congregational fast for 21 days may sound strange.

So let us answer a few questions as you prayerfully consider how God would have you to participate.

What is a Fast?


In the traditional sense, Christian fasting is “a believer’s voluntary abstinence from food for a spiritual purpose.” (Whitney, Spiritual Disciplines, 192). Although that definition is somewhat vague, it points out at two important realities:

  • First, fasting requires the voluntary giving up of something that is significant to the individual.
  • Second, fasting is done for a spiritual purpose. It is not an end unto itself. 

Today, we have expanded fasting to include other aspects of life (social media, certain behaviors, etc.) In the Bible, fasting was always from food.

When we temporarily give up something as essential as food, we teach our bodies to live in sync with what we say we believe; namely that God is enough for us. As one person put it, “What we hunger for most, we worship.” (Piper, A Hunger for God, 14).

PURPOSE: Why Should You Fast?

Before Jesus began his ministry, he spent 40 days and nights fasting in the wilderness.

When his time of fasting had come to an end, the devil tempted him, saying, “If you are the Son of God, tell these stones to become bread.” Jesus replied, “Man shall not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.” (Matthew 4:4

In this verse, Jesus captures the essence of WHY we fast.

The purpose of fasting to put yourself in a position of holistic dependence on God. 

Dependence upon God is expressed in a number of ways. Therefore, the purpose of fasting can be varied.

Some of the purposes in Scripture include:

  1. Strengthening prayer (Ezra 8:23; Joel 2:13; Acts 13:3
  2. Seeking God’s guidance (Judg. 20:26; Acts 14:23
  3. Expressing grief (1 Sam. 31:13; 2 Sam. 1:11–12
  4. Seeking deliverance or protection (2 Chron. 20:3–4; Ezra 8:21–23
  5. Expressing repentance and returning to God (1 Sam. 7:6; Jonah 3:5–8
  6. Humbling oneself before God (1 Kings 21:27–29; Ps. 35:13)
  7. Expressing love and worship to God (Luke 2:37)

Jesus’ time of fasting was his final preparation for ministry.

After the 40 days of temptation and fasting, Jesus went “in the power of the Spirit,” proclaiming the good news the Kingdom (Mk. 1:14-15; Lk 4:14).

As a congregation, we too want to walk in the fullness of the Spirit as we proclaim the good news of the Gospel. (Acts 1:8)

What might be your purpose in fasting? 

POSTURE: How Do You Fast?

Jesus gives us some very clear guidelines for fasting in the Sermon on the Mount.

He says, “When you fast, do not look somber as the hypocrites do, for they disfigure their faces to show others they are fasting. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. But when you fast, put oil on your head and wash your face, so that it will not be obvious to others that you are fasting, but only to your Father, who is unseen; and your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.” (Matthew 6:16-18)

Notice a few points of clarity from this passage:

First off, Jesus’ teaching implies that He expects his disciples to fast.

Verse 16 begins with, “when you fast.” If you look at the surrounding context of the passage, Jesus uses the same type of language for other disciplines, such as, “when you give” or “when you pray.” Jesus expects fasting to be as common among God’s people as prayer, tithing, and the study of Scripture. The more common it is among us, the less mysterious it will become. 

Secondly, Jesus’ warning is more so against pride in your heart than it is the publicity of your fast.

The goal is that it would not be obvious to others, and that it would be done for the Father. This does not mean that others cannot know about it, but that there should be no sense in which we are filled with pride because it makes us look more “spiritual” than those around us. Jesus cares more about the motivation of our fast than he does the public response around it.

PLAN: What Will You Do?

Since it’s an expectation for disciples of Jesus to fast we are encouraging you to consider joining the rest of our church family in a 21 day fast leading up to Easter. The motivation of this fast is NOT to be “seen by others” but to “express our dependance on God” together as a church.

While your individual reasons may vary based on your circumstances, doing this fast together will invite God’s blessing on our church. Jesus promises a reward to those who engage in this process the right way.


For this 21 days of fasting and prayer we are asking that you take one of four tracks:

  1. Fast 1 Day A Week  
  2. 2. Give up 1 Meal A Day  
  3. 3. Give Up 2 Meals A Day  
  4. 4. 800 Calories A Day

All four of these tracks are completely up to you, and you may need to adjust according to what you can physically handle. For example, giving up two meals a day might be too much if this is your first time to fast. 

Whatever track you choose, we are praying together for you and with you that God will use it to strengthen your dependence upon him.

