Acts Of Generosity & Service

"Through the mobilization of our small groups..."

In 2016 we launched our 2020 Vision.

Part of that 2020 Vision was the belief that, by the year 2020, God wanted to use us to “radically bless our city through acts of generosity and the mobilization of 80% of our small groups in local mission projects.”

That same year our small groups set a 2016 goal of mobilizing 50% of the groups in blessing the city. In order to be considered a group that was “blessing the city” they had to plan and participate a minimum of 6 ministry projects for the calendar year.

They reached their goal. Not only did 50% of our groups engage in at least 6 projects each. 100% of our small groups engaged in at least one “Bless The City” initiative!

Our small groups are to be commended for their creativity and labor of love.


2017 is upon us and the work is not done.

Small groups are challenged once again to “BLESS OUR CITY”!

Henry Blackaby, in his book “Experiencing God” popularized the truth that God is always at work. He encouraged us to look and see where God is working and then to join Him in the work.

This page will help to show you some of the areas that God is working and how you can join Him in the work.

Jesus said, ”…let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.”

Let’s be that city on a hill brightly shining the light of Christ in the Big Country.

Ortiz Elementary 

Remix Small Group

Collected funds and Purchased winter clothes and Christmas gifts for two girls

Adopted a teacher/Sandie Rees

Morrison weekday Small group

Passed out food bags to parents

Adopted a teacher

Lee Elementary 

Joy in Grace

Made encouragement cards for the teachers

Provided socks and underwear

Gifts for teacher appreciation

Welcome back to school gifts and cards for the teachers

Madison Middle School

Hinton Small Group

Pray walk for the students and teacher room to room

Thompson Small Group

Provided a Fun night for the students to go to on a Friday night

Remix (David Cason – Sunday Small Group)

Built a 6’ privacy fence for Ortiz librarian Karen McMillan

Built a chain link fence for Toni Jefferson

Joy in Grace

  • Provided materials for grief team to make scrapbooks for families
  • Backed cookies for the homebound

Seekers Class

  • Wisteria place visits

Faith Class

  • Visiting people who are in Hospice
  • Sewing Quilts for Pregnancy Resource Center

Thompson class 

  • Funded and helped out at Trunk or Treat for West Campus. Provided hamburgers, hot dogs, drinks, chips, etc.

Salt & Light 

  • Offered training to small group & families to effectively conduct evangelistic outreach events in the community

Hinton Class

  • Put together food bags with tracts for the homeless in our city.

Timothy class

  • Blessed the shut-in with Christmas carols
  • Blessed and encouraged missionaries in Haiti by providing Supplies they would need for there work there.

Young’s Small Group

  • Provided angle tree gifts for 3 children

This is a small sampling of some of the “Bless Our City” projects by Broadview’s Small Group classes.

Volunteer Opportunities at Ortiz:

  • Distributing food bags to kids on Friday’s.
  • Eating lunch with assigned kids.
  • Helping prepare teacher material Wednesdays.
  • Tutoring in classroom with teachers.
  • Helping distribute socks, underwear, belts when needed.
  • Assisting as a morning crosswalk helper
  • Reading to kids in classrooms
  • Sending encouragement cards to teachers
  • Hosting prayer-walks around the campus
  • Providing snacks for the faculty room
  • Offering Christmas help for certain families

Volunteer Opportunities At Madison Elementary

SERVING with your hands


Provide the teachers & administration with breakfast or lunch once a quarter.
Stock the Faculty Room (with k-cups, snacks, seasonal decorations, etc.)

SERVING with your heart


Have A Prayer Walk: Intentional, focused prayer for teachers & students.

SERVING above & beyond


Meet some of the unique needs of students when you have opportunity.

Donate non perishables to food bank

In the Food Bank’s 13-county service area, approximately 50,000 people live in poverty and too often miss meals or experience hunger.

Agencies served by the Food Bank of West Central Texas provide food for a broad cross-section of househnews. 

Key characteristics include:

  • 21% of the members are children under 18 years new
  • 6% of the members are children age 0 to 5 years
  • 31% of the members of the househnew are elderly
  • 72% of clients are non-Hispanic white,
  • 5% of clients are non-Hispanic black,
  • 22% of clients are Hispanic, the rest from other racial groups
  • 41% of the househnews include at least one employed adult
  • 53% have incomes below the federal poverty level
  • 1% are homeless

What We Do


For every girl with an unplanned pregnancy to have a church to go to for spiritual, emotional and physical support.


To inspire & equip the church to love on single & pregnant girls.

Why We exist:

What if the church became a refuge for these weary hearts?

What if the church was a hospital for the broken?

What if the church embraced the girls and provided support and encouragement while honoring them for choosing life?

Your Small Group or Family can adopt a young lady for nine months today…They need you.

Help us spread the love and message of Jesus Christ in the nursing home environment, providing support and encouragement by regular visits by caring Christians. We provide encouragement and support to the Individuals in the nursing home environment, Activities Directors, and Staff Members serving Christ in the Nursing Home Environment.

Did you know that:

  • Some 20 percent of all people who have ever lived past age 65 are alive now!


  • In 1860, half the population of the United States was under age 20, and the vast majority of the population was not expected to live to age 65.3


  • From 1990 to 1996, the number of Americans 65 or newer increased elevenfnew (from 3.1 million to 33.9 million). The overall percentage of the population 65 and newer increased from 4.1 to 12.84


  • In 1940, just 7 percent of those age 65 would survive to age 90; by 2050, the number will climb to an astonishing 42 percent!


  • In just 30 years, the number of people in the United States over 65 will more than double to reach 70 million people! Such growth means that nearly 1 in 5 Americans will fit this category, up from 1 in 100 in 1900.

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Be Generous! Start Serving.

Start planning your bless the city project today.