We Are Acts 1:8

"Living on mission here in the Big Country and all around the world..."

Missions is concerned with the global glory of Jesus.

Jesus is the Lord of our church and we therefore have the duty of making his name famous among the nations. This section of our website will give you information about all the upcoming mission trips this year and also gives you an opportunity to get involved yourself. For those who give via online giving you can also give directly to the Local and World Missions offerings.


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Broadview is a missions minded church.

We value being personally used by the Lord to go to the most unreached places of the world and tell others the good news of salvation in Jesus name. But just as much as we want to see the “nations” come to know Christ, we also have a heart for the Big Country. We’re an Acts 1:8 church in that we seek to be a witness for Christ in our Jerusalem (Abilene and the Big Country), Judea (the state of Texas), Samaria (the USA), and the uttermost parts of the earth (the most unreached places of the world.)

Jerusalem: Abilene and the Big Country

We want to be culturally relevant while staying doctrinally pure so that we can influence and seek the good of Abilene and the Big Country. At a local level we do this through ministries like Christian Women’s Job Corps, Christian Men’s Job Corps, and the Highland Oaks Apartment Ministry. Broadview also gives to our local Abilene Baptist Association.

Judea: The State of Texas

When it comes to the State of Texas, Broadview gives generously to both state conventions: SBTC and BGCT. In addition to that we send teams twice a year down to South Texas. One team goes during spring break and another team goes during the summer. Occasionally, special trips will be taken in order to address special projects or needs.

Samaria: North America

It’s no secret that Christianity thrives more naturally in the south. They call this area the Bible Belt for a reason. The culture of the south carries it’s own challenges when it comes to reaching those who are unreached. However, in many North American states it’s becoming increasingly difficult to reach people for Christ. As a result, Broadview gives generously to the North American Mission Board and has also began a partnership with a church in Baker City, Oregon. We desire to reach people for Christ in the hard to reach areas of our nation.

The Uttermost: The Most Unreached Placed of the World

Broadview was able to start taking international mission trips in 2005. We first started by helping to plant churches in South Africa. Over the years we have sent mission teams to Tanzania, Uruguay, Brazil, Haiti, Romania, and India. In 2014 Broadview adopted an unengaged/unreached people group called the Guidya peoples.

So both locally and globally we want to be a church that makes disciples who make disciples. We value worship, discipleship, and mission on a local, state, national, and global scale. The unreached of this world matter to God. Therefore, they matter to us as well. We are more concerned about who isn’t being reached than who is. We are Acts 1:8.