There will be commitment cards passed out on Sunday for you to publicly commit to the process. You can sign your name or just indicate which track you decide to do. Nobody will know about your commitment except The Lord and whoever else you decide to tell.

Join us in praying that God will use this season of prayer and fasting for his good purposes in our lives and our church.

New Years Update

Hey CHurch Family,

It’s been a full month since I sent my last update. Feels like a few weeks! Time really does fly by these days. Tomorrow, Audra and I are leaving for Las Vegas, Nevada to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary. To say I’m excited is an understatement.

I want to say “thank you” for being a church that allows me some time away to celebrate these milestones. I really am so grateful to be your pastor. 

We are officially into a “New Year” and we have exciting things coming down the road.

Remember, our Wednesday night ministry programming was set to kick back off this Wednesday at 6:30. 

Unfortunately, due to an outbreak of illness among our ministry volunteers, all Wednesday night programming has been postponed until NEXT WEDNESDAY, January 26th. 


For today’s update, I want to put a few upcoming events on your radar as well as some discipleship resources to help you experience God in 2022. 

Grow Your Faith

Free Discipleship Resources

Each New Year brings with it new excitement around the idea of getting physically and spiritually healthy. Do you have any new goals or plans for moving the ball forward? 

A few weeks ago we talked about the “proofs” of discipleship in our Sunday morning gathering. They flow from the “my disciple” statements of Jesus in Luke and John (Luke 14:25-33; John 8:32; 13:35; 15:8)

Disciples of Jesus…

  1. Walk By Faith (Luke 14:25-33)
  2. Abide in the Word (John 8:31)
  3. Love One Another (John 13:35)
  4. Bear Much Fruit (John 15:8) 

To help you grow in these areas, Broadview has invested in technological tools like Right Now Media and the Dwell App.

Dwell is a Bible study app that helps you abide in the Word. Scripture is read aloud by professional vocalists alongside of instrumental music that really brings the Word to life.

Right Now Media is like the Netflix of Christian discipleship. There are over 17,000 video Bible studies on every topic you can imagine. Bible book studies, apologetics, systematic theology, leadership development and a whole catalog devoted to kids are all available for streaming on demand. There is a TV app as well if you want to put it on the “big screen” at home.

Both of these discipleship resources are made available to members of our church without any cost to them. The church pays for a monthly subscription so that every member can benefit.

If you haven’t yet done so, please consider signing up for an account and downloading the apps.


Sign up For Dwell

Download the App

Sign up For Right Now Media

Download The App


In-House Resources

Also, don’t forget that we created our own Discipleship Toolbox not too long ago that is always available to anybody who wants it. We’ve also created a Spiritual Health Assessment if you’d like to get a baseline for where you’re at right now and how you can grow spiritually in 2022.

Download the Toolbox

Take The Assessment

Develop A Plan

In addition to engaging God individually through his Word, it’s also important to start 2022 with a mindset towards spiritual growth “in community.” We have small groups that meet every Sunday and throughout the week. We also have some new “larger groups” that are starting very soon.

Here are some upcoming groups to put on your radar.


New Ladies Bible Study

Hosea | Jennifer Rothschild

Wednesdays | 10AM & 6:30PM

Starts January 19th

We have a new ladies Bible study kicking off next Wednesday. There are two meeting times to choose from: 10AM or 6:30PM. 

The book of Hosea is a love story between him and his wandering wife Gomer. Through their story, God reveals a greater story of His love for His wayward people Israel. Ultimately, though, it is the story of God’s unfailing love for you and me.

Like Israel and Gomer, we are prone to wander from God’s love. But, God loves us too much to let us go. He goes to extraordinary lengths to bring us back to Him. If you’d like to grow in your knowledge and experience of God’s love then you should sign up for this group.

If you are interested in signing up you can just show up on Wednesday or register here.

In addition to the ladies Bible study we also have a new Wednesday night Bible study in the book of James kicking off Wednesday February 23rd. This will be a coed class for adults of any age. There will be an expositional Bible teaching out of the book of James followed by group discussion and life application. 

The James Bible study will be led by Joshua Wisham

To sign up for this Bible study register here

Fit To Serve

Tuesdays/Thursdays at 9AM

Starts February 1

In addition to growing spiritually, many other people use the New Year to set some physical fitness goals. So this year we’re trying out something new. We’re going to offer a small group physical fitness environment for anybody looking for support and accountability to reach those fitness goals.

