Weekly Update | April 19th

Hello Church Family,

I hope you’re having a great week! Easter has come and gone and it was an incredible day for our church! We had over 900 people present! Decisions were made, lives were changed and the Lord Jesus was glorified. I still wake up stoked from what happened this past Sunday.

Two big things need to be mentioned. First, we had the ingathering for “Multiply: Bless The West.” Some of you filled out the online commitment card or made your financial pledge through the website. Others of you turned in a hard copy of the commitment card or just a physical check to the offering plate.

Because so many people gave without the commitment card we’re still trying to track exactly how much has been pledged. Easter Sunday alone received a cash offering of over $27,000! That giving that was over and above what people normally give to the general fund. If you add that giving to the giving received by church leadership and other donations it totals $46,208. You can track the total yourself by looking at it on our website.

So, right now, we have right at $50,000 cash on hand to start the project over at Broadview West. That’s more than enough to get the ball rolling. While we don’t have a definite final count on the 12 month commitments yet, the tally we do have sits at $30,000 in online commitments and $49,000 from the physical commitment cards that were turned in.

That’s a total of over $125,000 pledged to “Multiply: Bless The West” for the next 12 months! We didn’t just meet the WOWlelujah goal, we exceeded it! Even though $79,000 worth of pledges won’t fully come in until 12 months down the road, the amount that HAS been given will be more than enough to get the project started.

We couldn’t be more excited! I hope you’ll drive by the West Campus over the next few months and check out the progress. You might even want to join them some Sunday to get an idea of what your giving is helping to multiply. I’m both humbled by and proud of our church at the same time. You all are some of the most generous people I know.

This past Sunday we also kicked off our spring spiritual growth campaign entitled “Greater: Overcoming The Lesser Life.” If you still don’t have a GREATER small group, this is the time to join one. Even if you only go for the six weeks of the campaign, it’s really the best way to fully benefit.

Most of our Sunday morning groups will be doing the campaign along with the rest of the church. However, if you’re not able to make it to a group on Sunday morning, there will also be GREATER groups that meet on every other night of the week except for Friday and Saturday. There will even be a group that meets on Sunday nights (5:00) for those who find that day to be most convenient.

One of the reasons I’d encourage you to be part of a group is so that you can participate in the small group discussions and watch the small group video resources that coincide with the Sunday morning messages. Even if you don’t watch them with a small group, you can do so on your own through the app or on our website.

There’s also a 100 page growth guide that follows along with the campaign. The growth guide contains daily devotionals for each week of the campaign. It’s a great tool to help you grow spiritually during this season. You can pick one up at the church office, through your small group or in the Gathering Place.

I can’t wait for this Sunday as we kick off week 1 of GREATER!

Before that, though, we’ve got FAMILY DAY! It’s coming up this Saturday at the Festival Gardens across from the Abilene Zoo. You can check out all the info on our website. It’s shaping up to be a pretty big event! We need as many people to come as possible for it to have the right kind of impact. It’s an opportunity for us to show our city what a loving church family really feels like.

I’m convinced that there are many people in our city who simply have the wrong idea when they think about the words “church family.” So this is an effort to (1) have a blast with our church family and (2) show others without a church family exactly why they should be a part of ours!

I hope you’ll come and help us make it a success. Free food, games, fun and fellowship for all ages. The event starts at 10:00 and ends at 2:00. Come and go as you please. I look forward to seeing you there! Have a great rest of your week.

Pastor Wes

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