Weekly Update | October 4th

Hello Church Family,

I hope you’re having a good week so far. October is here. Can you believe it? That means we’re one month away from November. November is coupled with December. November and December are associated with “the holidays.” The holidays are associated with a New Year. 2017 is almost OVER. How did THAT happen so fast?

Things have been busy in my world as we prepare for Attie-Jo’s arrival. Audra’s due date is October 16th so we’re on pins and needles waiting for our little girl to arrive. Even Blaise is asking about her on a regular basis. Speaking of new babies, I wanted to highlight a new ministry in our church with this week’s update.

The name of the ministry is Embrace Grace. It’s a ministry to single moms who are pregnant. These Embrace Grace group provide emotional, practical, and spiritual support for single, young pregnant women who find themselves in an unintended pregnancy.

The primary goal of Embrace Grace is to empower the church to be a safe and non-judging place for the girls to run to when they find out they are pregnant, instead of the last place they are welcomed because of shame and guilt.  It is a 12-week program that teaches them about God’s love and grace, and at the end we will give them a baby shower to honor them for choosing life and to help provide for their baby’s needs.

One of the reasons many moms don’t carry their baby to full term is because of the financial costs associated with having a baby. Other times it may be guilt or shame. Loneliness or fear. There are a host of reasons. There are many organizations in our city who help moms with this dilemma. We want to come alongside those organizations and show single moms in particular the joy and blessing of belonging to a church family.

Janet White is the director of this new ministry and she has listed three ways that you can be involved if the Lord so leads.

1. We need women who have had an experience with unintended pregnancy and seen God’s grace firsthand who will be willing to share their testimony at our Testimony Night on October 18.

2. We are throwing a shower for the mommies on November 18 and are asking small groups and individuals to donate the gifts.  We have lists, so you can shop for the gifts or donate money for the bigger items and someone will shop for you.  The Church is also invited to the shower!

3. At the end of November/beginning of December we will host a Princess Day to pamper these ladies like the Daughters of the King that they are.  If you or someone you know is gifted in hair styling, manicuring, giving facials or massages, we can use your talents!  We will be also speaking blessings and praying over these precious mommies and their babies, so you can come join us in that, too!

This is the Church’s opportunity to encourage and support these brave young women who are choosing life and love for their babies.  If you can help in any of these ways, call or text Janet at 325-665-7272.

I hope you’ll consider ways that you can join with us in this collective effort. Have a great rest of your week! If there’s anyway I can pray for you please just let me know.


Pastor Wes

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