The Christian faith is an “embodied faith” and worshipping the Lord with your body is a biblical concept. (1 Corinthians 6:20) Gathering together for the sake of improving your physical health is a God-honoring use of community. That’s why we’re starting a new group environment called “Fit to Serve.”

Jennifer Hogan has agreed to lead the group and plans to start the first one on February 1st. The groups will meet at 9AM every Tuesday and Thursday for a 6 week period. The gathering will consist of metabolic strength training and nutrition coaching from a Christian perspective.

Jennifer Hogan is a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She and David were previously members of Broadview and have remained part of our “extended family” ever since moving to Lawn. 

For now, it’s a “women’s only” gathering. It will be a coach-led fitness class using your body weight and dumbbells. It is beginner friendly and a great way to familiarize yourself with healthy nutrition and creating healthy habits that will follow you the rest of your life.


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Here are the details if you’d like to sign up and participate.

Information Details:

Date/Time: Tuesdays & Thursdays at 9AM
Start Date: February 1st
Location: Broadview Education Building
Equipment: 1 set of lightweight to medium weight dumbbells and yoga mat.
Cost: $30 for six weeks

Additional Information:

  • Bring Your Own Dumbbells, mat, sweat towel and water.
  • Coach-led fitness classes using dumbbells and body weight
  • Beginner friendly
  • Nutrition support/coaching with a sustainable, “just-say-no-to-diets,” real/whole food philosophy. 
  • Increase your strength and endurance
  • Stabilize your core
  • Learn the difference between weight loss and fat loss
  • Bit fit to serve and love others

Exercise always involves risks. Please ensure that you are cleared by a doctor for exercise, especially if you have any existing or previous health concerns, are on medication, have any previous or existing injuries or are pregnant or postpartum. **You must sign a waiver to participate in the class.

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Hands & Feet Ministry

April 7-9

In addition to these new groups that are coming up, we also have a few “time-sensitive” announcements I need to put on your radar. The biggest is our spring “hands and feet ministry.”

Last fall we started an experiment called the “Hands & Feet Ministry.” This was a ministry to help people in single-dwelling homes who had things that needed to be done but could not do them themselves or afford to have them done.

At first, we limited submissions to members of our church. This year, we’re doing the project again and expanding it’s reach. This year, submissions will not only be open to members of Broadview but also people outside of our church with whom you have a personal relationship.

If a ministry like this would make a positive impact on their life and communicate the love and compassion of Jesus please consider letting them know.

If you HAVE a project we need you to fill out a submission form as soon as you can. 

If you are willing to WORK on these projects we need you to register as well so we can be better organized on who is working when and how to create our teams.

Finally, if you are willing to GIVE to this ministry, any amount will help to make a big impact. Last year, some of the projects exceeded $1,000 but those were also the projects that made the biggest impact. Through your generosity we will be able to bless our city in a significant way.  

You can do all three of those things here.

If you have any question please contact Robert Williamson at ‭(325) 268-7553‬

D-Now Weekend

February 11-13

Registration Deadline: January 26th

This year our student ministry will be participating in the city-wide discipleship weekend February 11-13. The theme of this year’s D-Now is “Encounter: Meeting the True Jesus.” These days everybody has an “opinion” about who Jesus is. But what does Jesus actually say about himself?

This will be an important weekend in the life of our student ministry and a great opportunity for your 6th-12th grader to start/grow in their relationship with Christ. The D-DNow will start Friday at 6PM. We will have a meal at Broadview and then head to Southside.

Parents can fill out this registration form along with $30 registration fee if they want their student to participate.

For a schedule of the weekend along with more information go here.

We also need host homes!

If you’re willing to offer up your home Friday & Saturday night please reply to this email.

Register Now


Corn hole Tournament

February 5th

Men’s Ministry Event

Calling ALL MEN to bring out your A-game and compete in our corn hole tournament this coming February 5th. We will have at least four corn hole boards going at one time. Whoever wins the tournament will be eligible for a prize and bragging rights. 

We will start the games at 3:30PM and go until whenever the tournament is over. This will be a laid back time of fun and fellowship. Food will also be provided (hot dogs, chili, chips, condiments and drinks.) 

We will assign teams after everyone arrives. 

There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. 

Valentines Day Banquet

February 14th | 6-8PM

Joy Ministry Event

Get your sweetheart and join us for a Valentines Day Banquet this coming Valentines Day from 6-8PM. This years banquet is hosted by our Joy Ministry (Just. Older. Youth). There will be a fee to participate in this dinner. The amount and additional details about the event will be revealed in future updates.

