Our Values

Our Values Shape Our Culture


We want to see people love the Lord with all of their heart. We know that this means making Him the ultimate recipient of their affections. We want to see people live lives of worship.


We welcome people as they are but want to see God take them where they need to be. God’s goal for each believer is that they fully reflect the likeness of Jesus Christ. We value every Christian becoming like Christ.


We believe that when a church turns inward then things go downward. We want to be a place that is outwardly focused, being more concerned about those who aren’t being reached than those who already are.

The Bible

Broadview has been built on the faithful and consistent teaching of the word of God. We prioritize the preaching of the Bible because that is how we know Christ and move forward in our mission as His church.


We want to be known for our personal warmth and West Texas hospitality. We say hello and goodbye with a smile. We want our fellowship with one another to be marked by genuine Christ-like love.


In a culture where many have rejected the church for her hypocrisy, we want to be known as people of generosity, character and wholeness; modeling personal authenticity in all that we do.


We think the church is healthiest and most attractive when the diversity of people’s personalities and giftedness does not hinder the unity they possess because of their love for one another and commitment to Christ.


The church is tasked with matters of eternal significance. Therefore, we want to do everything with excellence. We want be diligent, seeking excellence in the small things over a long period of time.

The Unreached

Unreached people matter to God therefore they matter to our church. We want to see people who are far from God enter into a personal saving relationship with Him. We yearn for all people to have eternal life in Jesus name.

The Big Country

We want to be culturally relevant while staying doctrinally pure so that we can influence and seek the good of Abilene and the Big Country.

World Evangelization

We are a world mission church. We value being personally used by the Lord to go to the most unreached places of the world to tell others the good news that there is salvation for sinners in Jesus name.

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