A New Year Has Begun

Hey Church Family!

I hope you’re having a great week! 2019 is here and we’re off to a great start! I wanted to use this update to fill you in on some events that are about to take place and put a rock in your shoe on some other things headed our way.

Disciple Now

This weekend our students will be having their Disciple Now. The event kicks off Friday night at 7pm. It will go all day Saturday and end on 12:00 Sunday. The theme of the D-Now is “Living Out Your Faith.” Be praying for Joseph, Tonya and Claire as they lead it out and all of the host homes and other leaders that’ll help make it happen!

You can follow Broadview Students on Facebookor Instagramto keep up with the ministry.

Starting Point

We will also kick off our Spring 2019 “Starting Point” group this coming Sunday at 11:00. If you have questions about the Christian faith, are a new Christian, or are looking for a compelling way to present the Christian worldview to others, Starting Point is for you. It’s a conversational environment that will allow you to ask questions, explore faith and get the answers you’ve always wanted to know.

The class is hosted in the Music Suite right after the 9:40 service. Armando Oakes will facilitate. Whether you’ve been a Christian for a long time or you just got started, I really think the content covered in this class is great for ANY person. Even if you take a six week break from your existing small group – it will be worth the investment.

Sign up onlineor just show up on Sunday!

Financial Peace University

Another group starting this month is Financial Peace University. Planning for the future is hard when you’re still stuck paying for the past! There’s a better way than being stuck in debt and unable to experience financial peace. Join one of TWO Financial Peace University groups that are starting in a few weeks from today! (we’re offering two groups to accommodate the different schedules people may have)

The Sunday evening class starts February 17th at 5:00pm. (childcare provided if RSVP) Taylor Miller will facilitate. Register here.

The Wednesday evening class starts February 20th at 6:30pm.(childcare available) Cody and Autumn Cauthen will facilitate. Register here.

Scholarships are available but you need to let us know by filling out this form. The price of the class is $109 dollars. (Set by FPU not Broadview) You can order online via the FPU website or you can purchase materials through the church. Choose whichever option best applies to your situation on this form.

This class will help you beat debt and get a solid financial plan in place for the future. The videos are engaging and practical. The group dynamic will empower you to get a grip on your financial life and start handling money in a way that honors the Lord and releases you to experience financial peace.

What are you waiting for? Sign up today!

Work as Worship Conference

Last year, Broadview partnered with New Hope Church and First United Methodist Church in Abilene to host our first ever Work as Worship Retreat. It went really well. We hosted it out at Primetime Entertainment Center and had several people come and learn how to integrate their Christian worldview with their life at work.

This year we are doing it again except this time we are hosting it at Broadview’s South Campus. The event will be hosted on February 22nd from 7:30am to 2:30pm.

You can learn more or registerfor the event by going to the Work as Worship website.

Stand Firm Abilene Videos

Our Stand Firm Abilene conference was a great success! Many of you wanted to come but weren’t able to accommodate the scheduling. We were allowed to record all plenary sessions, panels and breakouts and they are all now live on our webpageand smart phone app! If you wanted a copy of the Stand Firm book we still have copies available. Just let me know.

Kid’s Worship & 9:40

The last thing I want to mention is a new opportunity we’re kicking off in our Children’s Ministry at Broadview. On February 17th we are launching Kid’s Worship @ 9:40. Families with 1st through 5th grade children will be able to leave their kids in the Children’s Wing for BOTH hours (9:40 and 11:00) starting February 17th.

Our birth through five year news have always been able to stay both hours. However, in the past, we always encouraged 1st through 5th graders to attend adult worship with their families. This created a heavy burden for several families for various different reasons. That’s why we’ve decided to make this change.

Kids of all ages are still welcome and encouraged to attend our  Sunday worship gatherings in the Sanctuary. However, if you’d rather your children participate in a worship gathering that has been geared with kids in mind then they can attend the worship service at 9:40 and they will have small groups following that at 11:00.

Many churches have done something similar and have called it “Kid’s Church.” This is NOT a separate church for kids. Our kids are part of Broadview Baptist Church. We are one, big, happy faith family. However, it’s one additional worship gathering  from Broadview that’ll present God’s word in an engaging and memorable way along with age appropriate worship songs.

If parents want to join their kids for Kid’s Worship @ 9:40 then that’s perfectly fine with us!

A Final Word

As you can see, we’ve started strong in ministry at Broadview for 2019. February will be full of new opportunities for you to worship God, connect in groups and bless people on ministry teams. There’s excitement in the air. The one last thing I want to leave you with is a word about the month of March.

Every year we have a Spring Break Mission Trip in which many of our men travel to South Texas and continue construction for one of our ministry partners in the Valley. This year the trip is March 11th-15th. There will be a team meeting on March 3rd. We really need more men attending this year so if you’re able to go then please sign up in the Gathering Place or using this form.

The cost is $100 but scholarships can be made available.

Thanks so much for being a part of this church family. Audra and I were part of a Pastor and Wife Retreat a few weeks ago and came away so thankful that God has placed us here. You’ve been so gracious and generous (even through my many mistakes as a young pastor)

The future is bright and the BEST is yet to come. If there’s any way I can pray for you then please let me know.


Pastor Wes

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