For now, please RSVP the date on your calendar!

Member Meeting

February 20th | 5PM

Updates | Worship & Prayer

In addition to the events above we also have a “members meeting” coming up February 20th at 5PM. This will be our first “members meeting” since I’ve been pastor of Broadview Baptist Church.

We’ve had many “business meetings” at the end of a worship gathering or annual missions night. However, this is something different. These member meetings are an opportunity for you to get some important updates on what’s going on in the life of our church.

We will present new members who have recently joined the church as well as spend time praying for the needs in our congregation (spiritual and otherwise.) While the purpose of these meetings is not “business” in nature, they are an opportunity for you to participate in the life of the church at a much deeper level.

These meetings are also an effort to try and improve our communication so that you can stay as informed and engaged as you’d like to be. We will have financial updates as well as updates on our engagement metrics like worship attendance, group engagement and serve teams. Reports on mission trips and outreach initiatives will also be included.

Most importantly, we will worship the Lord and pray. This gathering is for the “core” of the church. Only members of Broadview are invited to attend. Together, we express our dependancy on God and cry out for a continued outpouring of his Holy Spirit in our church.

Please mark the following dates and plan to be there if you’re in town and available.

2022 Member Meetings | Sundays at 5:00PM

  • February 20
  • May 1
  • August 21
  • November 27

Reality Apologetics Conference

Chaos to Clarity


We see it every day. Gender confusion, racial turmoil, and human inequality. It’s a disorder of ideas. It’s chaos. That’s why this year we’re taking our student ministry to an apologetics conference that will help bring clarity to the chaos. 

If your student is interested in going please have them register. We also need adult sponsors. If you are interested in going then please reply to this email. 



Theme: Clarity to Chaos
Location: Cottonwood Creek Church
Address: 1015 Sam Rayburn Tollway
Dates: February 25-26th
Cost: $150 (includes hotel, meals and registration)

Learn More

Closing Thoughts

That’s it for this week’s update. There are actually many more dates to share but one email can only handle so much. Please put these dates and new groups on your radar so you don’t miss out. Also please consider inviting a friend to a Sunday gathering or small group. People are craving connection out there and the Church offers a community unlike any other. 

When I started this update our Wednesday programming was set to kick off tomorrow and I knew of two people with COVID-19. As of the end of this update I now know 8 people with COVID-19 and our Wednesday programming has been postponed until next week. 

Without question, there is a spike in cases right now in the Abilene area. 

Please be smart and take precautions when you’re out. I understand that everybody is “tired of the virus” and the preventative measures to slow the spread have become politicized. But that fact doesn’t need to cloud good judgment.

As Paul said to the church in Ephesus, “Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord’s will is.”

On that front, if you missed last week’s message you can find it below. It was on discovering the will of God for your life in 2022 (or anytime.) The Lord really encouraged my own heart in the writing of that message and I hope it blesses you too.

Our staff had an awesome time in Livingston last week and I want to say thanks to everybody who prayed for us. We have a clear strategy for 2022 and were refreshed in the Lord for the mountains we’re about to climb. 

If there’s anyway I can pray for you please let me know. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week. And, until I see you again…

You are Sent!

Pastor Wes


Financial Update

Information on how to give to Broadview can be found at broadview.church/give.

Offering Report
Date: 01/11/2022

Weekly Budget Requirement:  $18,519
Weekly Budget Receipts:  $11,266

YTD Required:  $18,519
YTD Received:   $11,266

Designated Gifts
World Missions: $5,483
Family Crisis: $782 

Most Recent Sermon

Getting God’s Guidance
Psalm 25:1-22
January 9th, 2022

Clarke’s are Going to Krakow!

Hey Church Family

It’s officially December. It’s one of my favorite months of the year. It’s not only because of the celebration of Advent and Christmas. It’s because December is the month we celebrate and recommit ourselves to being a church that is “on mission.” 

We want to be an Acts 1:8 Church that serves as a witness for the Lord Jesus Christ in our own “Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria and ‘ends the earth.’” For those first century followers of Jesus, this commitment required them to pray continuously, give sacrificially and go courageously to the places God would send them. The same is true for us today.

We Are Acts 1:8

For the past year we’ve been studying the book of the Revelation. It presents a beautiful and compelling picture of people from every tribe, tongue and nation worshipping around the throne. (Rev 7:9-10)

This picture is what fuels our missionary heart as a congregation. The task of reaching the world remains unfinished and God’s chosen vehicle for accomplishing the Great Commission is local churches like ours.

Parachurch organizations are great and we partner with many of them (as you’ll see from our 2022 budget.) But, in the end, it’s people like you and churches like ours that finish the task.

So, in this week’s update, I want to challenge you to partner with us in reaching the nations through our 2022 World Missions Offering. (PDF version)

New Partnerships

As in previous years, we are firmly committed to our International Mission Board through the Southern Baptist Convention. In addition to supporting the IMB through the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering, we are also getting the privilege of sending IMB missionaries through our own local church!

At some point in 2022 we will also have the privilege of commissioning the Clarke family to Krakow, Poland. They will be working with a missionary team reaching unreached college students through a university setting. They are perfectly suited for this role and it’s been amazing to watch the Lord work in them and in us to arrive at this point.

Your giving to the World Missions offering is what makes things like this possible. (Watch a video of the Clarke’s updating us on their journey below)

Tanner and Kendra Clarke give a video update about their journey into full time missionary service with the IMB. 

We are also increasing our commitment to church planting here in the US. We have renewed our partnerships with Living Stone Church (Broomsfield, CO) and Redemption City Church (Fort Worth, TX). We plan on having trips to both locations at some point this summer.

This year, we’re also adding a new church plant out of Houston’s fifth ward named Cross Community Church. Our Family Mission trip is dedicated to helping this church reach their community. Our dates are schedules for July 25-29, 2022. Be praying for them and their pastor Del Traffanstedt. 

Internationally, we are still committed to making disciples through our partnerships in West Bengal, West Africa, Lesotho, Romania, and Brazil. While we are not able to physically go to all of these places, we are able to make an impact through our partnerships on the ground and the generous gifts that fund those efforts.

How You Can Participate

I know we all only have a limited amount of money. Jesus taught that all of our money only has a limited amount of time. Our possession of “earthly mammon” is temporary. It’s a stewardship and we’re accountable for how we invest. 

Let’s partner together and invest our worldly wealth to “make friends for ourselves in eternal dwellings.” (Luke 16:9)

Jesus is worthy of our very best. Why not give your best gift to Jesus this Christmas by donating to our World Missions Offering? Pray about what God would have you to give. Then, joyfully invest that amount for the advancing of the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

Join me and my family in making a sacrificial one-time-cash-gift for the month of December. Then, consider a smaller monthly investment that will grow that December gift for the rest of the year. If all of us give something, imagine the impact we could make!

Please prayerfully consider how the Lord wants you to participate.

And may God be glorified through our sacred effort!

Make a Donation

Families in Need Tree

Deadline: December 19th

In addition to our World Missions Offering this December we’re also highlighting a local missions opportunity to bless families in need through our Families in Need Tree. There are ornaments placed on the tree in our Gathering Place that have items written down on them.

If you are able, please take one (or more) of the ornaments and go shop for the gift along with your other Christmas shopping. After you purchase the item you’ll need to wrap it and then bring it back to put under the Christmas tree.

All gifts must be purchased, wrapped and returned under the tree by December 19th.


The families and needs represented on this tree come from two of our area schools, our West Campus and Main Campus populations.

This is a great way to mobilize your whole family around the idea that Christmas is more about giving than it is receiving.


Joy To The World Celebration

December 11th 

Food & Fellowship: 2:30-4:30

Caroling & Christmas Lights: 5:30-7:30

This weekend we’re hosting our Joy Ministry Christmas Gathering: “Joy to the World.” You’ll want to bring a gift for the gift exchange ranging from $5-10 in value. There will be plenty of finger foods, games, Christmas music and fun.

After the gathering everyone is invited to go Christmas caroling and looking at Christmas lights. They will sing carols to some of our shut-ins and ride will be available for anybody who doesn’t want to drive at night. 

Dwell Bible App

& Advent Devotional

It’s not too late to join us in our Advent devotional & Bible reading plan. We kicked off Advent two Sunday’s ago but there are still several weeks left to go. You can purchase your own hardcopy of the devotional or read a PDF version for free.

Our Advent devotional was produced by a Dallas based Bible app company called Dwell. It’s an app that enables you to hear the Word of God read to you by professional vocalists and musical artists. It’s really something you have to experience for yourself to see the value of the tool.

Typically, the app costs users $40 a year for all of the features. However, we believe so strongly in the transformational impact of engaging God through His Word that we’re making it available to the people in our church for free.

You just need to sign up through our group page.

Download the App

Sign up through Broadview

Making Abilene a Sanctuary City For the Unborn

The last thing I wanted to mention in this week’s update is a campaign going on in the City of Abilene called “Project Destiny.” You can read about the movement and what they aim to accomplish on their website. We are joining other Abilene churches in collecting signatures so that this ordinance can be put on the ballot in our next election.

Essentially, this ordinance makes abortion illegal in the city of Abilene at every stage of pregnancy (except for life saving measures to project the life of the mother.) You can read the full text of the ordinance here. (I would encourage you to do so before signing the petition)

Abortion is in the news right now with the Supreme Court hearing a Mississippi case that has the potential to roll back Roe v Wade. I know that the topic of abortion has become one of the most politically divisive issues of our day but the moral question is pretty clear according to Scripture.

Abortion prematurely and unjustly ends human life. All human lives are precious because every human being is created in the image of God (regardless of their stage of development.) This ordinance rightly acknowledges that truth and enforces our “state laws” on abortion through the creation of a private enforcement mechanism (lawsuits on those who perform or aid in performing abortions.)

Why Do We Need This Ordinance?

When I first heard about this ordinance, I wondered why we even needed it. There are no abortion facilities in the city of Abilene and Texas just passed a heartbeat bill that essentially makes the future likelihood of an abortion facility in Abilene very low.

Texas also already has very stringent laws protecting unborn life and should Roe v Wade be overturned those laws would immediately be enforced (Texas is not alone in writing these “trigger laws” for the eventuality that Roe is overturned.)

In addition to that, this ordinance will invite lawsuits on our city which will cost taxpayers money. It will ignite a polarizing political discussion and may even create division between people in the church.

Given that there aren’t any legal abortions taking place now, are these costs really worth the value added?

Having wrestled with questions like these, my answer is yes.

While sympathetic to pro-life advocates who disagree with this ordinance, I believe it’s passing would act as a preventative measure to ensure that Abilene remains a sanctuary city for unborn human life. It also makes it much more difficult for people who are performing abortions (illegally) in our city right now.

When Roe v Wade is overturned (which we may see very soon), the laws policing that act will fall to the States. Having an ordinance like this prepares us for that day.

But I Have More Questions…

Undoubtedly, there are many more questions that people may have. I would just encourage you to familiarize yourself with the ordinance. If you think you can get behind it, sign your name to the petition (located in the Gathering Place on countertop). We will collect them for the rest of this month. They need 7,000 signatures in total for the city to place the ordinance on the ballot. 

The Project Destiny website has an F.A.Q. that may answer other questions. You can reply to this email if you have questions directly for me or want more information.

I want to be clear that you can be “pro-life” and be against this ordinance. I have friends who disagree with the wisdom, language and timing of this ordinance. I understand where they’re coming from and do not question their sincerity. Please remember that fact as the “politics” of this ordinance continue to unfold in our city. 

Christians should not only be known for their “stance” on any given issue. We should be known for our “love.” Always remember, this issue affects PEOPLE: unborn children AND grown adults. For many, abortion isn’t a theoretical political discussion. It’s a past decision that brought confusion, pain and regret.

Whatever your “stance” let us “speak the truth in love” and honor the Spirit of Christ. 

Concluding Thoughts

Before closing out this week’s email, I need to update you on one more thing.

We were scheduled to host our disaster relief training this coming Saturday but due to lack of registrations we are going to postpone the training until a later date. The basic training can be done online and I would encourage you to go ahead and do that when you get the chance. The mud out training must be done in person and will be scheduled for a later date next year. 

Our next update will have some additional updates about our World Missions Offering as well as information about our 2022 General Fund budget. As you can see from the financial update below, the Lord has provided above and beyond our needs for 2021 and we are finishing the year with a surplus. It’s a different set of circumstances than what we were looking at last year at this same time.

I’m so thankful for the good work that the Lord continues to do in and through our church family. 2021 was different in so many ways but God’s faithfulness has remained steady throughout every season. 

If there’s anyway I can pray for you please let me know by replying to this email. I hope you have a great rest of your week!


Pastor Wes


Financial Update

Information on how to give to Broadview can be found at broadview.church/give.

Offering Report
Date: 11/30/21

Weekly Budget Requirement:  $17,567
Weekly Budget Receipts:  $15,268

YTD Required:  $843,216
YTD Received:   $886,810

Designated Gifts
World Missions: $73
Family Crisis: $319 

Most Recent Sermon

The Mystery Displayed
Ephesians 3:1-13
December 5th, 2021